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How To Create A Great Nursery For Your Newborn Baby

Nursery for your newborn baby

Before the baby arrives, there are a number of important things you need to prepare for. And among those things is to create a newborn baby nursery. This is an exciting time for coming up with great nursery designs, and getting your older kids (if you have any) to help in decorating for their baby brother or sister.

This is also a great way to prepare your older kids for the arrival of the baby so that there are fewer tears when their 'rival' arrives. But before you get carried away and go on to blindly create the nursery without considering the baby's safety, comfort (yours, too) and practicality, here are the tips for setting up newborn baby nursery:

Choose a room for the nursery

Choose a room for the nursery

First and foremost, before you embark on creating a nursery for your newborn, you need to choose the best-suited room. It's best to pick a room that's closer to your bedroom so that it's easier for you to sleepily drag yourself in the wee hours to feed the baby. Or, so that you can easily check on the little one from time to time.

Moreover, you need to choose the smallest room in the house because babies don't need much space. But all in all, the room should be far away from the street if you can help it prevent the street noise from disrupting the baby's sleep.

Create a nursery layout plan

After selecting the proposed nursery room, now it's time to plan the layout. When doing this, ensure that the baby crib is far away from the window and outer wall. Because you don't want to risk having the street lights, the morning sun, or the cold from drafty walls affecting the baby's sleep.

Also, set up the nursery in an efficient way that makes looking after the baby easier for you with items needed for feeding or diaper changes within arm's reach. For instance, place the changing table near the dresser for easy reach of wipes, diaper cream, diapers, and changing clothes.

Whereas the rocking chair should be near the side table that has bibs, burp cloths, and a lamp so that you can easily nurse the baby without having to turn on the overhead lights during late night feeds that can prevent the baby from going back to sleep.

Consider the décor theme

Keep in mind that the nursery is more for you than the baby because you'll be spending much time there. So when deciding on a theme, it should be to your taste and not all about the newborn who can't actually appreciate it at the moment.

Some of the fun themes you can choose for your newborn baby nursery are animals, astronomy, birds, geometrics, movies (a shout out to Disney and Star Wars), and travel. But whatever you decide to go with, make sure it matches your furnishings.

Pick a color palette

When you're coming up with nursery designs, one of the things you need to decide on is a color palette so as to avoid going overboard with color. You can either decide to use the different color shades to paint the walls or just stick to one color. Go for neutral soothing colors like gray that will not only help you relax while nursing or cuddling the baby, but also offer timelessness for your infant to grow with.

It's also important to choose eco-friendly paints with low VOC (nasty chemicals), that are durable and cleanable. Keep in mind that any color can do as long as you like it and that you don't have to necessarily stick to gender color stereotypes.

Baby-proof the newborn baby nursery

It's never too early to baby-proof a nursery because babies grow like weeds, and before you know it, your little one will be crawling around. You don't want him to find any unprotected sockets or anything that can harm him.

Therefore, you need to cover up all the electrical outlets in the room, have a floor carpet to cushion baby falls, and treat the windows to prevent a draft from entering the room. More so, you need to install a smoke detector as well as consider where you hang wall pictures to ensure that they don't fall on the baby while he sleeps.

Buy the nursery essentials

Buy the nursery essentials

These are the newborn baby nursery items you'll need for both your comfort and the baby's, and they include:

The crib: As you shop for a cutesy crib for your little one, choose a convertible crib that you can later transform into a toddler bed when the baby grows. Make sure the crib meets all the current safety standards and comes with a firm mattress and fitting cotton bedsheets because that's the only bedding that a newborn baby needs.

The changing table: Only buy the changing table if you have both the space and the budget for it. Otherwise, you should opt for a changing pad that you can place atop the dresser and change the baby's diapers and clothes or rather put it on the rug and do all the necessary changings from there.

The dresser: For storing wipes, diapers, diaper cream, thermometer, lotions, nail clippers, bibs, and changing clothes for the baby.

The side table: To keep whatever you'll need while you feed and cuddle the tot close by so that you don't have to get up to get them - things like the burping cloth, wipes, your phone, and your drinking water.

The rocking chair: Buy a roomy nursing chair with padded armrests and with back support for comfy feeding sessions. Use your heavy condition to test the rocking chair, and see how comfortable it is.

Ottoman: For resting your feet on while you feed or rock the baby in the nursing chair, and give them a break, especially on exhausting nights.

Laundry hamper: This keeps the baby's dirty clothes and prevents you from keeping them wherever you wish. Choose one with colors that please you.

Curtains or shades: While buying curtains, go for those with a blackout liner to keep out light both during the day and night to help the baby sleep soundly, and if you opt for shades, buy blackout ones, too.

Nursery carpet: To keep your feet warm, and insulate the baby from falls when they start strolling as well as noise so that if things fall, they don't wake up your toddler. Choose a durable and easy-to-clean carpet because where babies are, spills and spit-ups are bound to happen.

Ceiling fan: This can help keep the room cool and prevent SIPS and act as white noise to help the baby get used to sleeping even when there is noise without waking up.

Baby monitor: It will notify you when your newborn wakes up and start crying because he's hungry or just needs a diaper change. 

Clothes: Buy several baby essentials like onesies, pants, socks, tops, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, sleepers, and gowns that can last for a month before the baby outgrows them.

Toys: Since newborn babies only use their eyes and ears to soak in their new environment, all you need to buy is a crib mobile to keep them entertained.

Diaper pail: You need one that has a carbon filter in the seal or a great lid to keep odors under control before you can move the diapers to the trashcan before it's taken out or for taking out

Lighting: If you can, install a smart lighting system to easily help you set the mood for sleep and play. But if you can't, buy a small lamp that will provide a glow for use during night feedings and keep the baby in sleep mode.

We hope you're now ready to create a great nursery for your newborn baby and have fun while you're at it.

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