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15 Tips To Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Special

The first 12 months of the babies’ life are special for every parent. From the arrival of the baby to bathing him, feeding him, making him sit, etc. all these moments are treasured by parents till the end of their lives.

It is very common that when a child says a few words in their first year. Parents record a video, take numerous pictures, and record their audios to cherish these moments. When parents celebrate every tiny achievement or milestone of their babies, how can they forget to celebrate the day when their babies turn one?

Watching a baby growing up is a bittersweet moment for parents. They are happy that their baby is growing but at the same time, they are sad that they won’t be able to see the tiny version of their babies again.

Celebrating baby's first birthday is very special for the parents. They want to celebrate the day when they became parents to the fullest. 

However, not all parents have the same desire. There are a lot of parents who believe that the first birthday of the baby is useless. As the baby is unable to understand and comprehend what the celebration is about. Instead of spending the money on a party, they save it for the baby’s future.

Celebrating a birthday is not mandatory. It is completely up to the parents whether they want to celebrate the birthday or not. Both the decisions are completely fine and understandable.

If your baby is turning one and you want to celebrate this milestone by throwing the baby’s first birthday party, then don’t worry you are at the right place.

Every parent wants to organize an unforgettable birthday party for their little munchkins. For this purpose, they spend numerous hours searching the internet for unique first birthday party ideas to make the party special.

We understand how special this day is for you and your little one, and therefore we have gathered 15 unique first birthday party ideas and tips. Keep reading to learn the tips to celebrate the birthday of your princes and princess.

15 Tips To Celebrate The First Birthday Party (In A Special Way!)

1. Simple Theme

 Simple Theme

What is a birthday party without a theme? The experience of the party escalates when there is a theme. Choose a theme for the birthday party. Google the ideas and select the one which is easy for you to create.

Consider what your babies like the most. For instance, if he likes to play with animal toys then you can select a farm or a jungle theme. If your baby is into cars and trucks, then create a car theme. 

If you don’t want to go for toys then you can also select the theme for your child’s favorite cartoon. It will excite your child to see the décor of their favorite cartoon.

2. Make A Budget

We understand that parents want to go overboard and give their kids the best birthday. However, it is important to understand to organize the party within your budget. This is the common mistake that parents make and spend beyond their budget. If you spend money within your budget it will help you to relax and enjoy the party without having to worry about managing the expenses after the party.

Before your baby’s big day, sit together with your partner, and plan a budget for the party. Plan everything from décor to cake to the refreshments that will be served at the party, etc.

By having a budget for everything you’ll be able to make the best decision for the party without overspending on anything.

3. Design Invitations

There are thousands of templates available on the internet for birthday invitations. You can easily download the one that goes with your theme and send it to your guest list.

To give your invitations a more personalized touch and to make them unique, try to incorporate them with your baby. For instance, while designing the invitation cards you can attach a picture of your baby on the envelopes or the card. 

If you are not in the favor of attaching the pictures, then grab some paints to personalize the cards. Apply paint on your baby’s palm and press it on the invitation cards. Your guests are going to love the cards with the baby’s handprint on them.

4. Schedule The Timings

Once you are done with selecting a theme and planning a budget for your party, schedule the day and timings of the party.

It would be very convenient for you and the guests to attend the party at the weekend. Try to schedule the party when you have an off from work. It will help you to rest well and make preparations for the birthday party.

Also, plan the timings. Babies are not like us adults who can party anywhere and anytime. These little bosses have a schedule that they stick to and cannot compromise on their sleep.

Your party timings should not contradict your baby’s nap time. Schedule a party at a time when your baby is well-rested and active.

5. Baby Proof The Party

Make your party baby-friendly. You don’t want the party to end because your baby hits his head somewhere or puts a sharp object inside his mouth.

A party means socializing and attending the guests which might divert your attention from your baby and he will use this opportunity to pull a few tricks to surprise you. Make sure that before decorating your house, setting up the refreshment table, etc. the first thing that you do is to keep away all the sharp objects and remove the things that may harm your baby.

Also, cover up the electric sockets so that the baby cannot insert his tiny fingers.

6. Add Lots Of Decoration 

Birthday parties should be bright and lively. Babies are not attracted to a dull and boring environment.

Opt for bright and fun colors for birthday décor. This will energize the environment of your party and make birthday more exciting for your baby. Buy balloons, streamers, and a few stuffed toys for decorating the venue.

If the decorations are putting a strain on your budget or if the decoration items are not available in your desired color then don’t worry. Simply log on to Pinterest. There are 100s of birthday parties DIY that not only look fabulous but also put less strain on your budget. 

