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Nine Steps To Help You Do More Effective Parenting | Make Family Life Happier

Effective parenting

Parenting is a bumpy ride with endless turns and twists. Unfortunately, there is no university or a book that can give complete commandments, or parenting tips for infants to the parents for this tiring, yet gratifying journey.

The majority of parents after the arrival of babies become anxious and tense. This is not because they have to raise a baby or change their lifestyles, no. The reason for their escalated anxiety and nervousness is because they are afraid of not being enough for their child.

Parents want everything that is nothing but the best for their tiny munchkins. They want them to wear the best clothes, to have the perfect nursery, and other baby essentials etc. As much as the parents want their babies to have everything perfect, they themselves, try to become a perfect parent for their babies.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with becoming the better version of yourself for your babies, but often amidst this, parents forget one very important thing: being happy.

More than any other thing in this world, a good family environment is mandatory for the kids to grow up as a confident and emotionally strong adult. The current era is making every individual run for achieving financial stability and to upgrade their standard of living. This sometimes makes the parents forget that their kids need a happy loving family more than a luxurious lifestyle.

Taking out time for your family and communicating with them, builds the foundation of a strong family bond that lasts forever. Kids that grow in a happy family are mentally and emotionally much stronger than the kids who grow up in a disturbed family environment.

Importance Of A Happy Family Life

Importance of a happy family life

The following list accentuates the benefits and the importance of having a happy family life:

1. Reduces Stress

A happy family makes sure that its members are not in any kind of problem. Having someone to talk to and turn to after a long tiring day can do wonders. Talking about your problems and seeking a solution together can make a person feel relaxed and drastically reduce his stress.

2. Improves Mental Health

An average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on digital devices. With the advent of smart communication and information technology, people have virtually connected and physically separated. 

Having proper family time, helps the parents and kids to connect, and take a break from their phones and laptops. This not only helps to strengthen family ties but also relaxes the eyes and mind that gets fatigued because of the emission of the blue light from these digital devices.

3. Boosts Confidence 

This is especially for younger children. Since infancy, babies look up to their parents for their every need. They feel protected and loved when their parents are around. Kids when nurtured with love and happiness make them more confident.

4. Improves Communication Skills

When a family sits together they talk about different things, share their opinion, raise an issue, seek a solution, etc. This improves the communication between the family members and also helps the kids to enhance their skill.

They also develop the skills of problem-solving and how to work as a team without getting aggressive or angry. 

5. Improves Behavior Of Children 

Children raised in a happy family have lesser chances of demonstrating negative behavior. They are emotionally and mentally strong and face the difficulties or challenges with confidence without losing their temper.

On the contrary, a child raised in an abusive environment has issues with anger management and is more prone to adopting negative traits.

6. Students Perform Well In School

Instead of worrying about how to improve your child’s grade in school, just spend some quality time with him and then watch how his grades improve.

When parents encourage and appreciate their children they strive to improve their grades and also take part in extracurricular activities.

7. Improves Physical Health

When families sit together and do something productive instead of aimlessly scrolling their mobile screens. For instance, preparing meals at home, going for a stroll in the park, playing a sport, etc. can prove to be extremely healthy for an active body.

8. Increases Life Expectancy

Reduced stress, improved physical and mental health, and a happy heart, are the key ingredients for the recipe of a long life.

A happy family can do amazing wonders for both children and their parents. To keep your family life happy without spoiling your kids, we have curated a list of effective and positive parenting tips. It will help you to make your family a happy one and discipline your children without compromising on discipline and rules.

9 Steps To Help You Do More Effective Parenting

1. Boost Their Self-esteem

Parents are not only caregivers for their children. Rather, they play numerous roles for the well-being of their child such as a doctor, nurse, teacher, masseuse, nurse, etc. Don’t forget to play one important role for your child and that is to become their first cheerleaders.

It is very important for children to be appreciated as it boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Constantly correcting them or scolding them for their mistakes try to be calm with them. Never correct them in front of their siblings or other family members as it crushes their confidence.

Never compare them with other kids, instead help them to achieve their goals without making them feel embarrassed. Always use kind and polite words so that they learn to be kind to themselves from a very early age.

This parenting tip is to be enforced when the child is an infant. The earlier you start boosting the self-esteem of your child the more he will feel loved and protected by you.

2. Compliment Your Kids

Before you proceed to read this tip, just stop for a minute and think: how would you feel if your boss constantly scolds you or highlights your mistakes?

