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Keeping Your House Clean With A Newborn – Secrets Revealed!

Keeping Your House Clean With A Newborn

A newborn has magical powers. The tiny bundle of joy has the power to turn everything in your life upside down. When he arrives your hormones, routine, sleep schedule, and even your neat and tidy house is turned upside down.

Having a baby is undoubtedly the loveliest experience. All the parents want to do the best for their child. Without a speck of doubt, a majority of the parents push their stride to give the best of everything to their babies.

But, there are some days when parents feel down, especially the new ones. They feel as if they aren’t doing well enough after having a baby. It is natural to feel that way because of the tiny bean in your life that needs your full attention and care. Being occupied with a kid leaves little to no time for other tasks.

Messy house, pending chores, unwashed dishes, piles of laundry, top the list of the tasks which are pending.

Nobody likes to live in an unorganized and messy space. Especially if you are obsessed with organization. 

We have exactly what you need to have a clean and organized house. No, we are not going to share a mantra that would magically fix every mess, no. We understand how overwhelming it can be for the mothers to look after the baby and the house chores. Therefore, we have created a list of simple tips and tricks which will unveil the secrets to keeping a clean house.

Ready? Let’s start…

1. Declutter Before The Arrival Of The Baby

Declutter Before The Arrival Of The Baby

Before the arrival of the munchkin, parents prepare every essential from creating the nursery to buying clothes, toys, and keeping everything ready for the baby. However, the majority of the parents forget to declutter their own stuff before the baby arrives.

Make sure that before the arrival of the baby, your own stuff is sorted. Gather the items that you haven’t used in the past 2 years. Either donate them or sell them.

Letting go of the extra stuff allows you to have extra space for the baby. Also, it helps tremendously after the arrival of the baby. You don’t have to clean the extra stuff you don’t need.

2. Make Most Out Of The Baby Naps

Don’t waste the time when your baby sleeps. When your mini human is taking his nap, make sure to run for the pending tasks. Ask someone in the house to sit quietly near the baby so you can go and finish the task that couldn’t be done around a baby.

If you are alone in the house and don’t want to leave the baby alone while he naps, do something which is noiseless and can be done in the same room. For instance, you can fold the laundry while the baby sleeps in the same room.

Furthermore, you can buy a baby monitor. It will help you to keep an eye on every movement of the baby while he naps. A baby monitor will be of great help. It’ll make cleaning with the newborn a lot easier.

3. Clean Before You Retire To Bed

The bed becomes the most luxurious place and a mini-vacation for you to relax after a long tiring day with the baby. But, before you retire to bed, make sure that the house is cleaned for the next day.

No, we aren’t asking you to mop and sweep the floor. Make sure that the toys are kept in place, the kitchen sink is empty, and your room is organized.

A little effort at night will be tiresome, we agree. But, when you’ll wake up the next morning you’ll start your day on a happy note and with less mess to organize.

4. Be A Multitasker

You need to make sure to do the maximum tasks in the least possible time. Become a multitasker. When your baby is occupied with toys or if someone is there to watch him over, finish up your pending chores.

use a Bluetooth device to answer your calls and keep your hands free for other tasks. Don’t wait to finish up one task to start another one. Work smartly on a  few things together. This will not only help you clean up but also save you some extra minutes.

For instance, if you are in the kitchen, load the dishwasher, and wipe the counter. Or when you are taking a bath, clean your bathtub and washbasin.

5. Rotate The Toys

While shopping for a newborn, parents are sure to splurge on a variety of toys. If they only knew how much of a mess these toys can create, they would have resorted to buying only a few for their tiny humans.

Toddlers easily get bored playing with the same toys over and over. They want to grab those makeup brushes and spoons to play with.

To keep your baby interested in his toys and to make it easy for you to clean up, rotate the toys. Make one big basket or a box where you can store his toys. Each week take out 3-5 toys for him to play with.

Keeping back 3-5 toys in their place would be a lot easier than picking up the toys of an entire basket from the floor and putting them in their place.

This simple trick will help you to clean the house with a toddler quickly.

6. Make Good Use Of A Screen Time

Another tip for cleaning with a newborn is to put him in the bouncer and switch on the TV. Play some nursery rhymes on the TV.

Let the baby enjoy it and you can finish off your extra tasks. You can fold the washed clothes, iron and hang the clothes, cut vegetables, or simply wipe the furniture. Make the most of the time when your baby is enjoying himself.

