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Baby Activity: 10 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Newborn Baby

Baby Activity

It is not easy to be a newborn. Lying in the cradle, sleeping all day, and having meals at scheduled times, this routine bores the babies.

A baby shouldn’t be denied from having fun, right? He, too, should have fun activities just like his parents or older siblings.

Of course, your baby cannot go hiking, skating, or bowling with his friends; but he can still have fun with you without leaving the house.

It is imperative to keep your babies entertained and involve them in different activities. It keeps the babies happy, engaged and promotes their mental development.

Playtime and activities are not only for entertainment; instead, they can teach the baby some crucial concepts and the phenomenon of cause and effect. By involving babies in fun activities, you keep their senses actively engaged. They touch different textures, watch other things, and also listen to various sounds. Your babies’ imagination also sharpens, and they try to make connections and scenarios with the objects in their surroundings. 

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of fun activities for babies. Don’t worry; you don’t have to step out of your house for every activity. Keeping in view the situation of the global epidemic COVID-19, we have also listed indoor activities for infants. 

10 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Newborn Baby

1. Play Dress Up With Your Baby 

Play Dress Up With Your Baby

Remember the joy that you used to get from dressing up your dolls? Well, you can get the same pleasure by dressing your own babies in your favorite colors and outfits.

Watching the babies dressed up in their cute little attires can instantly brighten up a person’s day. Go to the nursery and select cute onesies, caps, socks, and glasses dress up your tiny fashionistas.

Dress them up and take tons of pictures to share with baby’s grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. To make things more fun, wear the same colored clothes as your baby. You can even order the matching outfits for you and your little one. 

This would go incredibly well if you have a baby girl — numerous websites on the internet sell mommy-daughter matching clothes. Wear the same dresses and click pictures together to save the precious memories of your child.

2. Arrange A Pool Party At Home 

It is not safe to take your babies to public pools. A large amount of chlorine and other disinfectants are added to the pool water, which can irritate your babies’ sensitive skin. Therefore, to beat the heat in the summers, arrange a private little pool at your home.

You can easily purchase baby pools from a baby shop or an online store. Fill it up with water, put your babies' favorite colored balls, floating ducks, toy boats, and get ready to see the excitement of your babies.

Make sure that you hold your baby while he is in the pool. Do not leave him unattended, even for a split second, even if they can sit without support. Firmly hold their arms or tummy to support them.

If you have other babies in your family who are about your baby’s age, invite them to the party too. Your baby would love to hang out with a friend with a pool.

3. Play His Favorite Rhymes

Good music puts a person in a good mood. It can do the same for your little one. Play your baby’s favorite rhymes on television. Let him watch the animated characters and their actions. To make it more enjoyable for your baby, sing along with the verses playing on the TV. Mimic the actions of the cartoon characters and watch your baby giggle in delight.

If your babies are older than six months, you can also keep objects related to that story or poetry to make it more exciting for them. For example, if you are playing the rhyme wheels on the bus, keep a few toy buses and move them around your baby. You can also use stuffed toy sharks to put while playing the all-time favorite baby shark rhyme.

If your baby tries to sing or move his body, clap for him and encourage him to show you more moves. Little ones love it when they get attention from their caretaker. It motivates them to repeat the actions that draw attention.

4. Mirror Activity 

Babies are fascinated to watch their reflection in the mirror. There are plenty of activities that you can do with your babies. Buy a baby mirror that is large and has smooth corners.

Place the mirror on the floor or the wall when your baby is having a tummy time. You can sit beside him and point his eyes, nose, lips, and ears on the mirror to teach him the name of the different parts of his face.

You can also keep the mirror a little away from your baby. It will make your baby move forward or reach out for the mirror. When babies push themselves forward, you can start to train them on how to sit and crawl.

5. Shake The Bottles 

No matter how many toys parents buy for their precious babies, they will always be inclined to play with the things used on the dining table or the kitchen, such as spoons, plates, bottles, and glasses.

You can surely save a lot of money by not purchasing toys for your kids and instead providing them with household items, but they are not safe for your infants. However, you can satiate your baby's curiosity and let him play with things that are not dangerous—for instance, a plastic water bottle, bowls, and tumblers.

Do not throw away the empty plastic water bottles. Use them to create a fun activity for your little one. Take different sizes of bottles, make sure they are all transparent. Fill each bottle with various items such as sand, rice, glitter, macaroni, or even water. Do not fill them up completely. Secure their lids and place them in front of your baby in a vertical position. Let your baby use his tiny hands to drop the bottle and watch it roll over by producing a sound.

