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Seven Reasons To Choose Homemade Food For Your Toddler | Homemade Baby Food

Homemade food for your toddler

‘Nothing but the best…’ is the objective of the parents when it comes to their babies. Either it’s selecting the best name for them or buying baby clothes, all they want is the best and nothing less than that.

Parents not only select the best after the arrival of their babies rather their quest for finding and getting the best things begins when the babies are peacefully cocooned inside their mother’s cozy womb.

The reason why parents are always striving to get the best of everything is that they don’t want their tiny bundles of joy to get uncomfortable, or hurt. Parents understand the fact that the baby is completely dependent upon them for all his needs and therefore, they have to be very cautious while fulfilling the needs of the baby.

Thanks to the modern era, parents can now get their hands on the best

baby essentials such as baby furniture, cute and comfortable clothes, formula milk, and jarred baby food, etc. to easily find the stuff which suits the needs of their babies.

Along with other necessities, babies need to be provided with good nutrients and minerals too. A diet rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins helps the baby to strengthen his immune system and to speed up the development of his brain.

Busy schedules, professional commitments, and above all the amazing marketing tactics, often convince the parents to grab jarred baby foods to save their time in preparing the baby meals.

The labels and advertisement of these baby food pouches and jars look very appealing and promises to give a meal with rich nutrients to the babies. No wonder these food pouches save time and make it easy for the parents to feed their babies…

But…these pouches are only convenient for a very short time. In the long run, they can not only harm your baby’s health but also hinder their growth and development.

Keep reading to find out the disadvantages of ready-made baby food available in the market.

Disadvantages Of Readymade Baby Food

Disadvantages of readymade baby food

1. Toxic Substances 

Parents make sure that their baby is miles and miles away from toxic material. But, do you know that you feed toxic to your child if you select readymade foods for the baby?


Well, according to CNN Health, 168 baby food samples were analyzed, including the ones from highly reputed brands. The majority of the samples had either lead, arsenic, cadmium, or mercury. 

What’s more alarming? Some samples had all 4 of the metals listed above.

These metals deter the healthy development of the brain and may lower the intelligence of the baby.

Think thrice when you grab these pouches and jars. You might be damaging the brain of your baby just to save a few minutes of your entire day.

2. Limited Ingredients 

The advertisement and the salesman assured you that baby food is made of spinach, broccoli, olives, and other vegetables that your baby might not eat if given without the baby food. You trust them and buy it thinking that the contents of these pouches will be beneficial for your baby.

The question here arises: How do you know that the company has added the contents that they claim to have added? If you check the labels, they only list the ingredients and not their percentage.

Maybe they have added the veggies and fruits but, in a very lesser quantity. 

So, mama, your baby is majorly consuming apple, carrot, or pear puree with a very tiny amount of other ingredients. He is not getting all the minerals in the adequate quantity which the advertisements promised you.

3. Delay In Oral Development

Parents who are dependent on this food for feeding their babies are often delaying their oral development.

The food pouches make it easy for the babies to suck and they don’t have to chew or grind their food in their mouths. They often face difficulty in processing lumpy and solid foods.

Also, as the baby grows older, he becomes habitual of these pouches that it makes it difficult for him to use and hold feeding items such as the spoon, bowls, plates, etc.

4. Limits The Taste For Babies

Baby foods are generally sweet. Plus, their pureed form doesn’t give the toddlers a distinguished taste and textures of each ingredient inside them.

Giving too much ready-made food to a baby limits his tastes. When he grows up he won’t be familiar with the taste of other vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, etc. This might make a problem for parents as the baby will become a picky eater and will not accept the flavors of the new items.

Homemade baby foods allow the baby to taste and explore different textures and expand his taste.

5. Heavy On Pocket

While spending $5 or $10 won’t make a big difference if you are getting a lot of conveniences. But, think about it…

If the parents only rely on the pouches and jarred baby food then buying these bulk for an entire week or a month can be straining for the limited budget.

On the other hand, cooking at home can save a few dollars and you can use it to buy some good books and educational toys for your baby.

6. Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Not only adults, but babies can also develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Readymade baby food just needs to be served in a bowl and the baby can eat it by himself. In some other cases, all parents need to do is to open the pouch and hand it to the baby.

When babies become cranky, instead of soothing and calming them, parents often give them food to make them feel relaxed even when they’re not hungry.

This might lead to the development of an unhealthy relationship with food. 

7. Contributes To Pollution

Baby pouches and bags are made up of plastic. Keeping in view the increasing pollution, these pouches can add to it.

