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Seven Amazing Benefits Of A Milk Bath For Your Baby - Milk Bath For Baby

Milk bath for baby

No matter how much science and technology have advanced to make our lives easier, but there is still one thing that is not achieved till this date. If the technology makes that one thing possible, parents would be over the moon. 

Wondering what the technology has failed to achieve?

Well, it has failed to come up with a technique to capture the scent of babies in a bottle, so that once they grow up, parents can still savor their ethereal scent whenever they want.

The smell of babies is amazing, not to mention it is intoxicating too. One can simply not get enough of their scent. But, do you know there is one more scent that supersedes the scent of the baby? 

It is the smell of the freshly bathed baby! 

It’s impossible not to enjoy the scent of the baby after he’s had a warm relaxing bath. Giving a bath to the baby is a win-win situation for both the baby and his parents. While the baby enjoys the water running over his body and relaxes him, parents get to enjoy the sweet coos of their babies and the scent that engulfs them after the bath. 

Do you want to make this bathing session more luxurious and beneficial for your baby? If yes, then maybe you should think about giving a milk bath to your baby.

Yes, you read that correctly. We are talking about a milk bath for a baby. It has numerous benefits for a baby’s skin. 

If you are not aware of what a milk bath is then do not worry. In this post, we have covered everything regarding baby milk baths.

Milk Bath For A Baby

Milk bath for a baby

Milk bath for a baby is exactly what it says, bathing your baby in the milk. Breast milk is not only capable of nourishing your baby from inside and to satiate his hunger, it is equally beneficial for nourishing your baby from the outside.

Breast milk isn’t called ‘liquid gold’ without a reason. It has the perfect supply of the nutrients and other vitamins that are needed to strengthen your baby’s immunity.

By giving your baby a milk bath, you provide those nutrients to the baby’s skin that helps in healing many skin problems.

Have a look at the breakdown of the substances in breast milk and how they can help your baby’s skin:

1. Immunoglobulin A (IgA)

IgA is a blood protein that consists of infection-fighting bacteria. This keeps all the germs and bacteria, away from your baby’s delicate skin.

2. Palmitic Acid

Palmitic acid moisturizes the skin of the baby. No need to rub lotions and creams when your baby can get benefit from the palmitic acid found in breast milk.

3. Lauric Acid

Coconut oil, the product without which a skincare regimen is incomplete, is naturally found in breast milk. Lauric acid that is also found in breast milk not only restores the moisture in the skin but also acts as an antibacterial agent.

4. Linoleic Acid

This acid helps in lightening spots and reduces inflammation.

So mamas, what are you waiting for? A breast milk bath will be perfect skincare for your little one.

There are numerous benefits of a milk bath for a baby. We are certain that after reading these 7 benefits, you will quickly arrange a milk bath session for your baby.

Seven Amazing Benefits Of A Milk Bath For Your Baby

1. Moisturizes The Skin

Breast milk is packed with fatty acids such as palmitic acid, linolenic acid, lauric acid, etc. These fatty acids are moisture restorers.

When you bath your baby in breast milk, the fatty acids work as a cover on your baby’s skin to lock the moisture from drying out.

If your baby has dry and itchy skin, then instead of rubbing on lotions and creams, give him a milk bath. It will moisturize his skin and will keep the itching causing bacteria away. This is extremely effective in winters as the skin dries out faster in the dry weather.

2. Soothe Diaper Rash And Eczema

The only time when babies are diaper-free is when they are being bathed or cleaned. For the rest of the day, the babies have to wear the diaper. 

This can cause diaper rashes that can be really painful for your little one. It also creates problems for the baby to stand and walk properly. Instead of buying rash creams, think about giving a milk bath to your baby.

Breast milk will heal the diaper rashes and will soothe the irritation on the baby’s skin.

If your baby has eczema, then a milk bath is great for him. It will prevent your baby’s skin from drying out and will prevent prickling. 

3. Heals Cuts And Scratches

A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. They easily get cuts and scratches if their nails touch the skin.

If the cuts and scratches are not healed quickly, it may allow the infestation of the bacteria on the cuts. To prevent this from happening, arrange a milk bath for your baby. 

Breast milk contains antibodies that help in healing the cuts and scratches faster. You no longer have to worry about where the baby got scratches because after a milk bath they will heal up as if they never existed in the first place.

4. Treats Cradle Cap

Cradle cap refers to the condition when a baby’s scalp develops oily, or crusty patches.  While these are not painful or irritating, if not removed early, they can form yellowish scales that can be difficult to remove.

The causes of a cradle cap are not discovered yet, but they are believed to appear because of the sebum-producing hormone passed on by the mother to the baby.

