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10 Ways To Save Money On Baby’s Clothes

Save Money on Baby’s Clothes

As a mother spending time with your newborn, you may not always find it easy to buy baby clothes at your desired prices. Having a good range of clothes sounds good. However, getting baby clothes is not cheap. 

Babies grow fast and a change of an inch in the size may trouble the fit. So, buying baby clothes is a real challenge. So, to help you find this challenging task interesting, and also help you save money on baby clothes, we have created this comprehensive guide covering 10 tried-and-tested tips on saving money on baby clothes. 

10 Ways To Save Money On Baby’s Clothes

As boring as it may sound to you but newborns wear their new, colorful clothes only a few times. At first, you may not like the idea of buying cheap clothes and tightening your wallet on unnecessary baby accessories. But, we assure you that our budget-friendly guide for baby clothes is fully dedicated to assisting you in buying quality clothing for your babies.

Plus, the ideas that you will find in this article for baby clothes shopping, will not make your baby look any less cute. In fact, our aim is to dress your baby the best with the least possible amount you want to spend! So, follow along.

1. Avoid Shopping Baby Clothes Too Early

Avoid Shopping Too Early

Buying clothes during pregnancy which is a common practice will never help your pockets. Most of the clothes you buy so early will remain untouched. You won’t be able to use all of them. In addition, returning clothes that you shopped months ago is not possible. So, to save yourself from the loss of a whole bag of unnecessary accessories and baby clothing, avoid buying as much as you can before the baby arrives. 

Also, avoiding baby shopping too early is also really smart. You will already get a lot of gifts from your friends and family at your baby shower. In addition, if you calculate the amount of money people spend on conventional baby clothing and accessories, the numbers would really shock you. So, don’t do the math. You don’t have to damage your account balance with luxurious, extravagant baby clothing. Instead, prepare yourself to make smart purchases. 

2. Go For A Larger Size

When we talk about saving on shopping for baby clothes, we know, it’s all about making smart purchases. So, always look at buying a size bigger than the current size of your baby.

Your baby will easily wear newborn clothes for 3-4 weeks only. They won’t fit in these clothes after a month as newborns grow fast.

 If you’re planning to save money on baby clothes, then you should rather buy little oversized clothes. Shop baby clothes of a three-month-old as most of these would fit comfortably for an average size baby. Though it may be a little loose, you won’t be wasting any extra penny. 

In addition, investing in getting a larger size also helps you to get loose clothing, which is essential for newborns, especially in hot seasons.

Buying loose clothes also really helps with sweaters, coats, and pants as they can be worn loose and may fit good with a little extra padding for colder seasons. 
Remember, your baby does not really need colorful, and luxurious clothing that may come courtesy of your extravagant baby shopping. What your little one really needs is light colors, slightly loose-fitting clothes of a breathable fabric. So, the next time you hear anyone talk about buying baby clothes, share this insight with them, and help them save money on baby clothes.

3. Take Advantage Of Consignment Stores

Although buying a lot of clothes for your baby is not advisable at all, however, if you have spent already and have a bunch of new clothes that your baby didn’t use, then you may want to cash in by going to a consignment store.

Consignment stores are excellent options to save good money when shopping for baby clothes. You can sell your baby’s unused clothes or even those that it wore for a few times, but still shines like new. 

You may want to get some cash in exchange for clothes your cute baby does not need anymore. So, here you get the benefit of selling unused and clothes bearing good condition after use. You can use this money to buy new up-size clothes for your baby. 

4. Fight Stains Immediately When You Find Them

Saving good money on baby shopping and getting a handful of attractive colors and quality clothes at reasonable prices is what everyone wants. 

Moreover, saving on baby shopping as discussed earlier could also be done by maintaining clothes in great condition. You can sell items that are not likely to be used again for a good amount of cash. However, the precondition to doing that is to save baby clothes from stains. 

This may come as no surprise but stains are easy to come by while feeding newborn babies. So, being a super saver, you need to be careful with stains and wash and remove them immediately. You can’t allow stains to get hard on the fabric. The idea of removing stains is not only to help you sell new baby clothes but also to increase their life and use them for your future babies. So, whatever suits you, make sure you fight the stains immediately.

5. Keep A Minimum Collection, Save On Diapers And Buy Essentials Intelligently

You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a good range of clothes, which most people do.

Making a big collection is not sensible to your pockets since babies grow fast and may not wear all the clothes along the way as they won’t fit in. Plus, the clothes your baby wears are only used a handful of times. So, you have to be very smart in making a collection.

Remember, you have to pick the essentials first and that even at affordable prices. You can even select a few fashionable clothes for your baby’s photoshoot. 

