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10 Things You Can Do To Make The Newborn Happier

Things You Can Do to Make the Newborn Happier

Your baby is your new bundle of joy! And, there’s no doubt about it. But, for your baby to grow up in full swing, you need to be careful about their mood. 

You ought to think of your little one as your boss. You must be mindful of what soothes them and what may just irritate them. All you want is a happy baby.

Signs of a happy baby are one that smiles, laughs, and makes the cooing sound. In addition, a baby wanting to be loved may give you cues for skin-to-skin contact with an innocent request executed with the eyes or with the sharp reflex of arms, indicating more desperation. 

Regardless of whatever means your baby chooses to give you cues to make you curl them up in your arms, you may want to know that working towards a happy newborn baby ain’t a piece of cake.

It’s challenging but equally exciting and a must-to-experience as a mother. Nurturing your baby to grow as a bright and happy one entails making them happy now. 

So, to help you avoid baby cries and develop a close bonding with your baby that results in an adorable experience for you both, this article will guide you on how to make a newborn baby happy. We have focused on the top 10 things, which will make babies happier. So, follow along;

1. You Need To Have A Strong Bond Between You And The Baby

Keeping your newborn happy and comfortable can be overwhelming at times. Your newborn constantly looks for safety and comfort around them.

You may want to provide your baby with your warmth throughout the day so that they don’t feel lonely. Plus, comforting your baby does not only have to do with monitoring their sleep and eating habits or relaxing them on the bed. But, more importantly, you may want to create a strong bond between you and the baby.

Your bond with your little one ought to be special. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby may give you and your little one some delightful moments. Establishing an eye-contact that comforts your baby after baths and during a change of diapers will also strengthen your bond with the baby. 

Moreover, you may want to sing lullabies or cradle songs in a sweet voice to your baby. Remember, all these actions are targeted at triggering your baby to make the cooing sound. When your baby coo’s ‘ahh’, it is mission success! Remember, the cooing sound is a sign of a happier baby.

2. Groom Your Baby

Groom Your Baby

The hygiene of a newborn is always a serious issue that requires great care and devotion from you.

Remember, your baby is prone to developing infections and skin problems than kids or babies of any age. Clip your baby’s nails timely and bathe them regularly. To ensure that your baby’s skin remains clean and your baby rests in comfort, make sure you put them in loose clothes.

In addition, comb your little one as sweetly as you can. You can even sing lullabies to your baby when you dress them and comb their soft hair.

In addition to these, bathing is a fun area of activity. Babies love to dance in the water as they grow up. You aren’t advised to avoid any precautions in the wake of this excitement. However, try to make the experience for your baby as pleasant and safe as possible.

3. Swaddle Your Little One

Your baby must sleep like a baby. Newborns hardly spend 4-6 hours looking around and discovering their environment as most of their time is spent curling up in the bed and wondering in sweet dreams.

A well-slept baby is a sign of a happy baby. You don’t have to overdo anything. All you’ve been asked is to swaddle your little one. Babies make sharp reflexes during sleep, which can awaken them and irritate them.

To control your baby’s mood, you need to put them to sleep in the swaddle. Your baby sleeps peacefully in the swaddle. No irritation, no cries. It’s Just a peaceful and happy sleep. Plus, the swaddle is also great protection for the babies who are prone to scratch their faces with their nails. 

Covering hands in the swaddle will certainly improve the quality of sleep, making your baby enjoy the experience and relieving you of any worries. There you go, a happy baby is a baby in the swaddle!

4. Ensure Diaper Comfort

Talking about hygiene, here’s how you make your newborn baby happy and feel clean. Change your baby’s diaper when you find out it is filled.

If you’re smart enough to evaluate the level of discomfort your baby gets in with a soiled diaper, then you may want to change it immediately. Don’t wait for your baby to scream out and call you. 

The article is not intended to get you through to an irritated lullaby listener. Instead, you have to be mindful of the cues and should take action to clean your baby before they show any signs of discomfort.

In addition, you ought to be careful about changing diapers when your little one is asleep. We don’t recommend you risk waking up the baby. Wait for them to wake up. Not in any way we want an irritated baby. So, we’ll wait for them to wake up. Plus, sleep is the baby’s king comfort! We can’t afford to disturb them.

Along with changing diapers, consider covering your baby in loose and clean clothing. Make sure the fabric is cotton and is of premium quality. The baby should be able to breathe comfortably within the fabric.

5. Talk Your Baby A Little Outside

Since the cooing sound is a sign of a happy baby, let’s get more of them. You may want to take your baby a little out during the evening. Going out will surely challenge the baby’s immune system and will eventually strengthen it.

Plus, it also allows you to help your little one familiarize yourself with the outside environment and get comfortable around the beautiful nature and new people.

There you go, we will surely get more of the cooing baby sounds! In addition, Vitamin D from the sun is essential for shaping the bones of the baby and providing the necessary growth.

6. Make Sure Your Baby Learns Latching

While enlisting things that make a newborn baby happier, you may want to focus on latching. Remember, a healthy baby that is well-fed and aptly nourished is always a happy baby.

You don’t want to have your baby staying hungry and then gradually get hangry as a result of discomfort. So, it’s important that you as a mother focus on latching. While breastfeeding, you need to make sure that your baby latches on perfectly and suckles adequately. Proper latching is also essential to ensure that enough breast milk is flowing to feed the baby.  

7. Be Smart About The Cues

A baby reaching out to everything around and sticking fingers in their mouth is surely a hungry one. You ought to be smart about the cues, especially cues for feeding and diaper change. Before your baby gives you a look of ‘I’m in discomfort’, make sure you’ve got the cues well. Take action. That’s how you work your way towards making a newborn happy.

8. Burping Your Baby

After you’ve well-fed the baby and just before you put them to bed, wait. Has your little one taken a few burps? Remember, it is essential that your baby takes a few burps. 

Babies take in a lot of air during feeding, which if not allowed to pass with burping could cause discomfort. You are simply not allowed to play with a baby that hasn’t digested the food.

So, hold your baby and put their head on your shoulder. Walk a little until you hear the sound of a satisfied stomach, the burp!

9. Limit New Faces To Your Baby

Babies get easily irritated if you put them in between a bunch of new faces. So, avoid too much contact with new people with the newborn. By focusing on things that make your newborn happier, there is no intention to cut you off from your friends and family and restrict them to hold your baby. 

However, you can set a time with them and prepare accordingly. That would be a win-win situation. You get a happy baby and delighted guests simultaneously. On the flip side, to see your baby happy, a pet or two in the home as the baby grows may just do the trick.

10. Massage The Little One

Massage the Little One

This is what makes your baby happier. Massaging is your baby’s king comfort! You don’t have to fall short of any expectations. The experience needs to be soothing and pleasant. Massage your baby with baby oil till they are comfortably asleep. You’ll see them smiling as they doze off. This is because babies love the massage just like everyone else.


In conclusion, as a mother, you will always adore every moment that you spend with your baby. The things discussed in this post are to help you remind of the dos and don’ts for having a happy newborn. 

Whenever your baby makes the cooing sound, it’s surely adorable. You have to be careful about the hygiene, sleep, and feed of your baby. A well-fed baby, especially one that sleeps and relaxes like a King, is always a happier one. Remember, to make it all work, you need to develop a deep bond between you and the baby.

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