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How To Save Money On Diapers For Your Newborn Baby

Save Money on Diapers

When it comes to looking after newborns, nothing eats up more money than diapers. In fact, diapers for newborns are one of the reasons behind the saying ‘babies are expensive.’ Your little one can use about ten diapers in a day, and that’s on a good day. On other days the number can be much more than that.

This means you’ve to keep buying new ones to keep up with the baby’s toilet needs. Yet, there are other baby products you’ve to spend money on as well as bills to pay.

So, since diapers are essential and you can’t do away with them, you need to find ways to save money on them. Here is how you manage to do that:

Shop Online

Since ecommerce stores often offer discounts and coupons, they are the best place to buy diapers for newborns. Moreover, you can even find diapers from big reliable brands like Pampers and Huggies at good bargains.

All you have to do is regularly browse the different baby care online stores (or even general e-stores) to find these offers. 

Hoard Diaper Coupons

Search for coupons wherever you can find them. You can get them from baby care sites, coupons sites, inside the diaper boxes you purchased, or parental blogs and manufacturer websites that you subscribe to.

Take it a stepper further, and ask your family and friends for their coupons. All these few dollars can add up and help you reduce the amount you’ve to spend on diapers. On top of that, you can sweeten the diaper deals offered online by adding the coupon amount to the diaper discounts. 

Join Different Reward Programs

Join different reward programs

If you buy diapers for newborns from different brands, you should endeavor to sign up for their reward programs. You’ll be able to get rewards in the form of coupons, great deals, and points for the purchases you make that you can use to buy diapers. Besides, some brands do actually give away diapers as a reward.

Try Generic Store Brands

Though most newborn baby mothers frown at buying store brands, some of these store diapers are actually of high quality. Moreover, they are more affordable than those of big-name brands.

Your only issue would be to find the right diapers for your little one. Something you can ease by asking your friends and family to point you in the right direction. Or you can buy a few samples of the different brands and try them on your newborn to see which ones suit them best. 

Compare Quantity Per Package

This is one of the easiest ways to save money on diapers. Before you go ahead to buy diapers, always check to see how many diapers are in the pack and compare that number to other brand packages.

At times different brands may cost the same price, and yet some may have more diapers than others. When you find one that not only has a good price but has more diapers than the rest, don’t hesitate to buy.  

Be Slow To Switch Diaper Sizes

Just because brands sell diapers according to size, it doesn’t mean that you should drop a size immediately when your baby weighs more. Remember, those are mere guidelines, and therefore your baby may still fit comfortably in their current sized diapers. 

Only switch to a bigger diaper size when you notice leaks along with tight marks around the dear one’s legs and waist, which are sure signs that the newborn has outgrown that particular size.

However, you can work around leaks by adjusting the diaper to cover more of the side where the leaks happen-front or back. So why should you delay changing sizes? It’s because not only do larger packages have fewer diapers, but they’re also more expensive. 

Consider Cloth Diapers

If you want to save money on diapers for newborns and don’t mind doing laundry often, then cloth diapers can make that happen. Yes, initially, cloth diapers can be quite expensive to buy, but in the long run, they are cheaper. This is because they last longer, and you can even use them on your other babies - those that may come after the current one.

However, if you find it hard to use cloth diapers alone, you can opt to use both the cloth and disposable diapers. Whereby you use the cloth ones at home and the disposable ones while on the go.

Take Advantage Of Sales To Stockpile

Always look out for sales, and buy whenever you see a good deal. So that you accumulate as many as possible at a good price, and avoid buying diapers at a retail price in case you run out. However, don’t stock up on the same sized diapers only because babies grow fast and may outgrow the current size before they get to use the diapers.

Instead, buy some of the current size and bigger size, too. With that, you’ll be able to make use of all the diapers you’ve stockpiled. Keep in mind that both online and physical stores often have sales going on so, do keep a watch on all of them.

Purchase Smaller Packages In Bulk

It might seem crazy at first, but when you dig deeper, you’ll realize that you can save more money on smaller packaged diapers than bigger ones. Oftentimes smaller packs have a lower cost per diaper as compared to the larger boxes.

To determine the price per diaper, you should divide the price of the diapers by the quantity. Also, small packages tend to have bigger sale discounts and coupons than bigger boxes, which makes them a better option for you. 

Try Different Diaper Brands

There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to one diaper brand. However, if you want to save more money on diapers, then you need to vary the brands you use. This is because oftentimes, sales are offered on different diaper brands, and hence, if you’re loyal to only one, you can miss out on these great deals.

Moreover, at times even when your favorite brand offers discounts, they might still be more expensive than some other brands. It doesn’t mean that you should buy any diaper as long as it’s cheap, but rather do due diligence to find those that are both cheap and of good quality. This is the common mistake parents often make and buy low quality diapers due to its low price. 

Host A Diaper Shower

Host a diaper shower

There’s no better way to save money on diapers than to throw a diaper shower, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. You’ll be able to get lots of diapers from different brands - some of which you may not otherwise have known.

You can try them out on the newborn when they arrive, and figure out the good ones that you can keep using and the ones to avoid. This can save you the hassle (and money as well) of having to try out the different affordable brands on the market in order to find the good ones.

So, on top of getting free diapers that will keep you going for a while when the baby comes, you can also get to learn the great and affordable brands on the market. Just remember to ask the diaper shower guests to vary the sizes they buy. 

Buy From Warehouse Stores If In A Last-Minute Rush

It’s better to buy ahead and have diapers at hand all the time, but at times things might not go as planned, and you need to buy diapers in haste.

So though warehouses tend to have higher prices, contrary to popular belief that they’re cheaper, you’re better off making a purchase from them than at a retail shop. Just buy enough to get you through the emergency, and then go back to buying from your usual stores.

Keep all the above in mind when shopping for diapers for newborns, and you’ll be able to save some good money on diapers. 




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