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12 Super-Helpful Baby Care Tips New Moms Wish They Knew

Baby care tips

Becoming a parent can be a thrilling, and daunting experience at the same time. When the expecting parents, especially the mothers, get the news that they are about to welcome a little member in their family, they become a little scared.

This isn’t because their lives will be changed, or they will hardly get time for themselves…


The fear and anxiety are simply because a mother wants to provide the best of everything to her tiny munchkin.

Unfortunately, no school in the world is exclusively for parenting classes. Parents have to learn from their own mistakes, experiences, and advice from friends and trusted family members. 

But there are certain times in the parenting journey where a mother wishes to have known helpful baby care tips to have done better for her child.

If you are an expecting mother or recently welcomed your newborn into this world, then don’t worry. You aren’t going to wish to have known Newborn mother hacks or baby care tips for new moms, earlier.

Wondering why?

Well because we have pulled together 12 super-helpful baby care tips that will help you to take care of your newborn more effectively.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

12 Super-Helpful Baby Care Tips New Moms Wish They Knew

1. Nursing


Nursing can be a completely new experience for a mother especially if she is feeding her baby for the first time. The following tips will help you to make this experience an enjoyable and easy one.

a. Find Privacy 

It is always a good idea to nurse your child in private. Although there is nothing wrong with feeding your child in public. But stares, chaos, noise, etc. can disturb the mother and the baby.

b. Wash And Sterilize Breastfeeding Accessories 

Washing the accessories is not enough. The tummies of tiny angels are quite sensitive and can get easily infected. Therefore, make sure that you sterilize the breast pump and shield. Soak it in boiling water to kill the bacteria that may have started to mold.

c. Hydrate Yourself

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important for new moms. Dehydration can lead to drowsiness and might make you feel lethargic and dizzy.

d. Take A Warm Bath 

Taking a long and warm bath can be a dream for some mothers. If you are facing the problem of less supply then take a warm bath to relax your body and improve the milk supply.

2. Soothing

A baby’s mood is unpredictable. One minute he’ll be sound asleep and the next minute he’ll be screaming at the top of his voice. Parents might panic at first when their babies start crying and they have no idea what to do to make them calm again.

With the following Newborn mother hacks to calm the baby, you’ll no longer worry about your baby crying:

a. Swaddle Them

The old technique of wrapping the baby in a swaddling cloth or a soft blanket works wonders to soothe them.

Wrapping the baby in the cloth mimics the environment of the mother’s womb and they feel comfortable and safe. If your baby cries inconsolably, try swaddling him and you’ll be amazed by the results.

b. Rock Them

Hold your baby and place their head on your shoulder. Next, gently rock from left to right. The rhythmic movement will calm your baby and he will gradually stop crying.

c. Give Him A Warm Bathe 

Newborns feel unsafe in their new environment. They might start crying if they don’t sense their caregivers around, or if they are sleepy. 

To de-stress a stressed baby, arrange a warm bath for him. Warm water will regulate his body temperature and he will soon be calm again.

d. Go For A Stroll

Newborns need fresh air too. Sometimes staying in the same environment might make them fussy and they cry their eyes out. When your baby is getting cranky, take your baby for strolling down the street.

You can also take your baby for a long drive with you. The fresh air and change of scenery will help him to calm down.

3. Sleeping

The time when the babies are sleeping is the time when parents get a chance to breathe and relax.

A night of good sleep is not only important for adults but also the babies. Getting proper sleep is essential for their physical and mental development. It also promotes a healthy weight and keeps the babies active.

The following tips will help you to make your baby sleep longer and peacefully at night:

a. Dim The Lights

To make your babies sleep longer try to set the environment before making them sleep. Dim the lights, draw the curtains to block the light from outside. Switch off the TV and put your cell phone on silent mode.

A baby falls asleep much faster if his environment is calming and relaxing.

b. Limit Day Time Naps

It is one of the common mistakes of parents to make their babies sleep during the day so that they can complete their tasks. This practice might help you during the day, but at night, your baby will be fresh and active and he won’t let you sleep.

Try to limit the daytime naps, so that he can sleep peacefully during the day.

c. White Noises

White noises refer to sounds that have the same level of intensity throughout their frequency. White noises remind the baby of his old home i.e. his mother’s womb. 

Place a stand fan or simply create the ‘shhh’ for making white noise for the baby.

4. Bottle-Feeding

Feeding the baby is one of the most pleasurable things for the baby. It is completely fine if the parents have decided to use formula milk for their babies. The following baby care tips for new moms for bottle feeding will help you to feed your baby properly. 

a. Check The Expiry Date 

Make it your habit to always check the expiry date on the tin before you prepare your baby’s bottle.

