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Quick & Easy Baby Puree Ideas To Make & Freeze

Easy Baby Puree Ideas

If it is time to start weaning your baby onto solid foods, you might want to have some good baby puree ideas to refer to. You can make a large batch in one go and freeze smaller portions to use throughout the week.

We have gathered the best baby puree ideas to make and freeze, to ensure your baby is given fresh, healthy food, and that you don’t spend too much time in the kitchen! 

Sweet Potato And Pear Puree

Easy Baby Puree Ideas

Sweet potato and pear on their own are great to puree up for your baby, but together they create a tasty puree meal that is deliciously sweet, and full of good nutrients!

Cook the sweet potato up in the microwave, or on the stove. Do the same with the pear, poaching it until soft. Once both are ready, puree them together and allow to cool. 

Blueberry, Banana And Pear Puree

Easy Baby Puree Ideas

Your baby will absolutely love the fruity flavour of this puree. The blueberries add a tart taste to the puree, and the pear and banana balance out the taste a little more. The pear and banana add good substance to the puree.

Cook the pear until it is soft, and once ready, puree it along with the blueberries and bananas. You do not have to over-blend the puree as all three ingredients are fairly soft, and it is good to have some texture.

Zucchini And Cauliflower Puree

Easy Baby Puree Ideas

Zucchini and cauliflower puree is great to make if you are wanting to get your baby used to textures from early. The zucchini and cauliflower mix should be mashed instead of pureed, so it still keeps a soft and safe chunky texture for your baby to explore.

Make sure to cook the zucchini and the cauliflower well so that they are soft enough to be mashed by hand. You want them to have some texture, but not to have any hard pieces which could cause a choking hazard.

Should You Add Salt To Baby Purees?

Easy Baby Puree Ideas

Do not add any salt to your baby’s puree. Babies and children only need a small amount of salt in their diets. This salt requirement is usually met through formula or breastmilk anyways. Additional salt could be harmful to their kidneys, which might not be able to process the excess salt.

Make, Freeze, and Feed!

Make a big batch of one of the above purees, or a few, and place them into freezer containers. Portion them out for single meals. Leave the individual portions to thaw in the fridge overnight, or in warm water. Warm them up to serve to your baby.

You will always have puree portions ready if you take the time to make and freeze ahead. Put aside one day a week and get pureeing!

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