Nobody likes to be scolded even if it’s for their own good. When as adults we don’t like to get scolded, imagine what a child goes through when he is constantly corrected and nagged by his parents.

It is understandable that you want to correct your child but, doing that more than often will stop them to learn and explore things on their own.

When your child does something good, make sure to praise them and let them know that you are proud of them. You can praise them when they finish their meal, or when they clean up their mess, or if they help you to set the dining table, etc.

Praising your child keeps them motivated to continue to do the things that make you happy. He will become more confident and will find more ways so that you can praise him.

3. Establish Rules

Rules and guidelines are very important to control and discipline your children. Make sure you form some clear guidelines and communicate them to your children. Not just verbally, but by demonstrating it to them.

For instance, if you make it a rule that no TV or mobile during mealtimes, then you have to be consistent and show your child that you are also following the rule. Do not use mobile phones during mealtimes as the kids are keen observers of what their parents do. If you use a cell phone during mealtimes, then there is no way you can expect the kids to listen to you and follow the rules.

4. Model The Traits You Wish To See In Your Child

Whatever you want your child to become, either a happy person or an aggressive one, show them.

Children are like 24/7 CCTV cameras for their parents. They keenly observe what their parents say, how they say it, how do they react, etc.  Each and every tiny detail of parents are taken into account by their offspring.

If you want your child to be organized and managed, show them you organize your room or a house. If you want your kid to eat healthy then stay from junk food yourself. 

Parents are the first role models for children. Be what you want your child to be. This parenting tip is very helpful for parents. It makes the parents analyze their behavior and be vigilant in front of their kids especially if they’re angry or frustrated. This will make them understand that their kids will react the same when they are angry.

5. Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

It is natural for parents to expect their kids to achieve more. Either it’s a milestone or good grades. Never force your child to achieve something for which he isn’t ready.

This point is specifically included in parenting tips for infants. Often parents complain that their child has not started to talk, or they are not walking, etc. Stop doing that. Understand that every child is different and will grow at his own pace.

Forcing your child to do something just because other kids have done that, makes them feel pressured and decreases their morale.

Share your expectations with your children but never force them or rush them to do it. Instead, be like a friend and offer your assistance and guidance whenever they need it.

6. Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Spend quality time with your kids

Many parents overlook the importance of giving time to their children. The busy schedule of kids and professional commitments of parents, often make it difficult to spend time with each other.

The children who spend more time with their parents are felt protected and loved, this encourages them to be more confident and reflect a positive behavior in society.

Try to have dinners or lunches together. Go for a walk together and ask how their day went. Help them with their homework and assignments.

Spending time with your children doesn’t have to be boring. You can plan a movie night with your children or go on a small picnic on the beach or nearby garden. Make them realize that they are important to you and you enjoy spending time with them.

7. Foster Strong Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship. To strengthen your bond with kids, it is imperative that you have strong communication with them.

Talk to them, ask them if there is something that is bothering them. Talk to them like your friend and understand their queries and feelings. 

Often when parents are strict and do not allow the child to speak, it makes their children hide important information from them. Always be welcoming to talk to your child.

8. Make Them Feel Loved

Parents scold their kids not because they enjoy it but because they want to correct their mistakes. There is nothing wrong with correcting your child. However, how you choose to correct their mistake really matters.

Do not expect your children to understand that you scold them for their own good. If your boss scolds you harshly just so you perform better, will you like it? Or will you convince yourself that it is for your own good?

As an adult, you have to understand your kids. Express your concerns in the politest way possible and be firm about what kind of behavior is expected out of them.

Instead of hitting your child or getting angry with them or every trivial thing, just calm yourself down and then speak to them.

9. Make Time For Yourself

This tip might seem counterintuitive to the parenting effectively, but remember, you cannot pour from an empty container. In order to remain active, fresh, and energetic for your child you need to be freshened up too.

This is a highly recommended parenting tip for infants. Life with kids gets tiring and busy. Take out time for yourself. Go on dates with your spouse. 

Burning out yourself and not taking enough breaks will make you frustrated and you will eventually take it out on your kids.

In A Nutshell

Parenting can be a tough job. It is not easy to raise a child. Things get rough at times which easily makes a parent think that they are failing miserably in the parenting journey.

Just relax! Take a deep breath and understand that your parenting journey is for you and your child. Do not feel pressured by what others are doing. Make the most of every moment with your child and understand that being an imperfect parent that keeps the child happy is far better than a perfect parent who makes his/her child unhappy or restricted.

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