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How To Choose The Right Diaper For Your Newborn Baby

How To Choose The Right Diaper For Your Newborn Baby

As a new parent, you know how important it's to buy the right diapers for your newborn baby. Because if you don't, you'll end up with an irritable and uncomfortable baby that also makes you miserable. But even if only two types of diapers exist-disposable diapers and cloth diapers, these come in so many different styles that you may fail to choose the best for your baby. Because there are several things to consider before choosing the right diapers for newborns. So, what are those things? Here there are:

The brands

It's best to buy diapers for newborns from trusted brands that have been in business for ages. And not any brand you find just because it's affordable. This is because these brands continuously carry out research to improve their diapers and stay on top. Moreover, since they have a name to protect, they always aim to manufacture the best of the best.

The baby’s weight

the babys weight

Since your baby's weight helps determine the best diaper size to buy, you need to weigh it first before you go shopping. And also, since newborns grow at an astounding rate, you need to avoid stockpiling. Instead, buy just what's enough to last you a month or so, and afterward buy more that suit the baby's size. You can tell that the baby has outgrown the current diaper size if you see marks around their waist and legs while changing the diaper. Or if the diaper keeps leaking.

The newborn's comfort

When it comes to the baby's comfort, there are several things you should keep in mind before buying diapers for newborns.


The best diapers for newborns should be able to absorb the pee and keep the wetness from your little one's skin. By doing that, the baby is protected from getting skin rashes and irritations. Though disposable diapers seem to rack high in absorbency, cloth diapers can also prevent irritations if you use those made of cotton.


Just like how you feel uncomfortable when you're wearing ill-fitting clothes, so do the newborns when they wear ill-fitting diapers. To avoid this scenario, you should buy diapers with stretchy legs (those that are elastic) so that they can stretch to properly fit your baby since the right fit results in the baby's comfort, and also prevent leaks. These stretchy diapers come in all styles-disposable and all-in-one reusables.


Your newborn's diapers should be made from a soft and breathable material that allows the flow of air to the baby's bum. And help prevent it from irritating the baby's sensitive skin. Also, read the labels on the diaper packs to find out the chemicals used in them before buying. Some of these chemicals, like dioxin and sodium polyacrylate, have been linked to causing developmental problems, cancer and can even burn the baby's delicate skin.

Wetness indicator lines

Often times, it might take you long to realize that the baby's diaper is full, and you need a sign. That sign can come in the form of wetness indicator lines. These are lines found on the outside of the diaper that alerts you when the baby's diaper is full and needs changing by turning from yellow to blue.

Nevertheless, even with all the above features, you need to change the baby's diaper as soon as it gets full to keep the baby comfortable and happy.

Diaper design

When considering to buy the best diapers for newborn babies, you need to ensure that the diapers have a U hole so that the diaper goes around the baby's umbilical cord. This is important because it exposes the naval area to the air, prevents it from getting infected, and enables it to heal quickly. However, if you prefer using cloth diapers, you should fasten them in a way that leaves the umbilical cord exposed.

Convenience and ease

If you're a parent who fancies convenience and ease of use since you don't want to wash diapers on top of cooking and cleaning the house, you should go for disposable diapers. Not only will they make changing diapers easy for you, but also for the other family members and the babysitter (if you plan on hiring one).

Bathroom habits

How often your baby pees and poops is also a determining factor when choosing the best diapers for newborns. If your little one pees and poops frequently with a heavy flow, you'll have to opt for highly absorbent and strong diapers. This prevents diaper leaks and protects the baby from dampness, which can cause diaper rash.


Imagine how many diapers your baby will need from now till she gets potty trained. Quite a number! And with that in mind, you need to consider your budget before deciding on which ones to buy-disposable or reusable ones. Yes, disposable diapers are convenient and easy to use, but when you consider that newborns use over 10 diapers a day, that's quite costly.

Yet, with cloth diapers, you can reuse them-something that many parents on a budget find cost-friendly. You could, however, shop for both types - use the cloth ones at home and disposable ones on the go to avoid moving around with dirty diapers in your bag.

Are you okay with doing a lot of laundry?

Since cloth diapers are reusable, you'll need to wash often to stay on top of the diaper-changing business. You don't want to have an incidence where your sweetie needs a diaper change, and there's none because all the diapers are dirty. It will be a disaster.

So, you should keep that in mind before you decide to buy cloth diapers. If you're okay with washing clothes from time to time, then please go ahead and buy these diapers. Because at the end of the day you will also be saving our environment from pollution.

Baby's response to the diapers

babys response to the diapers

To determine the baby's response to the diapers, you need to shop for different styles from different brands. Keep interchanging the usage of these diapers and see what works for your baby.

If the baby wears a particular diaper brand without breaking out into rashes or has no allergic reactions to the diaper and is also happy when wearing the diaper, then that is the diaper brand you should stick to buying. It's about trial and error.

However, it's prudent to stay away from scented diapers because there's a 50-50 possibility of the dear one reacting to them. Remember that it's best to err on caution than being sorry.

How easy are the fasteners to use?

Whether you choose disposable or cloth diapers, you'll have to contend with choosing one that has an easy way of fastening squirmy babies. For cloth diapers, most have Velcro or hook and loop fasteners as well as adjustable pins and grips or snaps. While disposable diapers have adhesive strips with different strength levels. So, give each a try and see which one works perfectly for you.

Do you value eco-friendliness?

If you want sustainable diapers that are good for the newborn and the environment, then cloth diapers are the choice for you. But if you want to combine convenience and eco-friendliness, buy the green disposable diapers that have biodegradable materials and use minimal packaging.

Now that you know what to consider before buying diapers, we hope you can choose the right diaper for your newborn baby and enjoy parenting with a happy baby.

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