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How To Decorate Baby's Nursery On A Budget?

Decorate Baby Nursery

Having a baby is quite expensive. You have to spend a fortune before the babies' arrival, from buying clothes, baby gears, feeding items, furniture to paying the hospital bills; the expenses get multiplied on your limited budget.

Simply purchasing essential items such as diapers, clothes, toys, and other baby necessary gears gets so expensive that parents have to think twice before decorating the nursery of their dreams. 

Designing a room for your little one where he will sleep and spend some quality time with you is the most favourite part of preparing the house before the baby’s arrival. Parents love to design a beautiful and comforting nursery for their little ones.  Hiring the designers is not an issue as long as you can rob the bank or mortgage your valuable assets. 

If you are unwilling to spend a fortune on the nursery or don’t have enough resources to hire professionals to design it for you, no need to worry.

In today’s article, we have gathered some easy-peasy nursery decorating tips and ideas for all the parents to design the perfect little nursery for their babies on a limited budget.

Let’s begin…!

15 Nursery Decorating Tips And Ideas

1. Select The Room 

Before we move on to the decoration and designing part, let us first discuss which room should be used as a nursery.

Choose the room that is closest to your bedroom. It will become much easier for you to attend to your baby in the middle of the night if he starts crying or becomes hungry. If the nursery is a little farther from your bedroom, your little one might scream on top of his voice and will wake the entire family members.

2. Clean And Declutter The Room

 Clean And Declutter The Room

If you are redesigning the nursery that your older child used, make sure to clean it before renovating it thoroughly.

Toss away the items that are no longer fit for use. If the furniture in the nursery is broken, get it repaired. Dry clean the curtains and beddings if you are reusing them for your new baby. Make the room squeaky clean before you roll up your sleeves to revamp the entire room.

  • 3. Hunt For Second Hand Pieces Of Furniture

  • Before you spend all your savings on buying branded furniture pieces for the nursery, bear in mind that your baby probably wouldn’t even care about the brand. He’ll be too young to notice his furniture’s brand and design. The only thing your baby would care about is his sleep and feeding session, nothing more than that.

    If your friends or family members are selling second-hand furniture, grab them. Or you can also log on to the websites where people sell their second-hand stuff. There is no shame in buying preloved items for your baby’s nursery. You can quickly turn it into new by applying a coat of paint. Moreover, you can purchase new knobs and handles for the drawers to give it a fresh new look.

    Instead of buying the furniture that matches the nursery’s wall, grab an old one and paint it just the way you like it. You can also use painter’s tape to create patterns on the furniture. Add a soft and fuzzy cover on the top of the dresser to give your nursery a cosy look.

  • 4. Use Light Color On Walls

  • You may be tempted to use the brightest colours to light up your baby’s nursery and give it a lively look. Or you might even want to colour it according to the gender of your baby, for instance, pink and purple hues for a baby girl.

    Using dark colours will make your nursery appear smaller. However, if you use pastel shades on your wall, your nursery will appear more spacious and open. If you are unsure about the gender of your baby, then choose a unisex colour such as white, beige, or grey.

    Do not add numerous colours to your wall; it will overstimulate the nursery's environment and might irritate your baby. One or two colours on the wall are pleasing. Use painter’s tape to paint the patterns on the wall; for instance, you can paint stripes on the wall. 

  • 5. Do Not Splurge On Cribs 

  • Parents get easily swooned away by looking at the adorable cribs and cradles at the baby shops. A beautiful baby crib can elevate the nursery look but don’t forget; it will also drain your savings.

    Instead of buying cradles, bassinets, or expensive cribs that your baby will outgrow soon, invest in a convertible crib. 

    Convertible cribs are the safest choice of bed for your little angels. The best part about these cribs is that they can be used for a longer time than any other type of crib. You can quickly get your hands on preloved baby convertible cribs if they are not used for more than a few years. Chip off the old paint of the crib and paint it with the colour of choice. If it’s a wooden crib, you can easily paint it according to the colour of your theme and then apply a coat of lacquer to give it a fresh look.

  • 6. Resist The Urge To Buy Baby Bedding 

  • Soft cushions, warm blankets, sleep positioners, and cradle bumpers are considered must-haves in the nursery. Did you know this extra stuff inside the baby’s cradle can increase the chances of SIDS?

    Your baby only needs a firm and comfortable mattress to sleep on for most of his day. Before purchasing the mattress, make sure to check its firmness. Place your palm in the middle of the mattress’s surface and press it slightly. If the imprint of your hand appears, it means the mattress is too soft and not fit for your infant.

    Moreover, after placing the mattress inside the crib, ensure that it snugs perfectly inside it. Place your two fingers between the mattress and the crib. If there is room for more fingers, then the mattress is not the right fit according to the cradle. 

    Keep the cradles free of extra stuff to prevent the risk of SIDS and save a few dollars.

  • 7. Keep Indoor Plants 

  • Plants can instantly add a fresh look to your nursery. They are cheap, inexpensive, and can be quickly taken care of. 

    Take a few pots with soil and sow the seeds that sprout quickly, such as millets, basil, fennel, etc. Use the empty jars in the house, paint them up, or wrap them with a jute rope to create your DIY plant's pots for the nursery. 

