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20 Easy-Peasy Tips For Dressing Your Newborn

There's no time as precious and valuable as the time you're expecting a new arrival. Most of us start preparing for that moment months before the actual delivery date arrives. 

New moms buy plenty of stuff, including clothing, toddler bibs dummies, pacifiers, and even silicone spoons and forks to make their parenting journey smooth and hassle-free. 

How to dress your newborn is a question that overwhelms many mothers. Here, it is crucial to understand that dressing up your newborn baby must not be a challenging task to do. 

Babies do not need a huge variety of clothes and accessories to look cute. Also, they grow up so fast that investing in a lot of stuff initially will result in wastage. 

So, it is critical that you keep your focus on a few essentials that you need particularly for that specific time to help make your little one look its best.

Here are a few tried-and-tested tips for dressing your newborn like a star. So follow along!

1. Look For Fabric That Is Machine-Washable

Look For Fabric That Is Machine-Washable

As a parent, you don’t want to exhaust yourself by buying clothes that are washable by hand. Know that you can’t afford to lose too much energy as you’ll need most of it taking care of your newborn. 

When you buy baby clothes, it is essential that you double-check the fabric since the skin of your newborn is sensitive. Hard fabrics would only cause more trouble. So, a basic tip for dressing your newborn is to look for fabrics that are machine-washable.

2. Go For Bodysuits

If you’re looking for your convenience as well as the baby’s comfort, you might want to go for bodysuits. 

Onesies or bodysuits have buttons down the gut whereas an extra layer around the tummy that stretches to the feet as well. It will surely keep your baby warmer and help you a great deal in changing the nappy without making your baby uncomfortable. 

Plus, colorful bodysuits are exactly what you need to dress your little one into a cute baby. If you want to see your baby look amazing, you might just want to start dressing in a bodysuit.

3. Know Your Baby’s Size And Height

Dressing your newborn baby could be tough if you go out shopping and purchase from a variety of brands. 

Though you may find a range of brands attractive to the budget, the standard of size of each brand may be different. So, instead of guessing your baby’s size, we advise you to get a measuring tape and determine your baby’s height and sizes to avoid any trouble. 

Plus, it will not only help you to save money and spend in a calculated way, but also ensure that you don’t have to visit the store again and negotiate a return or refund. There you go, know your baby’s size to get the ideal fit.

4. See If You Need More Layers

You may want to be careful when the weather changes. If it’s starting to get colder, you need to be extremely careful as babies are easily irritated by the cold and may catch the flu or cold in no time. 

It is advisable that you consider the following as dressing essentials especially when the temperature falls below 24 degrees.

  • Get a Vest and a Diaper
  • Cover your baby in a bodysuit or a onesie
  • Swaddle up your baby in a thick, soft blanket that is comfortable and keeps them warm

On the flip side, during the hotter season, you may want to reduce layers to ensure that the baby's sensitive skin is not affected. 

You can choose to include one more layer than what you’re wearing. It’s important that the environment is conducive for the baby and they feel comfortable in it. Babies are annoyed if they sweat. So, be careful with additional layers.

5. Dress Your Baby According To Weather

Indoors is mostly fun without any accessories. You just have to wrap your baby in the blanket and be a little playful and wait for the cooing sounds. However, the case is not the same when you hang out with your little bundle outdoors. 

It’s usually cold for the baby, so you may want to keep a cotton fleece or woolen hat to cover their head. 

A jacket or small coat that has a cap that stretches over the head may just do perfectly too. Besides, you may want to keep an extra pair of socks as well if your baby finds the outside chilly.  

6. Cover in a Blanket

An easy-peasy tip to dress your newborn is to simply cover them in a small blanket. There may be times when you’re not around, and your baby is alone. 

Make sure you don’t mistakenly leave the baby in diapers or nappies. But, make sure that you cover them in a warm blanket that comforts them to a peaceful sleep. 

In addition, make sure the baby’s face is not covered with the blanket. Also, if your baby is a few months old, you may want to gently tuck their hands in to avoid them from scratching their face.

7. Don’t Pull Baby’s Arms Or Legs

Babies are often annoyed when you try to dress them. Even though dressing your newborn is great fun, you may want to be careful with the delicate bones and skin of the baby. 

While dressing your baby, don’t try to pull the arms and legs even with the slightest strength. Instead, you can collect the sleeves and cuffs of the top and pass the baby’s arms through them. 

The same goes for bottoms. Remember, dressing your newborn has to be the calmest of stuff you two do together.

8. Distract To Withdraw Attention From Dressing

It’s always great to soothe your baby with something like a gentle massage or a sweet song while you dress them. Babies love it and they may make the cooing sounds in return to show their appreciation and love. 

Since newborns usually find dressing irritable, you may want to distract them with a song or a relaxing massage so they allow you to dress them in a calm environment. 

Also, keeping your baby engaged with songs will also strengthen your bond with them. Remember, if the baby is not calm, you could distract them to divert their attention. 

