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11 Easy To Set Up High Chair Activities For Babies | High Chair Activities For Toddlers

High chair activities

Life with a toddler means to be on your toes 24/7. Parents have to feed their babies, change their clothes, put them to sleep, and entertain them.

Yes…little adventurers need entertainment too. They too get tired of their same monotonous routine. They love to play and explore their surroundings. As much as parents love to see their toddlers running around and having fun, they, unfortunately, cannot allow them to have fun for a long time. 

Apart from looking after the toddler, parents have a busy schedule and some professional commitments to fulfill. For this reason, they cannot monitor the toddler while they’re busy playing or having fun.

With the outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19, the majority of the people have started to work from home. This has increased the burden on parents as they have to look after their babies and work simultaneously. To keep the toddlers engaged, parents resort to one of the most harmful ways.

Giving cell phones, tablets, or simply allowing them to watch TV for long hours can harm their physical and mental health of your babies

Your toddler will remain engaged for hours and will not disturb you, but do you want your child’s health to be affected in the long run? 

Read the harmful effects to think twice before handing out cell phones to your energetic babies.

Check Out The Harmful Effects Of Screen Time For Toddlers

1. Behavioral Problem

Behavioral problem

Children who spend more time on screens are likely to develop emotional and social behavior problems. They find it hard to communicate and express themselves, and it impedes them from interacting with others.

2. Increases Obesity 

If a toddler spends too much time sitting in one place with their eyes glued to the screen, they are at a high risk of gaining unhealthy weight. Prolonged screen time is sedentary time, kids tend to become lazy and are unwilling to move around.

3. Sleep Problems

The last thing you want after a long tiring day is an active toddler at night. If a child is exposed to digital devices a few hours before retiring to bed, then it can alter his sleeping schedule. The light emitted from digital devices alerts the brain and makes it difficult for the toddler to sleep early.

4. Resort To Violence

It is quite easy for the babies to scroll the screen and select the videos that attract them. You might be thinking that your little one is watching a cartoon or a nursery rhyme, but how many minutes does it take to watch something that is not appropriate for him?

If a child watches the content that has violence then he may start imitating it at home. To make the matters worse, if he is not stopped at an early age, then he may resort to violence in the later stages of his life.

Screen time sure has its benefits, but too much of it is harmful to your kids. If you want to make your child watch something, then sit with him. Instead of a cell phone, opt for television as it is at a reasonable distance from the child and will not affect his eyesight.

Instead of giving out a cellphone to the toddler, why not arrange something that will keep them engaged, improve toddler's creative thinking, develop their fine motor skills, etc.? 

To keep your kids busy without compromising on their health, arrange some activities for them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on it. 

To make things easy for you and to keep your babies entertained, just grab a high chair!

Yes, a high chair can solve your problem of keeping the naughty toddler occupied, while you can work alongside them.

You don’t have to keep an expensive piece of furniture for mealtimes only, right? Be a smart parent and make the most of the high chair.

We have gathered 11 easy-to-set-up high chair activities for babies. It will keep them entertained and you won’t have to run after them the entire time.

11 Easy To Set Up High Chair Activities For Babies

1. Dropping Milk Caps

The first activity that you can easily set up on a high-chair is pretty simple and will keep your little one busy. For this activity, you need lots of milk caps and an empty formula container.

Paint the caps in vibrant colors and let them dry for a few hours. Next, take an empty formula container and remove its lid. Cover the rim of the container with paper tape to avoid getting your little sweetheart’s finger cut.

Take a pair of sharp scissors and make a slit on the lid. Next, carefully cut a rectangular shape on the lid to allow the milk caps to pass easily. Cover the outline of the rectangle with the tape to cover the uneven edges.

Place the lid back on the container and put all the milk caps in a basket. Let your baby drop the colorful caps inside the container. He will love to hear the sound of the milk caps hitting the container. 

Make him sit in the high chair with this activity and carry on with your work. Do not leave him completely independent as your little one might be interested in tasting the milk cap which poses a serious choking hazard.

2. Pom-Poms In A Whisk 

This activity hardly takes 5 minutes to set up. It is beyond one's comprehension as to why babies love kitchen items so much despite having tons of colorful toys.

Your baby would love to play with kitchen items on his high chair. Simply, take a whisk and insert as many pom-poms as you can. Give the stuffed whisk to your toddler along with a small bowl or basket. 

Ask him to pull the pom-poms and collect them in the container provided. This activity will keep your little one occupied. Furthermore, it will increase his concentration level, and pulling the pom-poms out of the whisk will improve his fine motor skills.

Let him empty the whisk and then show him how to put the pom-poms back into the whisk. This simple activity can keep your child engaged until you have finished your work.

3. Sticky Notes Tray

Another simple high chair activity for babies is sticking sticky notes on a tray or a plate. It is cheap and takes less than 10 minutes to arrange the entire activity.

All you need is a big plastic tray or a plate. Next, take the sticky notes and stick them all over the tray. You can even use the old sticky notes if they are still sticky. Use different colored sticky notes to make the tray look colorful and appealing to your little one.