Try switching to homemade baby food, and play your part in saving the environment.

The above-mentioned benefits must have proven to be an eye-opener for you. No parent would ever want their babies to be fed with toxic ingredients and preservatives. Spending a few minutes to prepare meals for babies will ensure you that only the healthy ingredients go into the baby’s tummy without compromising on the deliciousness.

Homemade baby food has numerous benefits. Not only for the babies but also for the parents. 

Finding it hard to believe? Keep reading to find out the reasons why homemade foods outweigh ready-made foods.

Seven Reasons To Choose Homemade Food For Your Toddler

1. Healthy And Nutritious Food

Perhaps this reason is enough to conquer the debate of readymade food versus homemade food.

Mothers will always make sure that the ingredients which they are using are fresh, thoroughly washed, and cooked under the right conditions.

Jarred baby foods have substantial amounts of preservatives which allows them to be stored for a longer period. These preservatives are not only harmful to the baby’s tummy, but it can also cause allergies and other health problems. 

Homemade baby food is carefully made by the mothers. They carefully pick the fruits and veggies, wash them properly, and then cook them at a low temperature, or steam it, to keep the nutrients of the food intact and beneficial for the babies.

2. Access To More Flavors 

Readymade baby foods have almost the same sweet taste. The baby doesn’t get to experience enough flavors, textures, and consistency of the food if he is made to feed the ready-made meal.

Cooking meals at home allows the baby to taste and understand the textures and colors of different food items. It also helps the parents as the chances of their baby giving them a tough time by being a picky eater, becomes minimal.

From the beginning when you introduce solids to your baby, try providing him with a variety of ingredients and textures. It will help him to understand, and feel the textures of different things. Furthermore, he will get an ample supply of minerals and vitamins from different ingredients.

There are numerous homemade baby food recipes available on the internet. Just start searching and you’ll be surprised with the variety of these recipes for your little bunnies.

3. Helps You Save Money

Instead of spending your money on processed baby food. Try making his food by using the same ingredients that you use for your meals. For instance, making a vegetable stew for dinner? Take a few vegetables, steam them, and then grind them with a little chicken broth for your baby.

No need to spend extra when the baby can have what you are having. Let him enjoy the delicacies prepared by you. 

4. Helps In Developing Fine Motor Skills And Pincer’s Grip

Giving the baby homemade food and allowing him to eat himself can help develop their fine motor skills. When a baby holds the spoon, brings it to his mouth, it strengthens his grip to hold objects without dropping them.

Furthermore, by giving those slices and chunks of fruits and vegetables, they get to have a little workout session with their fingers and arms while satiating their hunger.

5. Helps Including The Baby During Mealtimes

When mothers invest their time in making something special for their baby, they want the baby to sit and enjoy their meals with the rest of the family.

When the baby eats along with the rest of the family members he feels loved, protected, and develops a good bonding with parents and other members of the family.

The baby gets a lot of exploration time during mealtimes. He observes different things on the table, feels the texture of different materials, and tries to eat a variety of meals available on the table.

Furthermore, he also learns table manners and tries to eat independently by using a spoon, fork, etc.

This benefit is not available if the baby feeds on ready-made pouches. He can have the pouch anywhere. So, babies usually don’t sit together with their families during mealtime.

6. Easy Transition From Baby Food To Table Food

Transition from baby food to table food

Giving the baby homemade food makes it easier for him to transit from semi-solid to solid food. 

Readymade baby purees are often lumpy and the baby finds it hard to switch to solids and table food.

Make the transition easier for your little one by making homemade baby food recipes. If your baby is familiar with the taste and texture of the food then he won’t give you a tough time transitioning from purees to regular food.

7. Develops Healthy Eating Habits

If you introduce homemade food to your child from a very early age, he’ll develop the taste and liking for natural food and will not prefer processed food over it.

Homemade baby food recipes allow the baby to experience the real taste, texture, and taste of the natural ingredients without any preservatives or artificial colors.

Tantalize your baby’s taste buds from a very early age with natural flavors and goodness.

Wrapping It Up

A healthy diet for a baby is very important. A diet rich in nutrients and other necessary minerals strengthens the immune system of the baby and also sharpens his brain.

Food prepared at home is not only fresh but also packed with nutrients to provide your baby with nothing but the best.

Ready-made baby food may be easy to use and saves time but they only make your baby full without providing him with vitamins and minerals that are essential for his physical and mental development.

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