7. Set A Schedule

Having a newborn along with a family and a job can be quite exhausting. A tiresome routine can easily turn out into frustration. To avoid getting frustrated and finish all the pending tasks, make sure you set a schedule before the start of every week.

Sticking to a schedule will give you peace of mind and control over how your day goes. Make a list of all the tasks that you have to do in a week. Next, prioritize the three most important ones. Try to check off those first and then move towards the other.

In this way, you will not go crazy and clean the house easily.

8. Time Yourself

When a person is being timed, he feels pressured to finish up the work in the given time frame. Remember, the school exams? You were able to attempt numerous questions in the allotted time.

Do the same thing with the house cleaning. Allot yourself a specific number of hours or minutes to clean the house. Start the timer on the phone and start cleaning.

You will be surprised to see how many of the tasks are you able to do when timed. Make it a habit of timing yourself for every household chore.

9. Ask For Help

Never shy away from asking for help. The people around you understand that having a baby is not a cup of tea. When you feel that there is a lot on your plate to manage, ask a dear friend, sister, mother, or your husband to lend a helping hand.

Invite your friend and ask her to help you with running a few errands. Or you can ask them to take the toddler for a stroll so that you have ample time to fix things up in your house.

Remember, you are not a robot. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Seek help when you need it. Your family and friends would be more than happy to help you.

10. Make A Miscellaneous Basket

Cleaning a house with a toddler is a tiresome task. He likes to explore and put almost everything on the floor. Picking those things up and putting them back can become time-consuming.

Place a basket somewhere in your house which isn’t visible to the visitors. As you come across anything on the floor, toss it inside that basket. This will keep your floors, bed, and couches decluttered. 

Whenever you move past this basket, pick up a few items, and keep them back at their place. This will prevent your house from looking messy and disorganized.

11. Start Slow

It’s natural to get a rush of anxiety by looking at the disorganized house and endless chores. But, don’t put pressure on yourself. 

Don’t rush to clean the entire house at once. Start by cleaning one room of the house. Cleaning this way will take time but it will keep you relaxed. Also, it will allow you to clean everything properly.

Understand the fact that cleaning and organizing the house with a toddler isn’t easy. Go easy on yourself.

12. Prioritize Your House Chores

When it comes to prioritizing the house chores, make sure you make smart choices. Focus on the tasks that are very important and urgent. For instance, cleaning the living room is more important than scrubbing the bathroom floor.

Prioritizing your chores helps you to finish the tasks that can help you tidy up the house in a smarter way.

Make sure you tidy up and disinfect the baby’s items such as his toys, clothes, feeding items, etc. Also, disinfect the spaces where your baby moves around. A tidy space is a must for a baby. The places where your baby can’t reach can wait for their turns to be cleaned.

13. Stock Your Freezer

Preparing the meals for your baby and your family can swallow up a lot of your time. Fix one day of the week to prepare several healthy meals and freeze them.

This will save you from spending hours in the kitchen preparing the meal. The time saved from cooking can be used to relax or to cuddle with your little munchkin.

Freeze the meals in airtight containers in small portions. Make sure that you store the food for a week only and not more than that.

You can also make easy to freeze purees for the baby.

14. Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby Wrap Carrier

How about getting extra time to keep your little one closed to you? Invest in a baby wrap carrier to keep your baby close to you while you run errands.

15. Don’t Pile Up The Chores

This reminds us of what our teacher used to say. To finish the task as soon as it is assigned and not pile it up. Apply this golden rule for house chores too.

As soon as you have used something, keep it back at its place. You may be tempted to keep those glasses and coffee mugs on the table. That’s a big ‘NO’. Keep the items back in their places then and there.

It will help you to keep a cleaner house without putting in the extra effort.

Wrapping It Up!

A clean and organized house helps the person to stay relaxed and much calmer. After the arrival of a newborn, it becomes immensely important to have a neat and disinfected area. Managing to clean the house along with a newborn can be tough.

Don’t panic. Start slowly and you will manage to keep the house tidy. However, do not expect your house to be immaculate all the time.  A house with children is bound to get messy and disorganized which is perfectly fine.

Let your little ones enjoy and make the house messy. You have an entire lifetime to clean and tidy up the house but your precious little babies won’t get their childhood back.

Your kids will love you for letting them play without the fear of messing up the house. Let them have this. Don’t stop them from exploring! Enjoy and embrace every moment of motherhood, even if your house is messy.

Worrying about cleaning your house will only snatch the beautiful moments which you could’ve spent cuddling with your little one.

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