As mentioned earlier, breast milk is effective to treat dry flaky skin, giving a milk bath will also heal the cradle cap. When your baby is sitting in the bath-tub, rub the water infused with breast milk on his head to treat the dry or oily scalp.

5. Treats Sunburn 

A date with a baby on a sunny day is very enjoyable for the parents. But, babies are vulnerable to develop sunburn if exposed to direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes.

Getting sunburned is not a pleasant experience, even for adults. Think how painful it must be for your little angels. A milk bath is again very effective to treat sunburn.

The linolenic acid present in breast milk has 2 variants i.e. omega-3 and 6. These variants are proven to mitigate the harm caused to the babies’ skin caused by the harmful UV rays of the sunlight. It also soothes the inflammation and redness of the skin.

6. Heals Acne Spots And Scars

Babies can sometimes develop acne because of the hormones of their mothers passed on to them. The acne fades away on their own but sometimes, they leave behind the scars and discolors the skins.

But, nothing to worry. With a milk bath, you don’t have to take the appointment of a dermatologist for the treatment of acne scars.

Just give a milk bath to your baby once or twice a week and then watch the miracle. All the acne and the scars will heal in no time. 

7. Prevents Wastage 

 Prevents wastage

It is a common practice by the mother to express breast milk if they are suffering from breast engorgement.

Breast engorgement refers to the condition when the body produces more milk than the baby uses. This results in painful and swollen breasts. To treat this condition, mothers are required to pump out the excess milk using a breast pump. 

The expressed milk goes to waste if the baby doesn’t feed on it. Instead of wasting the liquid gold, save it to give a milk bath to your baby. This will prevent wastage and will let you pamper your baby in a luxurious milk bath.

We are sure that after reading these benefits you are tempted to arrange a milk bath for your baby right away!

So, what are you waiting for? Read the following steps to learn how to make a milk bath for babies.

How To Make A Milk Bath For Babies?

In 5 easy steps, you can make a milk bath for your precious baby:

  1. Fill up your baby’s tub with lukewarm water. Warm water relaxes the tensed muscles of the baby.
  2. Next, take 150-300 ml of breast milk and add it to the water. You don’t have to measure it exactly. Just add enough milk to make the water milky or cloudy. You don’t have to use freshly expressed breast milk. You can use the frozen milk, however, make sure it is thawed so that it doesn’t mess up with the temperature of the water.
  3. Make your baby sit in the bath-tub. Let him soak the goodness of the milk for a good 10-15 minutes. If you want, you can elongate the bathing session. Rub the water on the baby’s neck, scalp, and all over their body to let them absorb all the nutrients and fatty acids.
  4. Once you have bathed your baby, pat him dry. No need to rinse him with clean water.
  5. To lock all the goodness and moisture, use a few drops of olive oil to massage your baby’s arms and legs. This will relax his body and will help your baby to sleep peacefully.

Oops…we forgot to add the most important step on the list…

The last and most important step is to get high with the heavenly scent of your baby after the bath.

Is It Necessary To Use Freshly Extracted Milk For The Milk Bath?

There is no compulsion to use freshly expressed milk. Fresh milk will definitely escalate the benefits that your baby can avail by the milk bath. But, if fresh breast milk is not an option, then you can use frozen milk too.

You only have to thaw the milk before you add it to your baby’s bath-tub. Furthermore, you can even use expired milk for the bath too.

Yes mothers, expired breast milk. If you have forgotten to use the frozen breast milk, then instead of dumping it or draining it down the gutter, prepare a milk bath for your babies.

However, before adding the milk to the water, check if it is usable or not. If the milk is smelling rancid or has visible lumps, then discard it. Using this milk will irritate your baby’s skin instead of benefitting him.

How Frequently You Should Give The Milk Bath?

There isn’t any fixed schedule that you have to follow for bathing your baby with the milk. Once a week is enough to let your baby’s skin consume all the richness of the nutrients present in the milk.

However, if your baby’s skin is extremely dry or prone to eczema then you can arrange the milk bath twice or thrice a week. Once the condition of your baby gets better, then you can limit the milk bath once a week.

Winding It Up!

Why should mamas and papas get to pamper their skin with luxurious spa treatments and products?

A baby needs pampering too! And it doesn’t even cost much, rather it is completely free and can be arranged anytime.

Bathing your baby with breast milk will prevent the breakout of infections and infestation of other harmful germs on your baby’s skins.

Furthermore, it will treat all scars, sunburns, acne, eczema, and restore the moisture into your baby’s skin. Making it soft and supple, and not to mention making your baby more delicious to feast upon his scent.  

Schedule milk baths once a week to let your baby enjoy all the goodness of the liquid gold.

Do you know of some other amazing benefits of a milk bath for a baby? We would love to hear from you.

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