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15 Bath Essentials For Your Newborn's First Bath

Essentials For Your Newborn's First Bath

Baby’s first bath is special for babies and for parents. It is an important milestone. Not only is it a great time to take pictures, but it is also a bonding exercise between the baby and his or her parents.

Experts suggest that the whole process of bath for babies is special and a fun time. The singing, cooing, toys, soft touch, and talking, all contribute to quality time between the baby and his or her parents.

The baby’s first bath will probably be a sponge bath, but you have to do some preparations for that.

When a woman is expecting, she receives so many gifts from people and some of those gifts could be a baby blanket, cute onesies, shoes, stuffed toys, baby bathing products, and much more.

Some of these gifts can be used for the baby’s bath, but for the rest, you will have to do your own shopping.

Bath Essentials For Baby’s First Bath

Bath Essentials For Baby’s First Bath

If you are a new mom and have no idea how you are going to handle your baby’s first bath, then here is a little guide that can help you gather the bath essentials for your baby’s first bath.

Get these essentials and by the time your baby is done with the bath, he or she will be a clean, healthy and this will also make your newborn baby happy.

So, here goes the list of bath essentials for baby:

1) Hooded Towels: For infant babies, hooded towels are used. These come with a nice hood that can cover your baby’s head and give him or her a warm, cozy touch while absorbing water from the baby’s body. Hooded towels are supposed to pat dry the baby’s skin. There is no need to rub hard.

Normally, the thick, organic, and soft hooded towels are expensive, but they will last a few years. Since you will need to bathe your baby often, you can buy more than one hooded towel.

This way, you don’t have to do the laundry every day. Make sure you wash the newly bought hooded towel with detergent before the first use as it could contain the chemicals that can cause rashes on the baby’s skin. They come in plain colors as well as with baby prints.  

2) Washcloths/Sponge: A washcloth or sponge is an important accessory for a baby’s first bath. Since the baby’s skin is very sensitive, you will need extra soft cloth or a sponge. 

It can be used to cleanse areas such as knees, fingernails, elbows, and toes. Just wisp a little sponge on the surface gently and it will cleanse the area.

Typically, the washcloth or sponges come in a pack. So, there will be more than one washcloth or sponges. They come in the shapes of flowers, ducks, bears, or frogs. One package can contain different colors as well.

3) Baby’s Body Washes: There are companies that manufacture mild liquid soap for babies. All Johnson & Johnson, Aveena, and Cetaphil brands make body wash for babies as well as other accessories. 

The body wash comes with a very soothing smell. it can be diluted with water and then applied to the baby’s body with a washcloth or sponge.

4) Baby’s Shampoo: Babies have the most delicate hair; therefore, they need a shampoo that is chemical-free and delicately cleanses their hair. 

Also, washing hair can be a bit complicated but it is suggested that you keep the baby’s head backward while holding.

Rinse and then apply the shampoo all over the head, then rinse again. Johnson & Johnson company manufactures shampoo that is friendly with eyes as their motto says, “No more tears”. Make sure you consider a gentle formula that doesn’t dry off their delicate hairs.

5) Baby Scalp Massaging Scrub: So many newly born babies suffer from cradle caps. In this condition, rough and scaly patches of skin fall off of the newly born baby’s head. There is no apparent reason behind it and this condition seems to be harmless. 

To prevent these scalp patches, experts advise the new moms to use a scalp massaging brush. 

These scalp brushes are soft-bristled, and they are gently rubbed on the baby’s head. Usually, it is used with a mild shampoo.

The massage also helps to relax the baby and keeps the blood circulated enough to lessen the dry patches.

6) Baby Bathtub: Just like many other things, the baby’s bathtub is also very different from an adult bathtub.  

There is a range of expensive and inexpensive bathtubs for babies available in the market. They come in various shapes and colors.

These are easily accessible at any departmental store. But we suggest, you go for a reliable quality bathtub that lasts at least a year. By this time next year, your baby will be able to use the real bathtub anyway.

One of the key advantages of using a baby bathtub is that it provides support and safety while bathing. It will lay your baby in a way that eliminates the risk of getting water in the nose, eyes, or mouth.

7) Rinsing Cup: A Rinsing cup comes with a bathtub but if there is no rinsing cup then you can choose a rinsing cup of your own choice. 

It is understandable that new moms would want to take all the precautions there are to keep the baby safe. The rinsing cup is designed in a way that keeps the water out of the baby’s eyes and ears. 

Some of them even come with soft edges that can be placed over the baby’s head.  By using this, you won’t have to use the bathroom shower.

8) Warm Water: For the baby’s first bath, warm water is the most important essential. Even if you live in a place where it is 40 degrees outside, it is best to warm up water for the baby’s bath. 

It does not have to be too hot or too cold but somewhere in between that is compatible with the baby’s body temperature.

Grooming Essentials For Baby’s First Bath

9) Body Lotion: Baby lotion is one of the grooming essentials product for your newborn. We all love the nice creamy texture of the lotion. 

It can soften the skin and keep it moisturized. Apart from baby lotions, there are baby oils that are used for massage after bathing your newborn baby.

10) Baby Powder: Powder is another grooming product that can be used after bathing. Powder also contains a sweet fragrance. It can be sprinkled on the neck after bathing and massaging.

11) Nail Clipper and Filer: Even babies need to have proper hygiene otherwise there is a risk of getting infections.

But the process of nail clipping can be really intimidating. Some people prefer to keep the curved scissors while nail clipper seems a safer choice. Whatever you choose, just make sure you know how to do it. Watch a few demos before you use it on your newborn.

12) Hair Comb: Although it is not essential for your newborn baby’s bath, you could definitely use a hair comb to set your baby’s hair. 

Some babies tend to come into the world with a lot of hair, having a hair comb might come in handy in those situations. There aren’t any complicated designs for hair combs but all of them are in short size as compared to an adult’s comb.

13) Baby Cotton Swabs: Since the baby’s skin is extra soft and delicate, the normal cotton swabs are not suitable for the baby’s skin. 

There are special baby cotton swabs that are soft and can be used to clean the ear from the front and from the back. 

Don’t use it for the inside just yet. Let the baby grow a couple of months and then clean the inner ear wax.

Healthcare Essentials For Baby’s First Bath

Healthcare Essentials For Baby’s First Bath

14) Thermometer: Measuring a baby’s temperature on a regular basis is wise for new moms. This helps them to adjust to the changes.

But, you need to note the temperature before and after the baby’s first bath. There are different kinds of thermometers including digital thermometers. 

Consult your doctor and get a thermometer to monitor the baby’s temperature.

15) Nasal Aspirator: Infant babies are not able to blow their nose properly and if they get cold, there is no other way to pull out the nasal congestion.

For this reason, you will need a nasal aspirator. It can be used after bathing your baby. You can buy it from any pharmacy or get it from the hospital.

There are some sort of snot suckers that many people use. Just make sure to clean the bulb of the aspirator. It cannot be used again if it remains dirty. It is ideal to use it during the bath.

After giving your baby a complete bath, make sure to snap a few pictures to remember the time. Your baby’s first bath is over. It is time to put on some nice clothes and have a relaxed nap time.

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