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15 Proven Tips To Get Your Newborn Sleep Through The Night

Get Your Newborn Sleep

Parents of newborns are mostly bothered with having their babies sleep peacefully through the night. Scheduling a newborn’s sleep and putting them to doze off could be really challenging.

No matter how exhausting the task becomes for you, when your little one shuts their eyes to sleep, seeing them learning to dream would surely melt your heart.

On the flip side, if you find your little angel crying their heart out, you would be devastated. You might want to immediately calm them and put them to rest. 

To answer your questions of when to feed and not to feed, or what to do to peacefully sleep your baby through the night every day, we’ve designed this amazing guide.

This post aims to help you find your way through some of the best tips to get your newborn sleep in peace through the night. Our approach is simple and you would really enjoy using some of the tips from the list. So, follow along!

1. Build A Bedtime Routine

One of the best tips to get your newborn sleep during the night is to plan their day. Decide when your baby will sleep during the day and when would you like to see them smile while dreaming during the night. 

Most people tend to work towards building a routine especially when their baby is between 6-8 weeks old.

2. Educate Yourself About Baby's Sleep Needs

Educating yourself on the subject is the first step to how to improve baby sleep. You first need to know what your baby needs. 

A newborn at least for the first two months will cry out, asking you to feed them every 2 hours. In another case, if you plan to bottle-feed its frequency maybe a little less. At this time sleeping the baby through the night may be a little difficult and they may be awake between 1-5 am.

In addition, when your baby is 3 to 6 months old, you can understand their needs better now. The sleep time declines, so you can now plan better for the night.

Also, you may want to understand when your baby cries, they may not necessarily want you to feed them. But, they may want you to be around to calm and make them go asleep. Therefore, it is important that first, you understand your baby’s needs.  

3. Make Sure Baby Sleeps In The Same Position

Make Sure Baby Sleeps In The Same Position

When it comes to how to improve baby sleep, you would want to focus on how your baby sleeps.

Establishing a routine and observing them as they fall asleep is crucial. To ensure that your baby sleeps perfectly like an angel through the night, make sure you put them in the same place and in the same position. 

This is ideal for building a good routine. If somehow, you find it hard to match the baby’s sleep schedule, it’s important to be patient and get back in routine ASAP.

4. Sleep Your Little One ASAP

This tip is really compelling when you want to learn how to improve baby sleep. Earlier, we mentioned a dream sleeping. You may want to benefit from it especially for your newborn. Make sure you put your little one to bed ASAP.

You’re recommended to put them around 8 pm at night. This will allow you to dream feed them after a few hours. 

Make sure your baby burps a few times after you rest their head on your shoulder and then put them down. Plus, this tip is ideal for newborns since they usually sleep between 10-18 hours.

5. Choose To Soothe Less

Soothing with pats on the back or songs may calm the baby. But, you need not overdo it. Otherwise, the baby could still be awake. So, choose to soothe less. 

Deciding to stay with them less in the room during bedtime is exactly how you get to sleep newborn at night.

6. Limit Night Feedings

If you want your baby to sleep through the night in heaven-like comfort, you may want to limit the night feedings. You can also decide to feed them just before bed so they remain calm and full for the rest of the night. 

Besides, as your baby grows a couple of months old, you can seek the green signal from your family pediatrician.

If the doctor tells you to limit night feeding, you can reduce them. You can try to dream feeding your baby just before midnight. 

This will help you to put them to sleep for the entire night. Since the baby’s tummy will be full, they won’t wake you up late-night.

7. Keep A Balance between Day And Night Sleep

It is important that you understand that your baby will usually sleep between 10-18 hours at the start. If you want to see your little cutie to sleep peacefully through the night, you might want to monitor their hours of sleep during the day.

 Make sure the baby does not sleep for the most part of the day. If you’re not careful, you’ll have a fresh baby at night looking at you. So, save yourself from staying up late at night and monitor your baby’s sleep hours in the day.

8. Maintain A Peaceful Environment

Before you put your baby to sleep, make sure there is dim light. Make the scene quiet for the baby. You may want to put the baby in the crib a few minutes before they doze off peacefully.

30-minutes is the usual time a baby takes to sleep. So, make sure the environment is calm before your baby closes its eyes.

