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Calming A Fussy Baby: 13 Smart Tips To Make A Baby Stop Crying

Calming A Fussy Baby

Newborns don’t come into the world alone. After the parents receive their little bundle of joy they are also surprised to receive a disturbed sleep schedule, an unorganized and messy home, the raging hormones of the mother, and the endless wailing of the baby.

It is natural for babies to cry. As they are only familiar with one language and that is crying. If the babies are in pain or need of something, they cry to alert their caregiver’s attention to them. 

The first three months of the newborn are tough on parents. This is the phase where babies cry the most. Babies can cry for numerous reasons. They cry when they are hungry, wet, or simply feeling scared of the new environment. 

Many times parents are successful in calming their babies. However, there are certain times when a newborn will simply not stop crying. All the attempts of the parents to calm down their wailing babies go in complete vain.

At times like these, parents get worried about their child. They wonder if something is physically wrong with their babies. Apart from worrying, some parents also get frustrated by the constant crying of the babies. This is natural for tired and sleep-deprived parents to get frustrated and angry when their babies refuse to stop crying for a minute.

Apart from frustration and anger, the feeling of not being enough canopies the mind of the parents. This happens especially with the first time parents. When they cannot calm their babies they feel unworthy and not a good parent to their babies.

If you are in this situation where your baby starts crying out of the blue and will continue to do so for endless hours and you are seeking the answer to ‘how to calm a crying baby?Then seek no more.

We have formulated 13 smart solutions for all the parents who want to learn how to calm a crying baby.

The below-mentioned tips will help you to smartly calm down your child without losing your temper.

13 Smart Tips To Make A Baby Stop Crying

1. Look For The Cues


The first tip to calm down your baby is to understand why he is crying. Babies can only communicate through crying if they need something. If they start crying check for the following cues:

  • Check if their diapers are wet and need to be changed.
  • A hungry baby is an angry baby. If he has not been fed in the past few hours, then feed him to satiate his hunger.
  • Check his temperature. If his temperature is too high or low, immediately contact a doctor. However, if you feel that he is slightly warm or cold then adjust the temperature.
  • A tired baby is also likely to throw a tantrum. Make him sleep to calm him down
  • Newborns’ tummies aren’t as strong as adults. After feeding if they’ve not been burped, gas starts to form in their stomach making it uncomfortable and sometimes very painful for them.

If the baby starts crying after a few minutes you’ve fed him, then he is probably having tummy pain due to the gas. Give him a burp and he will be peaceful again.

2. Master The Art Of Swaddling 

Master The Art Of Swaddling

Swaddling is an ancient method to wrap the baby in a soft blanket or a cloth. Swaddling mimics the environment of a womb. If your baby cries inconsolably, especially after waking up from sleep, then try swaddling and you’ll be amazed by the wonders it will do your baby.

  • A swaddled baby feels protected and safe. He is least likely to wake up from sleep and throw a tantrum
  • Swaddling prevents the baby from scratching their sensitive skin, or eyes, etc.
  • Newborns are only familiar with the environment of the womb which was warm and cozy. They need time to get adjusted to the outside environment. Swaddling keeps the baby warm and helps them to get adjusted to the outside temperature.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the cloth and wrap up your baby.

3. Give Them A Pacifier

Babies find comfort in sucking. Instead of giving them the bottle to suck while they are sleeping, try giving them a pacifier.

Giving a bottle to the baby before he sleeps will not only make a mess but, it can also cause a choking hazard. Buy a good quality pacifier and make them suck it.

Sucking on a pacifier helps the baby to soothe himself and avoid crying.

4. Hold Him Close

Newborns need time to adjust to a new environment. The only place they had known before their birth was their mother’s womb. Therefore, they feel scared and anxious about their new surroundings. 

Newborns constantly need someone around them to make them feel protected and loved. If they fail to find their caregivers around, all hell will break loose.

If your baby cries maniacally when you are not available, then always keep him close to you. Buy a baby carrier and keep your baby cuddled to you. It will help your tiny munchkin to stay relaxed and calm.

5. Rock Them

This is perhaps the most effective technique to soothe a fussy baby. Newborns love the rhythmic motion as it helps them to calm down and distress themselves.

Try rocking your baby for a few minutes. The gentle back and forth sway will surely help him to relax a little. Don’t worry if you have chores to do or if your hands are not free. You can make the optimum use of advanced baby bouncers and rockers which are specifically designed for the mother to rock their babies while they’re busy.

Get an automatic cradle or a motorized bouncer to rock your baby while you continue with your work. Oh! And did we mention that you take the bouncer everywhere you go?

6. Give Him A Warm Relaxing Bath

Newborns undergo a lot of physical, emotional, mental, and cognitive change which becomes overwhelming for them to adjust and their body releases stress hormone in response.

A stressed baby must be distressed to make him calm and peaceful again. If your baby starts crying because you were away or if he is feeling cold, then arrange a nice warm bathing session for your baby.

To make the bathing time a little more luxurious, try adding a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential oils. Lavender and chamomile have a soothing effect and help the baby to relax.

