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How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower During COVID-19

virtual baby shower during covid 19

Having a baby shower is the climax of delivering a baby. It’s an event that all moms-to-be look forward to and would be devastated to miss. But with the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent social distancing, it's not possible to host the typical baby showers where you go all out on the décor, food, cake, and getting all the friends and family to physically attend the event along with their presents.

Does that mean that you can’t have a baby shower?

Absolutely not! You can host a virtual or online baby shower where everyone gets to enjoy it in the comfort of their homes, and without worrying about keeping the right distance away from each other. All you’ve to do is get all the guests to log in online at a specified time and attend the event from wherever they're. Sounds good?

Here are a few tips to help you organize and host a successful online baby shower:

Pick a suitable platform

There are many options to choose from on the market, like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, or Google Hangouts. But you need to select a virtual platform that you as well as your guests are comfortable with, or can efficiently operate. You don’t want to have glitches ruining your fun on the D-day. In fact, you should teach the less tech-savvy guests how to operate the platform to avoid this.

Also, let the baby shower timeframe guide you while making a choice because some of these virtual hosting platforms require you to have a paid account for longer events. For example, Zoom has a 40-minute cap on its basic account, and to hold a longer video call, you need to have a premium account. So you would either have to host a shower within that time, get a paid account, or choose another platform.

Hold a rehearsal shower

To further rule out any glitches that may arise during the event, you should hold a rehearsal. You'll work out any technical issues, ensure that the guests who are not tech-savvy completely understand your lesson on how to use the chosen virtual platform, and if not, conduct another lesson.

Furthermore, this will show you whether the activities you plan to do during the virtual baby shower can fit within the speculated time, or you need to readjust the list and remove some of them.

Create a timeline

Regardless of whether you strictly stick to it or not, a timeline is necessary to smoothly run the event. Write down all the activities the baby shower will entail and allocate time for each activity. If you so wish, send out the guide to all the guests so that they know what to expect.

Put up an online baby registry

Create an online baby gift registry that contains all the baby essentials that you desire, and send your guests a link to it (you can include it in the invitation). By doing this, you’ll ensure that they buy you essential baby gifts that you genuinely need and treasure.

Send out e-invitations

These should have a date and time that suits most of your guests. You want as many invitees as possible to attend the event because the more people who do, the merrier. Create unique and thoughtful invitations that mirror the color theme for the baby shower.

Also, you should clearly state the color theme in the e-invites before sending them out. That’s if you want the guests to dress up for the baby shower. You can use great e-invitation companies like Paperless Post or Evite to send them out.

Decide on how to handle presents

If you plan to open them up during the live video, you should ask your friends and family to email them before the event. It should be at least a month to ensure that the presents arrive on time since delivery times have been disrupted by lockdowns.

Conversely, if you prefer to have the guests open up the gifts themselves during the virtual celebration, you should then have them post the presents after the baby shower. You can also just skip out on the whole gift opening session if it isn’t up your alley. It’s all up to you.

Virtual decoration ideas

It isn’t necessary to decorate for a virtual baby shower because there are ways to go around it. But if you want to feel festive, decorate the space where you will hold the live call. However, if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can use the Zoom virtual background tool to choose a perfect one for you. You can also encourage the guests to use it.

Create a virtual guestbook

Send it off to the guests either before the event or during the event and let them write the mom-to-be some great advice. You can read out the advice during the shower so that the guests get to see the mom-to-be’s reaction to their advice.

Spice it up with games

Throw in games to make the baby shower exciting. Here are some of the popular baby shower games that you can choose to play:

  • The Price Is Right - This one will get the guests laughing out loud about the current prices compared to the ones when they had kids. All it requires is for guests to guess how much certain baby products cost. Show them a few baby essentials like a bodysuit, wipes, and socks, and ask them how much they cost. The person who gets the most correct answers or whose guesses are closest to the answers will win the game.
  • Who’s That Baby? - Ask the attendees to send you their baby photos beforehand for people to guess who is who during the shower.
  • How Well Do You Know Mom? - Come up with different questions about the mom-to-be, and use them to test how well the guests know her.
  • Name That Baby Song - Play a diverse number of popular baby songs or nursery rhymes so guests can guess their names as fast as possible.
  • Baby Prediction - Let the guests predict the gender of the kid (you can actually give them some hints), and after everyone has made their prediction, reveal the sex of your baby.
  • Guess The Number - Hold up a tin full of sweets and candy and ask the attendees to guess their total number.

Offer online gift cards to the winners.

For a more straightforward process of giving out gifts to the winners of the baby shower games, organize e-gift cards for them so that they can use them the way they want. You can send the winners an Amazon credit or a food delivery gift card.

Virtual thank you notes

Remember to thank your friends and family for attending your baby shower. Send them thoughtful thank you notes after the virtual shower to make them feel much appreciated.

More importantly, enjoy the virtual baby shower

Yes, much as it’s not possible to have an in-person baby shower with your family and friends, you can still host a fun-filled and remarkable virtual baby shower. Just give this new normal a chance.

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