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Babyproofing Your House: 15 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home On A Budget

Babyproofing Your House: 15 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home On A Budget

Once the baby learns how to crawl, he becomes unstoppable. He wants to explore every inch of his surroundings, especially the areas where he can hurt himself. He would love to check what his mama has kept inside the kitchen cabinets, or how many clothes and baby accessories his family members have.

Running after these tiny munchkins while they’re on their exploration can become quite tiresome for the parents. While parents love to see their babies moving around and quenching the thirst of their curiosity, at the same time, they are afraid that their babies might get hit with something sharp, hard, or heavy.

Now, neither removing all the pieces of furniture nor stopping your baby from moving around is a workable solution for this problem. If your baby won’t move around he won’t get ready for his next milestone and he will not be able to explore his surroundings and widen his imagination. 

The practical solution for this problem is to baby proof the area. Make it safe for your baby to move around without causing any mishap.

Did you know that the average cost of baby proofing the house ranges from $500 to $2,500?

This amount is quite a hefty one, especially if you are living on a strict budget. You can still baby proof your house without straining your bank balance.

In this article, we have gathered 15 tips for baby proofing home on a budget. These are super easy and convenient, and the best part is that they are going to be absolutely safe for your baby.

Ready? Let’s begin with preparing a baby proofing house checklist.

15 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home On A Budget

1. Lock The Cabinets

Lock the cabinets

Cabinets are like a secret treasure chest for the babies. Their curious little minds are tempted to wide open the cabinets as soon as they get the chance. They cannot wait to see what is inside and how they can play with it.

Small cabinets are not a problem, but the problem arises when the cabinet has sharp objects like knives and forks, or cleaning solutions like detergent or liquid soaps. All these items can be of serious hazard to the baby.

To make sure that your baby doesn’t open the cabinets and stays safe, don’t forget to lock the cabinets. If you have cabinets and drawers that come with a lock, then use it. 

If your furniture pieces don’t come with a lock, then you can use hair ties to tie the handles of the cabinet together, or you can use a wooden stick as a ledge between two cabinet handles.

This will prevent your baby from opening the cabinets, and thus, he will remain safe.

2. Lock Fridge And Oven Doors

Not only do adults have the habit of checking the fridge every now and then, but babies love it too. They are curious to know what the family members have stored in the fridge, how many items are therein, etc. But that’s not it…

These tiny explorers not only watch what’s inside but also want to touch and feel its temperature, texture, consistency, and who knows the taste too.

Babies cannot have every delicacy that is prepared for the family. Their tiny tummies cannot digest spicy or heavy food. To prevent your baby from touching, breaking, or even eating or drinking something, lock the fridge.

Grab some command hooks and rubber bands to lock the fridge door. Attach one command hook on the fridge door, and one on the adjacent side of the door. Take a strong rubber band or hair tie and wrap it around both hooks.

3. Use Velcro For Trash Can 

The favorite thing for a baby in the entire house is a trash can. They love to stand up and take a peek at what is inside a trash can. If your little human is daring he might even put his hand inside to see what’s inside.

This isn’t only unhygienic, but imagine what if the baby touches the broken piece of glass, some expired medicines, or any other harmful thing?

Take a hot glue gun and Velcro strips to secure the lid of the trashcan and prevent your little one from rummaging its contents.

4. Use L-Brackets To Anchor The Heavy Furniture

This is extremely important, especially if your baby has started to climb on the surfaces. If a baby climbs on the drawers or pulls the furniture, then it can prove to be fatal for him.

Your little one won’t be able to resist the weight of the heavy furniture. To prevent this from happening, get your hands on L-brackets from a hardware store. They are easily available and inexpensive.

Anchor your furniture with these brackets to prevent the risk of furniture falling upon the baby.

5. Pad The Sharp Corners With Tennis Ball

The pointed edges of the table, bed, chair, and even of the crib can be painful if your baby hits his head there. Not to mention it is extremely risky for eye injuries.

You cannot expect your baby to remember all the sharp corners and then move around, no. As a caregiver, you have to take into consideration all the sharp edges and points in the house and then pad them to make it safe for your baby.

You can easily get your hands on corner guards. They are available on the internet and are quite cheap. However, if you have ample tennis balls, then make use of those.

Slit the tennis ball and shove it into the sharp corners and edges. To keep it more secured use tape around the ball.

6. Keep Dangling Pull Cords Away From Reach

Dangling cords of blinds and curtains can attract your babies to perform their latest trick. These cords expose the baby to the strangulation risk. 

Do not let the cords dangle. Use a simple thumb pin or pushpins to wrap the cords around it. Make sure to use the thumb pin a little higher so that your inquisitive creature doesn’t reach there and figure out a way to unwrap the cord.

This simple trick of using pushpins to manage the dangling cords is effective for baby proofing home on a budget.

7. Cover Electrical Sockets

It is a common practice for babies to insert their tiny wiggly fingers inside the sockets. This can prove to be fatal if the switch is turned on by them.

Before the baby has started to crawl, it should be the priority of the parents to remove all the sockets that are near the ground and would be easily accessible by the babies.