Let him pull the notes from the tray and then stick it again. It will keep him happily occupied.

If you don’t have colored notes then don’t worry. Take long pieces of paper tape or washi tapes and stick them on the tray. Your baby would love to pull the colorful tapes. 

This activity will also develop his fine motor skill and give his little arm a workout.

4. Ribbon Pulling Activity 

This activity not only keeps your child engaged but also builds his concentration, improves hand-eye coordination, and strengthens his fingers.

You need a clear plastic container and colorful strings for this activity. Take the lid of the plastic container and drill 3-4 holes in it using a drill machine. Put different colored ribbons inside the jar and pass one end through the hole.

Put the lid on and let your baby pull the strands of ribbons by gripping it with his tiny fingers. Don’t forget to keep the one end of the ribbon knotted, so that it stays inside.

You will have to remove the lid and put back the strings inside, nevertheless if your baby enjoys this activity little efforts are worth it all.

If you don’t want to put the ribbons back inside every time after the baby has pulled them, then simply remove the container and tie the knots on both ends. Your baby can pull the knots from both sides of the lid.

5. Coloring Books

The old-school activity that almost every child loves. Take an age-appropriate coloring book with simple objects and figures. Give a few crayons to your baby and let him do his magic on the paper.

You can even draw a picture on the paper and let them color it, or simply hand them a blank paper and let their imagination go wild.

Don’t forget to layout a spare sheet or newspaper to avoid getting stains on a baby high chair tray.

6. Painting

Let your little angels channel their inner Picasso.  Tape a construction sheet on the tray to prevent the sheet from slipping away. Hand a wet paintbrush dipped in paint to your baby. You can also use an old toothbrush in place of a paintbrush.

Allow your baby to paint as he desires. This activity is excellent for the high chairs with footrest. The baby can rest his feet on the footrest and can concentrate on painting their masterpiece.

7. Pulling The Popsicle Sticks

This is one of the most enjoyable high chair activities for babies. The best thing about this activity is that you can make changes to make it more interesting or to teach letters and numbers to your baby.

Take an empty shoebox and turn it upside down. Next, paint different colored squares on it. You can also use the cutouts of different colors and shapes instead of painting. Once you have painted or pasted the shapes, use a knife to create a slit on the center of each shape.

Collect the popsicle sticks and paint them with vibrant colors. Show your baby how to insert the stick in each shape. To make it more challenging, instruct your baby to put each colored stick on the same colored shape.

8. Sensory Sheets

This activity will take time to prepare but its results are quite promising. There are various ways to create sensory sheets or a big sensory board.

Take a card sheet and cut 6*6 inches square pieces. Apply glue on each piece and stick different fabrics, sand, cotton, or even feathers.

Your baby would love to trace his fingers on different textures. He won’t be able to resist the urge to touch them or rub his palms over them.

9. Tonging Activities

We are sure that your baby loves kitchen items more than his toys, right?

Then give him the kitchen items to enjoy. Take a muffin tray, a few ping-pong balls, and tongs. Show him how to pick a ping-pong ball with tongs and place it in the muffin tray. If it is difficult for your baby to hold the ping-pong ball with the tongs, then keep cotton balls instead.

Tonging activity improves concentration and also strengthens your baby’s fine motor skills.

10. Water Fun

Water fun

Your baby would love to have some water activities while he is comfortably seated on his high chair with a footrest.

Simply take a few zip-lock bags to add fill them with water. Add a few drops of food coloring. Seal the bags and freeze them.

Tape the zip lock bags on the tray of the high chair. Let your baby feel the different temperatures, colors, and movement of water inside the bags. These bags can also be taped on the wall while the baby is learning to stand up or walk. He will stand up and walk towards the bags to feel the cool temperature against their skin.

To make it more attractive, try adding small toys or glitter to make it more enjoyable.

 11. Reading

Your little one cannot go to a library, therefore, arrange a reading session for him on a high chair.

Let him choose his favorite book and let him dive into his imagination. He will love to watch the pictures and turn the pages independently.

To make it more fun and interesting tell your baby the story. Change your voice, give funny expressions to let your baby enjoy to his fullest.

Wrapping It Up!

High chairs are one of the most expensive furniture pieces that parents invest in. Don’t use it for mealtimes only when you can use it to keep your baby entertained and will keep your hands-free from holding them.

The above-listed activities are easy to prepare and cost-effective. So mamas, what are you waiting for? Run to the kitchen, grab the materials and start preparing interesting activities for your lovely babies.

No matter which activity you choose. Make sure that you do not leave the baby alone. Stay nearby, to observe your baby or ask someone to watch over your baby if you are away. Babies love to put things in their mouths. It poses a choking hazard and can prove to be fatal for them.

Try a few activities with your baby and let us know in the comments below which activity was the most enjoyed by your toddler.

Do you know of other high chair activities that are not on the list? We would love to hear from you.

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