 You can also roll the bottles to let your baby see, how the sand or rice inside the bottle shakes and moves. To make this activity more fascinating for your baby, add a bit of color to the rice and macaroni inside the bottle. The moving colors and the new sounds will excite your baby.

6. Water Bag Activity 

Another fun activity for your infants is to fill up the zip lock bags with water, seal them properly, and let your babies observe the water's movement inside the bag.

This activity takes hardly a few minutes to prepare. You can even add some color to the water to make things more interesting. Moreover, you can also add tiny beads, stars, and glitter to let your baby enjoy watching the float as he touches the bag.

You can paste these bags on the walls with duct tape's help and let your child touch the bag or squeeze it. If you want to turn this into a sensory activity, then freeze the bag for a few hours until the water turns into a semi-solid state. Let your child feel the cold temperature and observe how the ice melts into water.

You can also add sand in the zip lock bag and allow your baby to use his fingers to create different patterns. 

7. Fun In Ball Pit 

A ball is one of the most common toys that babies love to play with. They are cheaply and readily available in multiple colors on almost every toy shop. Why not use your baby’s favorite toy to fill up the tub and let him have his own party?

Take a baby pool or a small tub and fill it with different colored balls. Make sure to add the plastic balls that are large and will not be swallowed by your baby. If you do not have that many balls, don’t worry. Invite your baby’s friends and ask their mamas to pool in the ball creating a ball pit for babies.

Make your babies sit in the pool or a tub and let them enjoy in the wonderland of balls of different colors.

This activity is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. If you are doing it outdoors, make sure that your baby is under a shaded area. Make your little one wear a hat if it gets sunny outside.

8. Babies’ Day Out 

Your babies would love to step out of the house and inhale some fresh air. Grab his stroller and go for a short walk in your nearby park.

While you are out with the baby, talk to him and show him different things in the environment. Let him observe different colors, sounds, and people. Teach him different colors or numbers. You can also make your baby have his tummy time in the park on the fresh grass. He will be able to feel the texture of the grass and try to grasp it.

Apart from the park, you can also take your baby to a zoo. It is a beautiful place to entertain your munchkins. They will bet to see different animals, birds, and even trees. However, do not take your baby near the cage for safety reasons. Also, make sure not to go too close to the trees or the flowers. These places have lots of tiny insects and mosquitoes that can bite your baby.

The beach is another delightful place to have a picnic with your baby. The sand, water, and the breeze will surely lift his mood and expose him to different objects and views.

If you do not want to go to a crowded place, go for a long drive with your baby. Let him enjoy the view while comfortably seated in his infant safety car seat.

9. Story Time

Story Time

Storybooks are a great way to entertain your baby and inculcate the habit of reading from a very young age.

You can purchase big board books for your little one and have a storytelling session while having his tummy time or sitting in his high chair. You can describe the picture and make funny faces to make our baby giggle.

If you cannot find big storybooks, take out a few prints of underwater scenery, animals, cars, trees, or your baby’s favorite cartoon characters. Laminate them so you can use them numerous times. Lay it on the floor and let your baby come up with a story of his own. You can also lay the cards on the tray of the high chair.

And… there is one more to have a storytelling session for your baby. Ask your older children or other family members to join the baby in a storytelling session. They can clap and hoot during the story to keep your baby excited throughout the storytelling session.

Oh, and most importantly, try to keep props while narrating the story. Your baby cannot comprehend words, but he can surely understand the pictures and the scene created for him.

10. Dance With Your Babies

Are you fond of singing and dancing but don’t have the courage to do it with your friends? No problem, show your hidden talent to your baby and enjoy it with him. Sing his favorite rhymes at the top of your voice and show him your moves. We are sure that your little angel will coo with delight after watching your moves.

You can also make your baby dance with you. Simply carry him in your arms and waltz with him, or you can sit on the floor, make your baby stand, firmly hold his hand and move him gently to the beats of his favorite song.

While you are enjoying your little dance party with your babies, make sure not to pull their hands or shake them violently. They can get seriously injured by it. Handle your babies very gently during the dance sessions. Don’t forget to hug and kiss them to your heart's content.

Winding Up

It is an absolute joy for parents to spend time with their babies and observe their movements throughout the day. Life takes a huge turn after being promoted to the role of parents, but with time parents get a hold of their new routines and the baby's needs.

It is important for both the baby and his parents to spend some quality time and have fun together. Spending time with your baby and creating fun activities for him will surely wash off all your stress and put you in a good mood. Your babies will enjoy spending time with you and will form an unbreakable bond with you.

Which of the above activities did your little one enjoy the most? Share your experience in the comments below.

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