Secondly, you may want to save on buying diapers. If you're an online shopper, check at least three sites or stores selling diapers. Diapers are used very frequently and you need to stock them up. 

Your newborn may use up at least 4-5 diapers in a day. In addition, there’s no alternative for them. However, we recommend you to buy them in bulk and look for big discounts. That’s how you save on buying diapers for your baby

Third, you may notice that your baby’s shampoo and hair essentials are quite expensive. You don’t need to buy them either. 

At your first few pediatrician visits, get a recommendation for a scent-free shampoo that you can use too. Look for cost-effective alternatives for your baby’s bathing essentials. However, the pediatrician's recommendation is of primary importance here. You need not try to save at the expense of fulfilling your baby’s bathing needs. 

6. Visit Thrift Stores And Look For Smart Gear Options

If you’re really looking for cheap clothes and are willing to compromise a little on the quality, then it’s good news for you. You can save big on a thrift store. You may be able to find a better range of cheap clothing which you would not often see at a convenience store. So, by walking into a thrift store, you not only open yourself to a range of cheap and intelligent options but also save big on shopping for baby clothes. 

Your newborn is though really small, it will grow very quickly. So, investing in walking gears such as strollers, trolleys, and cod beds has to be an intelligent decision.

You can try to enter thrift stores and come in direct contact with the salesperson. Ask them to show you gears with multiple options so as your baby grows into a toddler, you don’t have to waste money on buying extra, specific gear. Therefore, consider investing in smart child gear options if you plan to save well on baby shopping.

7. Join Hand-Me-Down Groups On Social Media

Social media is an amazing platform to connect with like-minded people at your convenience. That’s perfectly true. As a parent of a newborn, eager to save on shopping for baby clothes, we would suggest you join groups on Facebook related to handing overused clothes in good condition. 

The groups favor people looking for pocket-friendly alternatives to shopping. You can easily get a few singlets or a bunch of leggings for your toddler and exchange something you have. 

Becoming part of this community does not mean that you’re a penny pincher when it comes to shopping for baby clothes, but you are also devoted to the environmental cause. 

You are willing to exchange slightly used clothes in good condition while saving your environment from a potential loss. So, saving money on baby shopping is not only good for the pocket, but a decision in favor of the environment also seems prominent. Save happily on baby shopping!

8. Hit The Stores Saying “Season Clearance Sale”

If you're looking for quality products at affordable prices, then this tip will surely crack the deal for you. This tip especially works for seasonal clothing. You may need to cover your baby in something warm in colder seasons. Here’s what you need to do to save heavy on baby clothes. 

Look for clearance sales. Season clearance is what you have to be conscious for. Hit the store when you hear the words “Season Clearance sale” break the news. You can get items like mufflers, woolen caps, coats, jackets, sweaters, singlets, woolen singlets, pants, and sleepers on clearance, and stock these for your baby’s wardrobe for the later seasons. 

While this may need some planning, this strategy could be highly effective if you are successful in buying the right upsize. So, hit clearance sales to stock baby clothes before the season arrives. Plan, get amazing discounts, and save big on baby shopping!

9. Be Smart With Online-Shopping

Be smart with Online-Shopping

The minimum amount for Free-Shopping could prove to be costly for your pocket. Look out for essentials and cross out unnecessary items from the list. 

You may want to read it again. It’s a precautionary measure. In addition, while you plan to shop online to save on baby clothes, your first priority has got to be the coupons, which will help you in availing heavy discounts. 

So, remember, online buying even though it is a convenient option has to be executed smartly. Look for discounts and essentials. Compare prices and save on your baby shopping!

10. Try To Be Neutral As Much As Possible

Our last tip for baby-shopping is to go neutral as much as possible. 

Baby shopping has always been a game of colors. If you pick girly colors for your baby girl, you may need to pack them up and never look at them again if your second child is a boy. 

Also, you should have the heart of a spendthrift for extravagant spending. Alternatively, we would suggest you be smart and look to tighten your wallet. Instead of going for gender-specific colors, go for neutral colors like grey, brown, indigo, and black. It is because these colors when worn by your baby will certainly make them look adorable while the baby shopping budget remains light on your pockets. 

So, the next time you go out for baby-shopping, don’t forget to be curious about getting neutral colors as much as possible. That’s how you save on baby shopping! Enjoy!

You should rest assured that economizing your spend on baby clothes will not make your baby look any less cute. In fact, you can even have all the best photoshoots of your baby.

Newborn babies look sweet and are absolutely adorable. Dressing them up as little angels is real fun. And, our guide is not intended to keep you away from doing any of that. In fact, this guide will help you get the most adorable pics of your baby in the best clothes that are light on your pocket.

Happy Shopping!

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