The expired formula might upset the baby’s tummy and make him sick.

b. Never Microwave The Bottle 

The microwave heats the bottle and develops hot spots in the bottle that might scald the baby’s lips and his tiny mouth. Avoid microwaving the bottles no matter what.

c. Always Burp The Babies

Ever wondered why babies start crying after they’ve been fed and made to sleep? It is because of the gas that accumulates inside their tiny bellies and makes them uncomfortable.

After feeding your baby, place him on your shoulder and rock him gently to let the gas pass out from his body.

5. Limit Your Engagements 

It might sound tempting to have a life that was before the baby, but understand that your baby needs you the most. Ask your friends and family members to cooperate with you and not to call you when your baby is sleeping.

Also, try to spend as much time as you can with your baby. You won’t get another chance to hold your tiny squishy balls in your arms once they grow up.

Disconnect yourself from digital devices and have some alone time with your baby. Talk to him, cuddle him, dance with him, this will help you to make an unbreakable bond with your baby.

6. Take Proper Rest

Being a mother is not easy. You always have to be on your toes and running around the clock to cater to the needs of your baby. This might make you tired and frustrated.

One of the most Newborn mother hacks is to sleep when your baby sleeps. Don’t worry about finishing up your chores or replying to important emails. Newborns sleep 16 hours a day, whereas an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep. Lie down next to your baby and sleep together.

Once you are caught up in your sleep you can do all your pending tasks quickly and effectively. Lack of sleep can make you drowsy and irritated. Newborns can sense your feelings and they reciprocate the same feelings. You sure don’t want your babies to get angry with you, do you?

7. Take A Healthy Diet 

Nurturing a baby in the womb, delivering him, and then nursing him, all these tasks are quite tedious and can put a strain on your health.

Try to eat healthy foods. Fill up your plate with green leafy vegetables. Eat as much protein as you can to strengthen your weak body. Say good-bye to alcoholic drinks and instead say hello to fresh juices and milk.

A nursing mother needs to take a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Her supply and the composition of the nutrients present in the milk are greatly affected by the mother’s diet.

Eat healthy and iron-rich food to stay active and take care of your baby to the fullest.

8. Don’t Forget Your Spouse

Many ladies are so immersed in their motherly duties that they completely forget to give time to their husbands. Understandably, your baby needs you more than your partners, but don’t widen the gap between you.

Strong bonding and understanding between both the parents are essential for the proper bringing up of the baby. Furthermore, as the baby grows up, he can sense the kind of relationship his parents have. This can directly affect his confidence and social behavior.

Schedule dates and go alone like before. Arrange a movie night at home. Cook for each other and don’t forget to cuddle with each other.

9. Accept Help From Others

Accept help from others

One of the most workable baby care tips for new moms is to accept help from others. You might think that you have all the things under control but, this will only lead to one thing and that is exhausting yourself.

If you are unable to manage house chores, your professional commitments, looking after your older kids, etc. then do not hesitate to ask for help. Call a friend or your mother, or mother in law to give you a helping hand with some chores. They would be more than happy to help you.

All that you have to do is ask for help and if they offer to help you, accept it without thinking twice.

10. Get Some Fresh Air

Your busy schedule and motherly instincts won’t allow you to leave your house more often. But, staying in the same environment and looking after your baby can sometimes take a toll on your mental health. 

When you feel tired or on the verge of crying, just get off the house for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths. Go for a small walk to clear your mind. Getting out of the house and change of environment is necessary to keep you mentally fresh or else you’ll become frustrated.

11. Don’t Worry About Your Weight

It is natural to feel sad to look at your beautiful clothes and dresses in which you can no longer fit. Instead of loathing your body and the weight you have piled it, thank it every day. This body has enabled you to bring a human being into this world.

Your body was the first home for your baby where he spent 9 months and was nurtured by your flesh and blood. It took you 9 months to gain the weight. Do not try to get rid of it overnight.

Keep your diet healthy, drink lots of water, set an exercise routine, and stop being harsh to yourself.

12. You Are Enough

The last tip of baby care tips for new moms is to stay relaxed. Remind yourself that you’ve got this parenting thing control.

Your baby needs a happy mama who can cherish every moment of their child’s life. Just breathe, and carry on.

Remember, you have given birth to your child and no one can understand him better than you.

Winding It Up

Many new moms become the victim of self-doubt and guilt for not being enough for their babies. They question themselves every single day if they are good enough for their child. 

Relax, take a deep breath. Clear all your doubts and anxiousness. No one can master the art of parenting in a day. It takes time, practice, consistency, and above all...loads of patience to raise a happy child.

Remind yourself every day that you are enough for your child and you’ll never make any bad decisions for them.

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