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15 Smart Tips To Create A Strong Bond With Your Baby

Create A Strong Bond With Your Baby

The arrival of a baby is a life-altering experience for parents. Having a tiny version of themselves is both exhilarating and exhausting. To put it simply, having a baby is a complete package. The package has excitement, happiness, anxiety, and above all the fear to be enough for your child.

Holding the baby for the first time after his/her birth is a beautiful moment. The parents can never forget the moment when they meet the baby after a long wait of 9 months. Many parents, especially the mothers have shared that just a look at their baby and they feel something inside them has changed forever.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the ability to love, care, nurture and understanding is unmatched to that of a mother. After having a baby, her heart swells with love and her only desire is to be able to provide everything to her child, not just only in physical terms but also in terms of emotions, mental well-being, spiritual, etc.

As much as the parents worry about giving their babies the best life with everything at their disposal. They often forget about an important thing which is as necessary as their physical needs. Many parents completely overlook the idea of creating a bond with their children. 

More than any other thing, children are hungry for their parent’s love and attention. A strong bond created at an early stage not only grows stronger but also plays a vital role in the development of the child.

Infancy is the crucial stage of a baby’s life. The tiny brain of hers undergoes many changes such as physical, mental, social, cognitive, emotional, etc. It is the perfect time for the parents to form an unbreakable bond with their little munchkins.

Importance Of Bonding With The Baby

Importance Of Bonding With The Baby

The newborns not only need to be kept well-fed and cocooned in a warm blanket. They need more than physical care. A newborn needs time to adapt to the new world. The only world that was known to her was her mother’s womb.

Coming into a new world, seeing new faces, observing their surroundings can be quite overwhelming for the infants. The only people they feel comfortable with is their parents.

Since newborns are neither familiar nor comfortable with anyone around them. It gives the perfect opportunity for parents to create and strengthen a bond with babies.

To many parents, bonding may not appear to be something as important and pivotal in the further stages of the child. But, along with the physical care, bonding between a child and a parent is equally important. 

The following points highlight the importance of bonding with a baby:

  • Development Of Trust

The first virtue that a child develops during her first 12 months is trust. If the child learns to trust his parents and feels protected around them, he will not struggle with the problem of mistrust in the later stages of her life.

Failure to develop this trait will eventually lead to the development of mistrust which will hinder his social behavior.

  • Rapid Brain Growth

A child’s brain is said to be 90% complete by the time she reaches the age of 3. For the proper growth and wiring of the brain, bonding and attachment with parents are of utmost importance.

When a newborn is loved and embraced, her body releases a hormone. That hormone speeds up the growth of a baby’s brain.

  • Development Of Language, Thoughts, And Imagination

Just assuring the child that you are always available for them and will provide them with everything they need, makes their brain do wonders. It lays down pathways that help in the development of speech, thoughts, and a marvelous imagination.

  • Learning And Exploration

A strong parent-child bond allows the little one to keenly observe and explore his environment. This learning and exploration will only take place if the child feels loved and protected by her parents.

  • Confident And Optimistic Behavior

The foundation for confidence and optimistic social behavior is laid down at a very early stage in a child’s life. If he has developed a healthy bond with his parents, he will not hesitate to demonstrate confidence and optimistic behavior in society.

Mother-Baby Bonding Problem

Having stated above that how crucial bonding is with the baby, sometimes parents do struggle to form a bond. According to research, 80% of the parents start to develop a bond in the first few hours after the delivery.

But, there are 20% of parents who don’t feel any sort of connection or emotional attachment to the baby. There is nothing to worry about it though. As long as you want to bond with your child, that’s what matters the most.

Mother baby bonding problems are because of multiple reasons. If you feel that you haven’t bonded well with your child or are having difficulty, go through the below-listed factors. Often the bonding with little ones is hindered because of these factors

Factors That Affect The Mother-Baby Bonding

  • Hormone

After the delivery and nursing of the child, the hormones are sometimes disturbed. When a lot of hormones are raging inside the woman it becomes overwhelming for her.  Bonding during this phase may be difficult for new mothers.

  • Prolonged And Difficult Delivery

Giving birth to a child is the most painful experience. If the mother undergoes a complicated, prolonged, and difficult delivery her exhaustion doesn’t allow her to connect with the child

  • Illness Of The Baby

If the newborn is diagnosed with an illness or if he has been kept in intensive care, mothers find it hard to connect with them.

  • Postpartum Depression

Giving birth to your tiny version is sure to erupt many emotions. Ranging from happiness to anxiety.

Sometimes, it might lead to mild depression which may last up to a few days or weeks. However, a more intense and prolonged depression is termed as postpartum depression.

A severe form of depression acts as a barrier to be able to get attached to your child.

  • Adjustment To The Mental Picture

It is natural for many parents, especially the new ones to make a mental picture of how their baby would look. When the child has arrived and meets the parents, the mental image needs to be adjusted according to reality.