    If you are not into gardening, you can easily buy the plants online or from your nearby flower shop. Paint the pots with the same or contrasting colour to the walls.

    To make sure that your plants look attractive and appealing, use macramé plant hangers for hanging them near the windows. Don’t worry, macramé hangers are not challenging to make. There are tons of tutorials that can help you to create macramé hangers for your indoor plants.

  • 8. Add Fairy Lights

  • If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase fancy lamps for your babies, use simple fairy lights to create a comforting environment in the nursery.

    Fairy lights are readily available at online stores and brick-and-mortar stores and hardly cost a dime. You can hang the fairy lights on curtains, on the wall, window, and even on the door frame to give a cosy look to your nursery.

    You can also opt for the old school method for decorating your fairy lights. Simply take a clean mason jar, glass bottle, or acrylic glass, and put the fairy lights inside it. You can place this DIY fairy light lamp on the dresser or the shelves.

  • 9. Add Frames 

  • Don’t worry! You don’t have to buy expensive paintings and get them framed to decorate your walls. 

    There are thousands of free images of quotes, sceneries, and patterns. Please choose your favourite quotations and pictures, get them printed and framed. Hang it on the wall to spruce up the look of the nursery.

    You can also frame the first letter of your baby’s name in a different frame. For example, if your baby’s name is Ryan, you can frame the letter R on the centre of the wall.

    To give a personal touch to the nursery, hang the pictures of the baby’s parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. 

    You can also frame the hand and footprints of the baby. After the arrival of your baby, apply a coat of paint on his tiny palms and feet and press it gently on a card sheet. Once it dries up completely, frame it and hang it on the wall.

  •  10. Learn Origami 

  • Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to create decorative figures and shapes.

    It is an inexpensive way to decorate your walls and elevate the overall look of your nursery. You only need colourful papers, measuring tapes, and a pair of scissors to create amazing things for your nursery.

    You can create birds, butterflies, boats, flowers, and many exciting things just by using paper folding techniques.  Purchase the papers of different colours, make the objects of various sizes, and paste them on the wall where you have kept the babies' cradles.

    Origami art can also be used to decorate the window panes. Paste the origami butterflies, falcons, or flowers of different colours and shapes to make your windows look attractive. Or…you can also paste the origami objects on the doors and ceilings of the nursery. 

    Don’t worry; origami art is not rocket science. Check out the different tutorials on the internet, and you’ll ace the art in a few minutes.

  • 11. Floating Shelves 

  • Your nursery should have enough shelves to hold the items of your baby. Floating shelves are the perfect way to keep the things of your baby organized in the nursery.

    Floating shelves are readily available at retail and online stores and aren’t much expensive. The best part of these shelves is that you can easily fit them by yourself, no need to hire a carpenter. You can easily paint the shelves to match the theme of your nursery, or you can coat it with a shiny adhesive sheet.

  • 12. Mobile Hanging 

  • Another idea to design a baby nursery is to create cute mobile hangings to entertain your little one. It will again cost you next to nothing. Look for a hula hoop or an embroidery ring, a hook, fish wire, a ribbon, and a few decorative pieces of paper to create a mobile hanging.

    Cover the hula hoop with ribbons or paint it with spray paint. Cut the fishing wires according to your desired length. Use origami birds, flowers, fish, or any other figure and attach it to the fish wires. Knot the fish wire firmly on the hula hoop. Tie the hula hoop with a ribbon and hang it on the hook.

    If you do not want to attach paper cutouts, no problem. Use the small stuff toys and hang them on the hoop to make the mobile for your little one’s nursery.

  • 13. Make A Crib Canopy 

  •  Make A Crib Canopy

    Do you want to add a royal touch to the nursery for your little prince and princesses? Make a crib canopy to give majestic vibes to the room instantly.

    Look for a long, breathable fabric, a hula hoop, and a hook to create a canopy. Learn how to make one under 30 minutes.

  • 14. Nursing Corner 

  • After babies, parents will spend the most time in the nursery, especially new mamas. To enjoy breastfeeding your baby in the nursery, don’t forget to create a comfy and relaxing corner for yourself.

    Select the corner you want to turn into a nursing corner, add a chair, footstool to rest your feet, a small table to keep your coffee mugs, phones, or a few books for your baby.

    Again you don’t need to purchase a new chair for the nursery. A second-hand chair will also work fine. Keep statement cushions or throw blankets to add the pop of colour in the nursery.

  • 15. Keep It Simple

  • When designing the room for the baby, remember, he is not going to judge or complain about keeping a nursery minimal or straightforward. 

    A nursery with fresh paint on the wall, a polished crib, and a few family pictures are also enough for your child. He will spend most of his time sleeping in the room no matter how much you’ve decorated it.

    If you are on a limited budget and have an endless list of hospital and shopping expenses, stick to minimalism for designing your nursery.

    You can decorate as your baby grows up by keeping his favourite colours, shapes, and characters in mind.

    Wrapping Up

    An adorable nursery doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By scouring the online tutorials and adding the touch of your creativity, you can create a beautiful nursery for your baby while staying within your budget.

    Use the above nursery decorating tips to create a fantastic room for your munchkin. Which nursery decorating idea are you planning to use for your baby’s nursery? Please share it in the comments below :)

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