You may even choose to give them a pacifier while you change the diaper and stretch the bottoms up to the waist.

9. Find Support To Lie The Baby On Their Back

A million-dollar tip you can’t go wrong with is to find support for the head of the baby before you begin dressing. 

Babies have a delicate structure that requires great care while carrying them and allowing them to move. Make sure your baby’s head rests on a stable surface when you’re dressing them.

10. Swaddle The Baby 

Swaddling a newborn is common especially during the first month. The soft and warm blanket soothes your baby, allowing them to dream peacefully. It’s also a great idea if you’re initially concerned about how to dress a newborn.

Swaddling the baby really helps as with hands tucked straight around the sides give them a sense of security as they sleep. Swaddles also make it easier and safer to carry the baby.

Even though it’s important that you tuck sides in, don’t overdo it. Don’t tighten much as it will only make your baby more uncomfortable. It’s important that there is enough space to allow the baby to move their hips. 

Remember, you should have a space of two-three fingers to place between the swaddle and the newborn’s chest

11. Choose Lose Breathable Clothing

While there is no hard and fast rule for choosing fabrics, materials, such as bamboo and cotton are more breathable, absorbent, and comfortable. 

Apart from that, it is also advisable to give a quick wash to the newly-bought clothes as they’re generally treated with bleaches and other chemicals. 

This tip is unavoidable if your little one’s skin is too sensitive or prone to harsh substances and chemicals.

12. Look For Pants And Socks Combo

Instead of spending a lot on pants and socks separately, you can choose ‘Sock Ons’ for your baby that are not only affordable but extremely functional and comfy. 

Tip to consider: Do not throw socks in the machine as it is. Always collect them in a washable mesh lingerie sack so that they remain in one place and do not seize up the washing machine. 

13. Dress Your Baby In Cotton

Cotton, being soft and absorbent in nature, is the best fabric for your baby’s everyday outfits. The material promotes better aeration and helps maintain the temperature of your baby.

The best bit? Cotton is non-allergenic, and you can easily choose cotton-crafted day dresses and onesies for your little one even if they have sensitive skin.  

14. Prioritize Your Baby’s Comfort

Do not choose over-fitted clothes for your little one. Select clothing with loose silhouettes and breathable fabric that can keep your baby comfortable and happy for a long time. 

In addition, it is also critical to invest in baby clothing and accessories that are not too hot or cold. Prefer products that prevent moisture and can keep you baby dry for a long span. 

15. Monitor Your Grandma

If you’re a first-time mom with no prior experience in dressing a newborn, you can take help from your mom or grandma. 

Remember, the experience is the teacher of all things. Ask them to help you out in the initial few days so that you can closely monitor them and learn the ins and outs of looking after and dressing a newborn. 

16. Pick Light Colors For The Night

Studies suggest that babies feel more comfortable in neutral colors. Especially when it comes to choosing the colors for their night suits, make sure you stick to soft and light colors. For instance, you can choose soft polyester or cotton onesies in pastels. 

If you’re too conscious about making your baby’s style statement, you can choose sleepers that come with furs, ribbons, and laces. Do not choose anything that is too decorated or embellished. 

For example, you must not buy sleepers that contain pearls, beads, or other sharp decorative as it can injure your little one during sleep.

17. Invest In Eye-Catching Accessories

Caps, headbands, fancy socks, pretty bibs, and functional pacifiers with cartoon accents all add to the look of your newborn. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider investing in accessories that you can use with multiple clothes. For instance, you can buy things in black, white, purple, green, and red hues that you can use with almost every attire without any difficulty.

In fact, you can use them for both baby girls and baby boys. 

Again, just ensure whatever you buy is comfortable and of good quality. 

18. Invest In A Stylish Baby Carrier

Invest In A Stylish Baby Carrier

While baby carriers are not part of your little one’s wardrobe, choosing a stylish one can definitely help your newborn create a cute style statement. 

Luckily, you can find hundreds of thousands of options online. Just ensure you choose something that is stylish and safe to use. 

19. Try To Have Fun With The Baby

No matter how you dress your newborn, just ensure you keep your bond intact with your baby during the entire process. Happy babies are the cutest ones

Do not force your baby to carry anything they’re not comfortable in. Also, you don’t have to do a lot to make your baby look stylish. Babies look cute and comfortable in whatever they wear and are happy in.

20. Be Patient When Shopping For Baby Clothes

Shopping for a newborn is a stressful job. We suggest you do most of your shopping before the actual delivery date arrives. So that by the time your newborn enters the world, you’ll have everything in place for them. 

But if, for some reason, you couldn’t shop before your delivery, do not rush and try to utilize things you already have received in the form of gifts. 

Give time and attention to your little one in the initial few days as it is crucial than anything else. You can always go out and do loads of shopping once you regain your health and get back to routine after your delivery.

We wish you all the best...

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