9. Be Aware Of Growth Spurts

Let’s consider a scenario. Your baby that has been sleeping peacefully suddenly finds difficulty in dozing off. Now, what do you do? Well, sit back and relax. 

Sleep regressions are common among newborns. Your baby is experiencing growth spurts and is in the development stage. 

Regressions last for at least 1-4 weeks, whereas growth spurts are for a few days. So, don’t worry. Just be a little more patient.

10. Put A Drowsy Baby To Bed

This is the easiest of tricks in this “how to get a newborn to sleep at night” guide. When you’re holding a drowsy baby in your arms, your baby has already given you the signal to put them down in the crib and sing them to wander into a beautiful dream.

Most people often mistake holding a drowsy baby in their arms. This is not what you should do. Instead, put the baby in the crib immediately and observe them as they doze off peacefully. Remember, when you have done enough soothing, your baby is ready for bedtime.

11. Train The Cry-It-Out Sleep technique

As your newborn grows a few months old, you might want to benefit from this amazing sleep baby tip. 

This does not ideally fit in this list of proven tips, but it also brings you closer to your baby. When you put your baby to bed, leave them to sleep by themselves. Your baby would cry to call you.

It’s better to go and check on them. But, don’t pick them up. Pat them on the back. Calm the baby so they start cooing. This will help you to encourage the baby to sleep on their own.

 Besides, if you find the baby crying in the crib the next morning, reach out to them. It’s not for sleep. The cry is for you to check on them and stay around.

12. Prioritize Your Baby's Safety

Whatever the time, you as a parent ought to be careful about the safety needs of your baby. Make sure that the baby sleeps on a firm surface. Prioritizing your baby’s safety is essential.

No matter if your baby remains awake and finds discomfort with a change in sleep positions. As a parent, you can’t afford to compromise on the safety needs of your child.

13. Pick The Right Games Before Bedtime

 Pick The Right Games Before Bedtime

Games are exciting to keep the baby active and strengthen your bond of a mother with the baby. It’s important that you decide upon picking the right games before bedtime. 

Games you play with the little angel just before bedtime don’t have to be exhausting. Keep those games for the day time. As you’ve to maintain a bedtime routine, you might also want to follow the same for games before bedtime. Soothe your baby, so they sleep peacefully.

14. Reduce The Risk Of SIDS

The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome must be countered. Following are the recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Make sure your baby is lying on their back when they’re asleep
  • Car seats, swings, and strollers are not recommended. Get your baby on a firm surface
  • Don’t have too many objects around the baby sleeping inside the crib
  • Use a pacifier during bedtime
  • Do not smoke anywhere around the baby
  • If you’re drowsy, please don’t breastfeed 

15. Bath And Massage Before Bedtime

This tip is highly recommended. Bath your baby before bedtime. This will automatically put them in a joyful mood and help to self-soothe. 

Your baby after enjoying the bath would love to hear you sing to them. To applaud your performance, they might make cooing sounds in response. You might also want to try a little massage your newborn with baby oil. This helps the baby to relax from a tiring day and usher into the baby dream world.

Besides, we also recommend you to use a swaddle to control the baby’s movements and prevent them from scratching their face with tiny, sharp nails. Swaddles can help you to tighten their position, without unnecessarily compromising on their comfort. Plus, clipping the nails of a newborn baby is hard. So, remember to swaddle your newborn.


In conclusion, sleeping your baby through the night may be challenging. You might find your baby crying and getting uncomfortable with the routine several times. 

But, you ought to be patient and work to help your little one relax. Remember to focus on building a routine and prioritizing your baby’s safety. Sleep them in a similar position and in the safe and same place every day around the scheduled time.

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Sheryl calendar_today

The moment I’ve learned to tell ‘drowsy’ moment was the moment that changed our lives! Seriously. I’ve been following this pretty easy method called Hold With Love to sleep train my little princess. The method is simple and the book is just few pages. But it’s totally enough! You can buy it here btw So the main thing is routine and telling this magical moment. Thanks to that, following the next steps, you have a sleeping angel!

Alexa calendar_today

If you can tell the ‘drowsy but awake’ moment right you don’t need cry it out I believe. I’ve been using the method based on ‘drowsy but awake’ – omg how hard it was at first! But then you don’t need to watch your baby cry. There are much more gentle methods now, like the HWL I’ve been using and liked a lot ( ) or few more like this.

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