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Bringing Baby Home : 8 Genius Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Newborn Baby

Bringing Baby Home : 8 Genius Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Newborn Baby

Your due date is near and you are probably freaking out about the arrangements and preparations for welcoming your little one into the house. These tiny bundles are small, they don’t need much space, and therefore, setting up a nursery would be enough for them, right? The answer is NO.

These cute little munchkins have the ability to turn down their parents’ lives upside down. You must have heard parents longing for some free time, or how they run around the clock to look after their babies and cater to their needs.

One thing is sure to happen; you will not get time to clean and organize your home, stock up on groceries, cook meals, etc. during the first few weeks of your baby’s arrival. If you are planning to make necessary arrangements and purchase newborn essentials once your baby has arrived, then dear mamas, you’ll be in a great deal of trouble. 

Physical exhaustion disturbed sleep schedule, and to put a cherry on the top, a wailing baby to soothe. All of it can take a toll on your health and stress you out.

To prevent this from happening and to allow you to spend quality time with your tiny one without having to worry about house chores, shopping, cooking, or other tasks, it is advisable to prepare your house and yourself, before the arrival of the baby.

The infra paragraphs will shed light on how to prepare your house for newborn baby.

8 Genius Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Newborn Baby

1. Stock Baby Items

Stock Baby Items

Your little one will amaze you with his ability to dirty the clothes several times a day. You’ll be in awe to see how quickly he can fill up your laundry basket.  Therefore, you have to shop for newborn baby essentials, including his clothes before his arrival. The majority of the parents purchase a few pieces of clothes for their babies and plan to buy more once their babies arrive.

There is nothing wrong with buying clothes once your little one arrives, but will you get enough time to wash those clothes, cut their tags before your baby wears them?

Keep at least 6-7 pieces of onesies, shirts, knickers, soft sweaters, socks, mittens, and newborn caps.

Select your favorite colors and styles to play dress-up with your babies. After all, they won’t object to a thing you make them wear. So, take full advantage of this opportunity and dress your munchkin as you like.

Oh… and don’t forget about buying baby gears to make your life with a baby easy.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot purchase all the baby gears, then no need to worry. Baby gears are not necessary. They sure make your lives easier, but if you do not wish to buy it for your baby, no problem.

Your baby won’t even need all the baby gears right after his birth. You can buy them later when your baby turns a few months old.

i. Infant Car Seat

You need to buy an infant safety car seat for your little one. The car seat is designed to keep your baby safe in case of accidents, or collisions.

ii. High Chairs

A big time saver for all the mamas to make mealtimes less messy. It makes sure that your baby is comfortably seated and enjoys his meal. Moreover, you can use high chairs for other activities.

iii. Baby Carrier

Have tons of unfinished tasks? Your hands are occupied by your baby? Don’t worry mama. Grab a baby carrier to keep your baby with you while you manage your chores.

2. Setting Up The Nursery

The most important and exciting thing for the parents is to set up the room for their new member. Let your imagination go wild and select the color, theme, and décor, etc. that you love. However, remember that your baby will only care about sleeping in the nursery. It will be you who will be using the nursery most. Therefore, do not focus all your energy on decorating the nursery.

Make sure you stock it up with proper items so that you don’t have to run around the house to find the necessary items for your baby.

i. Crib

The most important item for your nursery. Select the crib that is in your budget and suitable for your baby. Don’t forget to consider the size of the nursery before you purchase the crib. You can also use a bassinet if you have a small space and cannot cater to keep a crib.

ii. Create A Diaper Station 

Get ready for abundant pee sprays and soiled diapers during the first few weeks. To change the dirty diapers of your baby create a diaper station. Keep a table where you can easily change your little one’s diaper. Also keep a portable diaper basket and other items needed for diaper change such as rash cream, wet wipes, etc.

iii. Dark Curtains

Dark curtains block the light and allow the baby to sleep longer and peacefully.

iv. Install A Baby Monitor

To save you multiple trips in the middle of the night to the nursery, try installing a baby monitor. You can easily monitor what your little one is up to, without leaving your bedroom.

3. Prep Your Guest Room

You will be needing a helping hand for the few days after you and your baby come from hospital to home. If your mother, sister, friend, or any other person is coming to stay with you for a few days, then don’t forget to set their rooms too.

Make sure you clean the guest room and change the bedsheets. Moreover, check if the room needs any repair or maintenance. If yes, then get it done at your earliest.

Also, keep extra towels, bedsheets, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes for your guest. You will be doing yourself a great favor by setting up their room. It will save you from running around and gathering things for preparing the guest room while you are exhausted and sleep-deprived.

Don’t forget this important task while preparing the house for the baby checklist.

4. Stock Your Freezer 

Trust us, the last thing that you’ll want after returning from the hospital would be to spend your time in the kitchen to prepare the meals. Sure, online deliveries and takeaways are an option, but they are not the substitute for homemade meals.

To save your time and money, stock your freezer before your baby arrives. Double the quantity of food that you cook and store half of it in the freezer. Take Tupper wares and zip locks to store the food. You will simply have to defrost the food and heat it in the microwave. Even your husband can do this simple task if you are busy with the baby. Also, stock frozen vegetables and food to help you on the days when you are feeling lazy and drained.