However, if you have electrical sockets where your baby can reach and experiment with it, then don’t forget to cover them. Use the lid of the baby wipes as a makeshift cover for the sockets.

Simply, take the lid, apply glue on the socket’s border and stick the lid. This will allow the adults to open and close the lids to use the socket. Your little one will have fewer chances to shove their fingers.

Never, we repeat never! 

Never use duct tape for covering the sockets. It will not only catch the attention of your baby but can also produce electrical shock if tampered with. Duct tapes have metal particles that can easily conduct electricity.

8. Don’t Leave Small Objects On Floor

This is perhaps the most important thing to be added to your baby proofing house checklist. Be very vigilant about tiny items such as coins, pins, rubber bands, plastic wrappers, small pieces of erasers, etc. 

Your curious baby will discover all the tiny items from every corner of the house. He will not only satisfy his visual senses by looking at the objects but will definitely involve his other senses. He will touch the items, taste them, or even insert them in his ears or nose.

If your baby swallows an object such as a coin or pin, it can cause a choking hazard. Similarly, if any bead or grain comes in his hand then he might insert it in his ears or nose, which is again extremely unsafe for the baby.

Make sure that your floor is squeaky clean and there are no objects scattered. Remind your family members to pick up everything that they see on the floor. 

9. Install Toilet Locks

Unlike sockets and other sharp items, toilets cannot be kept higher or out of the reach of the children. Toilet bowls are hazardous if the baby hits his head or if he tries to stand on it.

To baby-proof, the restroom, get a toilet lock. Yes, you read it right! 

A toilet lock is easily available in the market for around $10. This lock keeps the seat in the down position. The lock is easy to remove for adults but, babies will have a hard time figuring out how to unlock it.

Make sure that the lock you purchase is according to the size and shape of the toilet seat.

10. Keep Toilet Paper Intact With A Rubber Band

One of the most important tips to baby proof your home is to intact the toilet rolls. While we may not find any fun in unrolling the toilet paper roll, but for babies, it’s not less than a party. They love to pull the end of the tissue roll and keep doing it until they see the roll inside. 

To avoid the wastage of the tissue roll and to keep your baby safe from tangling in the tissue papers, keep the toilet roll basket away from their reach.

Do not keep them anywhere near the reach of the baby. For the toilet roll that is placed for use, intact it with a rubber band.  It will prevent the loose end from dangling which means no wastage and your baby will also be safe.

11. Add A Plastic Wrap To Prevent Spillage

Do you have a myriad of shampoos and luxurious body washes? If yes, then you certainly won’t want your baby to pour it down the drain, or taste them, will you? 

These toiletries and other cleaning items can be poisonous for the baby. Furthermore, if your baby spills these on his eyes, it can cause severe irritation. 

You need to baby proof your favorite bath items too. Open the lid of the bottle, place the plastic wrap firmly and then put the lid back in its place. This will prevent spillage if your baby opens the cap and presses the contents.

This tip works equally well for medicines, oils, and other liquid items.

12. Cover The Doorknobs With A Sock

Is your baby tall enough to reach the doorknob? If yes, then we can understand your struggle to stop the baby from locking or unlocking the door.

The simple way to protect your baby from getting locked or entering a room that is not safe is to cover the doorknobs with a sock. 

A doorknob covered in a sock will make it impossible for your baby to turn it. Baby’s soft hands do not have the grip to turn the knob with a sock. His hand will slip and he will eventually give up the idea of turning the knob to lock or unlock a room.

13. Use A Mesh Window Guard 

For a healthy environment at home, it is advised to keep the windows open and allow the fresh air and sunlight to fill your space. Sunlight can kill many germs in your area. With the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, it is important to take every step to keep your house safe from the infestation of bacteria and germs. 

Therefore, keeping the windows open is a good idea. But, don’t forget about your wiggly baby. Even the thought of him bending or leaning against the window is bone-chilling for parents. 

To keep the baby safe while letting the sunlight soak your room, use a mesh window guard. Your baby will be safe and can enjoy the gushes of fresh air.

14. Pool Noodle For Jamming Doors

Pool noodle for jamming doors

Your baby’s fingers are tiny and fragile, be careful when you close the door. Their fingers can easily be squished between the door and the frame.

Take a noodle pool, cut it into pieces of 5-6 inches. Place them on the door so that when you close the door your baby’s fingers aren’t pinched.

You can use one pool noodle to cover many doors of your house. They are easily available and pocket friendly.

15. Keep The Floor Clean And Dry

The most important way to baby proof your home on a budget is to keep it clean and tidy. The less mess you have around the house, the safer and healthier your baby would be.

Keep your house clean and organized. Make sure that your floor is tidy and dry all the time. If the floor gets wet, immediately wipe up the liquid and let it dry. Wet floors are hazardous for the babies. They can easily slip and injure their heads.

Wrapping It Up!

Baby proof your house on a budget by using the above easy ways. Make sure that you are vigilant and don’t leave the baby alone on his own. No wonder how much you have baby-proofed your house, always have someone to watch over your baby if you’re busy or away.

Make your home a safe haven for your child to let him learn, explore, and broaden his imagination.

What other ways do you think are effective to baby proof the house? Share them with us in the comments below.

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