7. Set Up A Kiddie Pool 

Don’t limit your parties to cutting the cake and enjoying refreshments only. Make it fun for the baby and his friends. Those little ones cannot talk and gossip like adults. Therefore, plan something for them.

Set up a pool for tiny munchkins. If the birthday party is in the summers you can set up a small water pool and ask the guest to bring a bathing suit for their babies. Let the kids enjoy it. Make sure that babies are not left unattended. 

If you think that water is risky for the babies, then you can set up the kiddie pool and add colorful plastic balls to it. It will keep your babies happy and occupied. While you can hang out with your friends.

8. Create A Secondary Party Area 

Birthday parties are never silent. It ought to be noisy and lively. While you may enjoy the house buzzing with guests and wishing your baby, it might become tiring for the guests or overstimulating for babies.

Create a quiet area where guests can go to take a little break or attend their calls. It will also be helpful for the mommies to feed their babies.

If you have arranged the birthday party in your backyard then you can create a separate corner for the guests to sit and talk where the noise level and hustle are low. You can also prepare a room inside your house as a secondary party area.

Keep a few chairs and tables so that people can rest their feet for a while.

9. Select An Outdoor Venue

If your house cannot accommodate the guests comfortably then try to opt for an outdoor space.

Try to arrange the birthday set up in your backyard. If that’s not a possibility then you can make a park or playground the perfect birthday party spot for your baby. Just bring the balloons, cake, refreshments, table, and a helper to help you set up the birthday table.

Arranging your birthday outside will save you from the hassle of cleaning up your house after the party is over. However, before heading outside don’t forget to check the weather update.

10. Order Two Birthday Cakes

The first birthday means having a cake smash for the baby. In case you don’t know, cake smash involves giving the cake to the baby where he can dig, lick, and eat the cake with his hands. It’s an adorable sight to watch the baby smashing the cake.

Giving the baby an entire cake to smash, is not only messy but also a waste, and to forget it will be harmful to his tiny tummy. You cannot serve the smashed cake to guests, can you?

Therefore, to have a cake smash and to serve the cake to your guests, order 2 cakes. Order a small cake of 1 pound or less for cake smash and a bigger one for the guests. 

11. Pictures, Pictures…And Pictures

You aren’t only planning the party to enjoy for only one day, are you? Parents love to reflect on the memories of their children and they relive those moments by looking at the photographs.

Since you’ll be in charge of making arrangements, entertaining the guests, handling the baby, you won’t get a chance to click enough pictures. 

If your budget allows then hire a professional photographer to capture as many pictures as he can. If that’s not an option, then don’t worry. Ask your friends and family members to take loads of pictures and record videos of this special day.

12. Set Up A Refreshment Corner

What is a party without yummy food? Set up a table at the party where the guests can help themselves and you don’t have to serve them individually.

It is completely up to you to decide the menu for the party. Usually, a party has crisps, juices, crackers, pizza slices as refreshments, and cupcakes for dessert.

Don’t forget about your baby’s friends. Make sure you provide them with something to munch. Fresh fruits, cut in small pieces, plain chips, and baby crackers are good snacking options for them.

13. Hire A Babysitter

If your guest list has parents of small babies then hire a babysitter for a few hours. Make sure the babysitter you hire is experienced and capable enough to handle numerous children at a time.

Hiring a babysitter will let the parents enjoy the party too.

14. Create A Letter Box

Create A Letter Box

Another fun activity to do at your baby’s first birthday party is to invite the guests to write a letter to your baby and seal the envelope by writing the age or year when you want the baby to read it by himself. For instance, you can write a letter, share any memory, or simply give them a piece of advice, and then after sealing the envelope you can write ‘Read it when you turn 18.’

If you want you can also insert a photograph of the baby with yourself or with the guest inside the envelope.

15. Bring A Tree Friend For Your Baby

On your baby’s first birthday take him to a tree shop and let him explore a little. Buy the tree that he likes the most. You can also buy other baby accessories & toys as baby loves to play with the toys. 

Bring that tree to your home and give it a permanent place in your garden. Make your baby sit or stand beside the tree and click his photograph.

Make it a tradition on your baby’s birthday to capture the picture of your baby with the tree. It will be a phenomenal experience for you to watch both, the tree and the baby together.


First birthdays are always special. Parents not only spend their hard-earned money to organize the party but also pour in their energy, enthusiasm, and above all their unconditional love for their babies.

Don’t freak out or feel sad if things don’t go your way. Breathe, relax, and enjoy! Remember, it is not every day that you get to celebrate your child’s first birthday. Enjoy to your fullest!

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