This majorly happens with the parents who are expecting their first child.

Even if you or any new mother around you isn’t suffering from the above factors, even then, just relax. It is perfectly fine to have a problem in bonding with the newborn. 

If you are looking for some tips and tricks to bond with your child, then you are in the right place. All you have to do is to keep scrolling.

Smart Tips To Create A Strong Bond With Your Baby

We have compiled 15 smart tips which aren’t only easy but will also help you to connect with your tiny munchkin in just a few days. Keep reading to unveil these tricks:

1. Nursing The Baby

Surprised to see this on the top of the list? Well, the simple act of breastfeeding your child can do wonders to develop a bond. When the baby is closer to you he takes into your scent, your skin, your warmth, etc. It helps him to feel protected and recognize you.

2. Schedule Your Sleep Timings With The Baby

A well-rested baby is the least likely to throw a tantrum. Try to sleep closer with your baby as it makes them feel safe and protected.

 Studies have shown that babies tend to sleep much calmer and better when they sense their caregivers around.

Also, it would make it easier for you to feed them at night.

3. Skin-To-Skin Contact

Physical connection leads to an emotional connection. Hold your baby and touch him. Having frequent skin-to-skin contact helps in stabilizing the baby’s temperature, pulse, and stress.

Look for ways to hold your baby more often and hug them to develop an everlasting bond. Enjoy while they fit in your arms and laps. Once they outgrow this stage you’ll miss holding them.

4. Respond To Her Cries

Never, we repeat, never leave your baby unattended while she is crying. A newborn is completely new to this world and needs time to adapt to his surroundings. For the first three months of the baby’s life, it is important that the caregiver attends and responds to her cries

Pick up your crying baby and smile gently at her. It will help her to calm down and build her trust in you.

5. Eye Contacts

The most beautiful way of communicating without saying anything is through eye contact. Look into the eyes of a baby when you are holding her or simply cuddling with her. The baby will remember your expressions and will try to imitate it. 

6. Listen To Her Heartbeats

Listening to their tiny hearts thumping against their chest will make you feel delighted. Make their heartbeats your stress buster.

7. Smell Them

Even after so much technological advancement science is unable to discover how to capture the scent of a baby. Their smell can be like a drug. Sweet and intoxicating. Enjoy it before it disappears.

8. Have A Routine

Unlike adults, babies are a creature of a routine. They need to be well-fed, well-rested, and well attended to make them feel comfortable and happy.

Make a schedule for your little boss and try to follow it. When the needs of the baby are met timely he’ll connect with you. It will also help her to trust you for all their needs.

9. Talk To Her

Babies love it when you talk to them and imitate their coos. Talk to your baby, read a book to her, sing for her, etc. Talking to her will stimulate her senses and she will be eager to talk to you.

10. Slow Down The Hustle

Breathe and relax. Your work, house chores, friends, and family can wait. They will surely understand if you don’t respond to them immediately. 

Your baby needs your full attention and time. Spend time with her as much as possible because once they’ve grown up you’ll want to trade everything to reverse the time.

11. Play Dress Up

Seeing babies dressed up not only melts our hearts but also makes us smile. Play dress up with your baby.

Dress up your munchkin in your favorite color and outfits. Who knows you might awaken their inner fashionistas.

 12. Give Them A Nice Bath And Massage

Give Them A Nice Bath And Massage


As much as you like a warm relaxing bath and a massage session, your baby would love it too.

Give them a nice bath and massage. Cleanse their body by gently massaging it. Your baby will reward you with their sweet coos and giggles.

13. Go On A Little Date

Your baby would love to be inside the home and explore her little world. However, introducing them to the outer environment is also necessary for their development. Go on a little family date. Go for a little stroll to the park or a long drive to enjoy the breeze. It is the perfect time to bond with each other.

14. Make Time For Yourself

Often when we are taking care of our babies we completely ignore ourselves. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty vessel. Make sure you are well-rested, happy, and relaxed. If not then you’ll start getting frustrated and the baby will sense it.

Take out time for yourself, go on date with your partners. Don’t forget your partners after having a baby.

15. Cherish Each Moment

Having a newborn means loads of unwashed laundry, piles of dirty dishes in the sink, a messy house, a long list of unfinished tasks, etc. 

The house can be cleaned later but, will you get this phase of your life again? Cherish each moment and make an amazing eternal bond with your tiny ones.


There are no hard and fast rules on how to bond with your baby. It’s your baby, therefore, your choice and your rules. Making a connection and a bond with the baby isn’t rocket science. Just be there for her and you’ll eventually get a hold of the things.

Invest your time in them, love them, give them frequent hugs, and shower them with kisses, etc. because time flies. They’ll soon be grownups and you won’t get their cute tiny phase again. So, enjoy each moment with them.

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