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Flying With A Newborn? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Flying With A Newborn

If you’re used to traveling as a person, then it is very likely that you would be traveling with your baby as well. The matter of how soon you can travel with your newborn baby should be solved by you directly contacting your chosen airline.

If you’re planning to travel with a baby barely a week old, you may want to enclose the approval of a pediatrician with your request to the airline. 

Moreover, the minimum age to fly for your newborn baby can also vary between 3 days to three full weeks. So, whatever is the case with you and your little one, it is highly recommended that you come in direct correspondence with the airline. 

Communicating openly with your flight attendants and airline management is very important when flying with an infant baby on lap. 

There's a popular notion among parents traveling with their babies that having their newborn vaccinated at least for the first time before they get on board is essential. 

However, you need not worry that newborn babies can be more easily protected from germs than toddlers and older babies who reach out to things around them with great excitement and are constantly sticking their fingers in their mouths. So, hygiene is not really a concern. 

Plus, if you're breastfeeding your newborn, you are also strengthening their immune system. So, there's no special wait after which you can get on board with your infant. 

Though this guide is designed to get you through a set of essential flying with baby rules, you need not overdo as the rules are simple. Just follow along.

Look For A Seat In The Front 

The back of the aircraft is noisy and vibrations during the trip are not what you really want for your baby. 

Even if you're flying with a lap infant, you may want to arrange for a safety seat or a car seat to avoid disturbances with turbulence during the trip. Plus, a safety seat or a car seat that grips your baby firmly is recommended by safety experts of the crew. 

Also, if your little one is playful and active, you may want to book a seat in the bulkhead row as this enhances the safety of your baby. In addition, with a seat in the bulkhead row, the other passengers will not be disturbed too. So, no murmur of complaint! There you go, happy and safe flying with your newborn!

Be Smart With The Baggage Stuff

Be Smart with the Baggage Stuff

When we talk about filling the baggage for your newborn's traveling stuff, we mean some smart work here. 

You have to be very careful with selecting the items you put in the luggage and the stuff you carry with your baby. Most often, airlines will stop your strollers at the check-in counter. They will tag it and will also let you have it at your destination point. 

So, practically your stroller does not have any use during the flight. However, you may be able to use it as a cart for moving baggage both during you get on board and when you check-out. 

Also, if you're extremely lucky, you may find a skycap at the airport that allows you to use the stroller. So, if it's your lucky day with an infant traveling, then we suggest you tip the staff. 

Apart from including strollers, we have prepared a full traveling baby checklist for flying with your newborn baby. Here are the essentials you need to pack in your luggage:

Diaper bags

Extra clothes for you and your baby

Silicon Nipples and  a Pacifier to save baby's ears from air pressure 

Sling Backpack-ideal to carry your baby while you walk on streets or at the beach

Summer hats- ideal for vacation trips during the hotter season

Formula Milk

Electric Sterilizers

Stroller-ideal to walk your baby on streets

Snacks to allow yourself chill a bit during the flight

Baby Wipes


Baby Cream

Lotion and Powder

Bathing Essentials

Contact Number of your Family Pediatrician - ideal to be guided about your baby's health on the phone

Make sure you tick the items on our ‘traveling with Baby Checklist’ as you pack the baggage.

Be Extra Cautious

Although the hygiene of a newborn is not as challenging as that of a toddler, you may want to be extra cautious about their safety and comfort. Newborn babies have a delicate body structure. Avoid being in crowded places. Consider acquiring an adult seat for your baby as this allows you to get on board a little late, saving you from the traffic of passengers, who at times could be impatient. 

Also, you may want to pack a little extra especially if your baby is on formula milk. Sticking with one brand is important and thus we recommend you to stock little extra food supplies for your baby.

Plan To Travel During Off-Peak, If Possible

Before you plan to travel, we recommend you to look out for airlines that are known for being child-friendly with parents of newborn children. 

Even though it may come at the cost of a marginal increase in the price, it could prove to be worth an investment. In addition, we recommend you fly during off-peak seasons as the traffic is low and the flight attendants will have more flexibility to accommodate the traveling needs of your infant baby. 

Install the Car Seat As Per Your Convenience

There are not many parents flying with newborns on the airplane. The cabin crew may point out the exception and may suggest you adjust a little. It's okay to adjust.

But, don't face the car seat forward, even if the flight attendants insist. It is so that placing the car seat facing the front will create some space, it will come at the cost of your convenience. So, the next time you're flying with an infant, don't forget to install a car seat as per your convenience. 

Be Careful When You're Changing A Diaper

If you plan to change a filled-up diaper in front of the passengers, they are likely to be disgusted by this lack of civility. Alternatively, if you've two seats close to the window, you can consider doing it. 

Just make sure nobody is looking at you while you change your newborn baby’s diaper. So, if you've longer flights, we recommend you to go to the lavatory and do it at your comfort. Passengers won't mind too.

On the other hand, if your baby is not uncomfortable in the diaper (that needs changing), you can consider waiting for it to arrive at the terminal. It would really help. 