Moreover, when you are about to get discharged from the hospital, ask your friend or a family member to stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. If that’s not possible, then you always order it online and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

5. Buy Extra Groceries

When your due date is near, don’t forget to buy extra groceries for at least a month. Stock all the necessary items.

Prepare a list for each area of your house. Start from your kitchen. Make a list of all the items that you’ll be needing. Move on to your bedroom and bathroom.  Add bottles of extra shampoo, soaps, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, sanitizers, etc.

Buy extra leaves of painkillers and paracetamol in case if you or any other family member needs it.

Oh… and don’t forget about your baby. Buy diapers, formula milk, breast pump, nursing pads, rash cream, etc. You don’t want to rush to the nearest store to grab the groceries just a few weeks after the arrival of your baby.

6. Clean And Declutter Your House

Another important task in preparing the house for the baby checklist is to clean and discard all the unnecessary items. A lot of parents think they will clean the house once they are settled with the baby. Trust us when we say that you’ll regret not cleaning your house earlier because after having the baby you won’t get time in months to do it.

Start from your bedroom, toss away all the unnecessary items that you haven’t used in months. Thoroughly clean every inch of your room. Dry clean the curtains and carpets. 

Once you are finished with your bedroom, check other rooms, cupboards, and other spaces to declutter your house. You’ll be surprised looking at the tons of items that you haven’t used in ages. Donate the items or sell them to earn some extra cash.

After decluttering your house, it’s time for some serious cleaning. Ask your friend, mother, or sister to help you with cleaning the house. Keeping in view the current pandemic, make sure that you continue to maintain the same level of cleanliness once your baby has arrived.

We understand that cleaning the entire house with a baby can be an uphill task. To ease your job and keep your house squeaky clean, keep ample sanitizing wipes at different places in your house. It will be easy for you to wipe the surfaces and toss the wipe in the trash can.

7. Update Your Wardrobe

After the birth of your baby, you would love to stay in loose and comfortable clothes and look after your baby. Don’t forget to upgrade your wardrobe and make yourself comfortable after welcoming your baby.

Purchase soft trousers, loose t-shirts, nursing tops, nursing covers, etc. to make the feeding time easy and comfortable for you and your baby.

8. Baby Proof Your House

Baby Proof Your House

This is the last one on the list but not the least. The first year with your baby will pass like a breeze and before you even know it they will start crawling, awaken their inner adventurer, and explore every tiny corner of the house.

While it is an excellent opportunity for your baby to involve all his senses and sharpen his intelligence, the heavy objects and surfaces pose a risk of serious injuries.

Baby proof the house before his arrival so he can explore his surroundings freely without the risk of any injuries.

i. Lock Fridge And Oven Doors

Refrigerators are an easy target for babies. They can easily open the refrigerator and oven doors and explore what’s inside. 

This poses a risk of something heavy from the fridge, or the microwave/oven falling upon them. It can prove to be dangerous for their eyes and head.

Use command hooks and hair ties to prevent your baby from opening the doors.

ii. Anchor The Heavy Furniture

As your baby will learn to stand and walk, he will use his legs to climb on the furniture. If the furniture is not anchored to the wall, then it might fall on your baby if he tries to climb on it, or tries standing up by taking its support. The heavyweight of the furniture might cost your baby his life. 

To keep this risk at bay, use L-brackets to anchor all your heavy furniture to the wall. L-brackets are easily available in a hardware store.

iii. Pad The Sharp Corners 

The pointed edges of the furniture can hurt your baby seriously if they are not padded.

Order corner guards to pad all the sharp corners of the furniture in the house. If you cannot find the corner guards, no problem at all.

Grab tennis balls and use them to pad the sharp edges. Slit the tennis ball and push it into the sharp and pointed corners. Tape it to make it more secure. 

iv. Lock The Cabinets

Your baby will try his best to open the cabinets and have a look at what you have stored inside. Imagine what will happen if your baby opens the cabinet and grabs detergent, cleaning liquids, or red chili powder? 

To prevent this from happening, lock the cabinets so that your tiny explorer stays safe. If your cabinets do not have a lock, then don’t worry.

We have awesome newborn hacks for you to lock your cabinets. Use hair ties to tie the handles or knobs of your cabinets and cupboards. You can also use a wooden stick or a spoon and use it as a ledge between the cabinet handles.

v. Cover Electrical Sockets

Babies love to insert their tiny fingers in small holes and cracks. Electric sockets will be the favorite point for your babies to insert their fingers.

If god forbid, the switch is on and they insert their fingers, then you can imagine what will follow next, right?

Remove all the electrical sockets that are near the ground level. If that’s not possible then the lid of the baby wipes should be used as a makeshift cover for the electric sockets.

Do not make the mistake of using duct tape for covering the sockets. Not only will its color attract the attention of the baby, but they also contain metal particles. They will produce an electrical shock if tempered.

Pulling The Plug

Welcoming a baby can be a delightful yet, exhilarating experience for many parents. No matter how much you prepare yourself to be the perfect parent and provide nothing but the best to your babies, mistakes will happen.

Parenting is a beautiful journey. You will learn something new every day. So, dear parents, relax! Take a deep breath and do your best.

We hope that the tips mentioned in this article will help you to prepare your home for welcoming the baby and allow you to spend quality time with your little angel.

Do you know of some other tips that will help new parents? If yes, then do share it in the comments below.

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