7. Get Some Fresh Air

Sometimes all your baby needs are a change of scenery, temperature, light, and some fresh air to stop crying. Just like we adults need to get out of the house to breathe in some fresh air and relax our minds, babies need it too.

Next time when your baby cries, grab the stroller, put your baby inside, take him for a long walk to clear his and your mind. If you are not in the favor of taking a baby for a stroll due to the current pandemic, it is absolutely fine. 

Instead of going for a walk, go for a drive. Make him sit in a baby seat, play some nursery rhymes, and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

8. Entertain Them

Ask yourself a question ‘How will I react if all I do is eat, sleep, poop, and repeat?’

Babies can get bored with the same monotonous and humdrum days. They need entertainment too. After all, it is not easy to lie down all day and stare at the ceiling right?

Check out the following ways to keep the baby entertained.

a. Sing To Them

A newborn feels calm if he hears the voice of his parents, especially the mothers. Look into their beautiful eyes and sing to them. Don’t worry about your voice because for the baby it’s the most melodious and comforting sound.

b. Buy Baby Accessories And Toys

Be a millennial parent and invest in good quality baby accessories and toys. Don’t only buy toys that are colorful or look appealing. Rather invest in sensory toys to keep your child engaged and to calm his nerves.

Sensory toys are designed specifically to allow the baby to feel different textures, sounds, and appearances. Some sensory toys also stimulate the fine motor skills of the baby.

c. Get Inflatable Water Mat For Babies

Inflatable water mats are sure to provide your baby with ample fun while strengthening their shoulder and arm muscles. The colorful water mats are designed with bright colors to cheer up a cranky baby. Furthermore, the objects and pictures on the mat keep the baby engaged and sharpen their imagination.

Make sure you invest in a good inflatable water mat for babies that is leak-proof and colorful.

9. Calm Things Down

If the baby is crying and he hasn’t taken a proper nap then dim the lights and try to make him sleep. Dimming the lights has a relaxing effect on the baby.

Newborns are easily overstimulated i.e. if they are exposed to noise, activities, sensations, and experiences, more than they can cope with. It makes them unsettled and they will throw a tantrum. For instance, a newborn will be overstimulated if he has been taken to a crowded place such as a supermarket.

Dimming the lights reduces their simulation and makes them sleepy. Remember, the times when a baby is sleeping is the golden time for parents.

10. White Noises

White noise has the same amplitude or intensity throughout the frequency range. An example of a white sound can be the sound of the moving fan, television or radio static, the sound of a vacuum cleaner, etc.

White noises help to soothe the baby as it reminds them of their first home; the womb of their mother.

One of the best ways to create white noise is by a simple shushing sound. Hold your baby close to you. Keep your lips a few inches away from the baby’s ear and make a long sound of ‘Ssshhhh’. Repeat it for a few minutes until your baby feels calm and sleepy.

This old-fashioned way of calming the baby works like magic.

11. Set A Routine

 Set A Routine

Setting a routine for a newborn may sound preposterous to many parents as these tiny humans wake up and sleep as and when they wish. Setting a routine can do wonders for both the child and the parents.

Setting a routine will not instantly calm your crying baby, but in the long run, it will minimize the chances of the baby throwing a tantrum. To make a routine of your baby, observe his every activity, and note down the time besides it. For instance, if your baby wakes up at night mention the time when he woke up and when he went back to sleep.

The earlier the routines formed, the more likely the baby will adapt to them. Having a routine helps the baby to understand the events of the day which makes him feel safe and protected. A routine also makes the child trust his caregivers and it develops a strong bond between them.

12. Ask For Help

Sometimes the baby will not stop crying no matter what parents do. The parents feel as if the babies have sworn not to stop crying. If you are unable to calm the baby then don’t be hesitant to ask for help.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you are not doing enough for your child, rather it means you want to do the right thing for your baby. Ask your friends and family members to lend you a hand in calming your baby. Discuss the problem with them and look for solutions.

13. Calm Down Yourself

Raising a baby is not an easy task. Listening to their constant cries can easily incite frustration and anger. Remember, a baby can sense frustration and he becomes more agitated in response.

Before you go to pick up the baby, take a few seconds to calm yourself. Take deep breaths, have a glass of water, and then pick up the baby.

In A Nutshell

Soothing a newborn and making him feel relaxed is a tough job. Before getting angry or frustrated, understand the fact that this world is completely new to the babies. They need time to connect with the people around them and to become familiar with their environment.

Be available for them and enjoy every moment of this phase. Because within no time they will grow up and you will crave to relive this phase of your lives again.

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ewlznmqetq calendar_today

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Sammy calendar_today

It’s a big bunch of great tips, thank you! I’ve been using some of those, mainly from Susan Urban’s sleep training book – this one: – recommendations: white noise and swaddling. And my baby Ann found swaddling so calming! She’s like the whole other child while swaddled. Although it’s time to stop swaddling soon, and try the main training out! Fingers crossed.
But the water mat – it’s a cool idea! I’m going to try it!

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