Consider Breastfeeding, If Possible

If your baby seems to be in excellent health with breastfed milk, then nothing could be more favorable. 

By breastfeeding your baby during travel, you save yourself from the trouble of carrying a bunch of bottles, warm sterilizers, and formula milk. You not only save a lot of money but also a lot of labor that could be exhausting for you. So, if you can easily breastfeed your baby, you truly are in luck! Enjoy!

Get The Bassinet

At the time you get on board, if your baby is a lap infant, you may want to check if you can avail the facility of a bassinet from your chosen airline. It is essential to know that flying could be challenging given the turbulence. 

Also, the flight attendants would not allow you to compromise on the safety needs of your lap infant. Therefore, we would recommend you to take the safety precaution and place a request for a bassinet in advance.

Although they won't charge you anything above the price, advance booking to acquire bassinets for your baby's resting needs is essential. 

Please know that a bassinet can provide you with great comfort with handling your baby. It will certainly make your traveling more comfortable, relieving you from care obligations (for some time), and allowing you time to relax so you remain fresh when you reach your destination. 

You may not be able to use the bassinet for the taxi or while traveling by road. Don't worry there are alternatives. We recommend you to check the sign for seatbelts. Fasten it around your baby's carrier seat. Shocks and the effect of turbulence on the road and during the flight need to be minimized as much as possible. Remember, you have to take all the necessary precautions. 

Double-Check Your Baby's Bottles

If you're bottle-feeding your baby, you may want to double-check the bottle essentials for safe and hassle-free travel with your newborn.

It is highly recommended that you pack a set of bottle sterilizers or boiled water with you. This may help you to immediately sterilize the bottles on the plane and feed your baby when it's hungry. Also, carrying warm liquid to sterilize the bottles may not really be trouble as liquid restrictions will be eased for you if you're traveling with an infant less than two years old. 

While you move through the airport security check-in, we recommend you to keep the bottle essentials in front to avoid trouble and save time for yourself. Given that sterilizing and heating liquid is not always easy, you may want to adjust your baby to feeding at room temperatures. However, if it doesn't suit your newborn, you are strongly recommended to get a travel bottle warmer. On the other hand, while landing in a hotel, it could be ideal if you find a microwave around. Microwaving could be used as a sterilizer during your stay in the hotel. 

Acquire A Car Seat And Stroller

Acquire A Car Seat And Stroller

Even though acquiring a car seat is not a piece of cake, and expensive it is, getting one for your baby's travel could be worth an investment.

While flying with your infant, you may need to be familiarized with all the essential protocols of traveling by a car seat. Car seats could be a comfortable choice for traveling with your baby by air. 

Make sure your seat is rear-facing so you can look after the baby more comfortably and be a little playful to lighten up the little one's mood.

Acquiring a stroller is also an expensive choice. As mentioned earlier, if you don't have to walk your baby much on the streets and you are more good at wearing a backpack or a baby sling to carry your baby, you need not invest in a stroller. 

On the flip side, if your trip is long, and there's a lot of walking, moving your newborn with a stroller is easier. Get a stroller if you have to use it more than simply using it for a few occasions. Also, you can look out for a multi-function stroller that enhances your flexibility while handling the baby.  

Be Careful About The Jet Lag

A jet lag is an effect people have on their sleep on body systems while traveling through different time zones. 

It comes out without any doubt that your baby is the least bothered when it comes to sleep routine. 

Sleep routines may be distorted as a result of long hours of exhausting traveling. However, this doesn't affect your baby much. Newborns usually sleep 3-4 times in a day, which approximates between 16-20 hours. So, waking your baby after travel may not have any significant impact on sleep. However, we strongly recommend you to consider sleeping your baby at night since it's healthy and it matches with your sleep routine as well. 

Get A Baby Crib

If you've planned hotel stays, then a baby crib could be just the right deal for you! The hygiene of hotel cribs may be questioned. However, surprisingly, most of the hotels that offer baby cribs to sleep your lap infant exhausted from travel, have baby cribs of usable quality.

In addition, by acquiring baby cribs to sleep your baby, you also save yourself from the hurdle of covering the sides of your baby with extra cushions on the bed. 

Also, if you're planning to co-sleep, a hotel may not provide the best environment. So, you ought to be very careful and get a crib. It's worth an investment! So, the next time you land in a hotel on your baby's travels, don't be too concerned about the cleanliness of the crib. Just take it and it will do nicely for you!


In conclusion, flying with an infant baby is not really challenging. Plus, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. 

However, we recommend you to include the list of packing essentials in your checklist. Moreover, having a traveling baby checklist may save you the hurdle and make traveling a pleasant and warm experience. 

Pack extra supplies so you don't run out of essentials. Feeling stressed while traveling with an infant on your lap is not recommended. However, you ought to be highly cautious about your baby's safety. 

Select a child-friendly airline and plan to travel during the off-peak season. No matter where you're going, don't forget to be a little playful cause baby traveling could be fun! 

Have questions? Drop them in the comments section below. We’ll try to respond back at our earliest.

Happy Traveling!

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