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Seven Things To Look For When Buying A Baby Crib | Crib Buying Guide

Seven Things To Look For When Buying A Baby Crib | Crib Buying Guide

Welcoming a baby means loads of preparations before his arrival. You’ll need to buy soft comfortable clothes, stock up diapers, purchase feeding bottles, and buy important furniture pieces for them.

Shopping for babies is a delightful experience for the parents. They purchase every single item out of love for the babies whom they haven’t met yet. Parents take immense pleasure to make arrangements for their babies, from buying clothes to preparing a nursery.

Designing a nursery is an exciting experience for many parents. A nursery is a safe haven for a baby, where he will be safely cocooned in his crib. Moreover, a nursery would be a perfect place for a mother to bond with the baby. Therefore, a nursery should be as special as your baby.

The internet is filled with a myriad of ideas to design the nursery for your little one. However, do not invest everything in the designing of walls and roof of the nursery. Save some money for buying one of the most important pieces of furniture for your baby’s nursery.

That’s right…a baby’s bed or a crib!

There are thousands of cribs available in the market to choose from. Baby cribs have evolved a lot during the past few decades. There are many stylish and colorful cribs to choose from for the nursery. However, bear in mind that more than matching the crib with a nursery’s theme, it is important that it is comfortable for your baby.

For the first few months of his life, the baby will use the crib for more or less 20 hours. Hence, it should be extremely comfortable and safe for your baby.

If you are confused about which crib to pick for your baby, then we are happy to lend you a helping hand by answering your question of how to choose a crib for a newborn.

The following crib buying guide will emphasize on the 7 important things to consider when buying a baby crib.

Here Are The Seven Things To Look For When Buying A Baby Crib 

1. Type Of Crib

Type Of Crib

There are numerous types of cribs available in the market according to size, height, and purpose. Before you go on a shopping spree of buying a crib, make sure you are well aware of the types of cribs.

Below we have mentioned the types of cribs available in the market along with their pros and cons, give it a read to select the one that is perfect for your baby.

a. Standard Cribs

Standard cribs are the best baby cribs. These are the basic cribs that the majority of the parents select for their babies. They are durable and available in different color tones and mixed materials.

Parents can easily use these cribs for their future babies.

The only drawback of this crib is their size and weight. If the parents have to move their house or change the baby’s room, it can get really difficult to move it from one place to another.

b. Convertible Cribs 

It is always a good idea to spend your money on things that will benefit you and your baby for a longer time. Buying a convertible crib is one such investment.

These are also known as “3-in-1 crib,” or “lifetime crib”. It allows your baby to use it even when he has outgrown the phase of toddlerhood. This crib can be turned into a bed as your baby grows up.

You simply have to make little changes in the crib to change it into a toddler bed, daybed, and full bed.

For parents, who want a small family, this is the best baby crib for them. It is a one-time investment and can be used for a really long period. Convertible cribs are more expensive than the other options available in the market. Moreover, you might need to make some efforts from transitioning it from a crib to bed.

c. Bassinets

These are the most versatile options for the parents who do not have sufficient space to accommodate a standard crib. Bassinets can be easily kept in the parents’ room. It allows the parents to keep an eye on the baby without having to install a baby monitor.

Bassinets are also very mobile. They can be easily moved from one place to another as they are lightweight and comparatively smaller than the standard crib.

Some bassinets even offer the feature of rocking them back and forth. It is really helpful to calm your crying baby and help him to fall asleep faster.

However, the only drawback of these cribs is that they will no longer be usable after 6 months or when your baby learns to roll over. You will eventually have to move them to a bigger crib.

d. Travel Cribs

Travel cribs are ideal for parents who move a lot due to their professional commitments or for long vacations.

These cribs are super soft and lightweight. They can be easily carried from one place to the other. They are made from mesh or aluminum to keep them light and collapsible. Many brands provide a storage bag to store the crib when it is collapsed.

You can easily set up this crib in less than 30 seconds. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation then this crib is just the perfect choice for your baby.

However, remember that these cribs are a temporary solution when you are away from your home. They tend to wear and tear easily, hence not a very good option for your baby.

e. Mini Cribs

These cribs are an ideal choice for parents who have limited space for accommodating a crib. Mini cribs are what their name suggests, ‘mini’ but they provide the same features as a standard crib. It provides adjustable height mattress features, wheels to move the crib easily, etc.

Mini cribs can only be used for a limited time. Once your baby grows up and enters toddlerhood, you’ll be needing a new bed for him.

2. Budget

Once you have decided which type of crib you want for your baby, your next step should be to consider your budget.

It is very common for the parents to get easily swooned away by looking at the stylish and colorful cribs that match the theme of a nursery. These cribs are quite expensive, and honestly, your baby doesn’t really care about the style or color of the crib. What he will care about most is how comfortable and safe it is.

Instead of spending all your money on a crib, select the one that is pocket-friendly and leaves you with enough cash to buy other necessary baby items such as a high chair, car safety seat, bath accessories etc.

3. Size Of The Nursery

Do not forget to measure the size of the nursery before purchasing a crib for your baby. Decide where you will place the crib and how much space do you want the crib to take. You certainly don’t want the room to be full with just one crib. Think about the other pieces of furniture that will be kept in the nursery.

Note down the measurements of your room before you set out to buy the crib. Also, remember to ask the seller about the size of the crib. 

You should have enough space in the nursery to move around with your baby and spend some time with him. If the crib is too large then it will make the nursery congested, not to mention unsafe for the baby when he learns to crawl.

4. Easy To Clean

Life with a baby means to be on your toes around the clock. Therefore to save your time and efforts, invest in a crib that is easy to clean.

A crib is a place where your baby will be spending most of his time. You certainly don’t want it to be dirty, making it unhygienic for your child. The best solution is to get a crib that can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth.

If your crib has intricate designs, carvings, or embossed patterns, then dust can easily get stuck inside them. It takes a lot of time and effort to remove the dust. Refrain to buy the cribs that will make cleaning time-consuming and tougher for you. Select the one which can be effectively cleaned in less time.

5. Safety Features

The most important thing to consider is the safety of your little angel. Look for the following features when purchasing the baby crib:

a. Sidebars

Sidebars should not be widely spaced. Wide-spaced bars will not prevent the baby from slipping out or getting stuck.

Bars should have a maximum space of 2-3 inches and not more than that. Similarly, cribs that have cutouts either on the headboard or footboard, shouldn’t be purchased for safety purposes.

b. Corner Posts

The height of the corner posts should be a maximum of 1/16th inch and not more than that. Corner posts taller than this increase the risk of catching your baby’s clothes.

c. Fixed Side Or Drop Rail 

A crib with a fixed rail is a safer choice if you ask us. Nevertheless, if you want to get a crib that has the feature of drop rail then make sure it allows you to open it with one hand quickly.

Drop rails make it easy for the mothers to lower the babies and pick them up. But be very vigilant that it is tight and well secured. If it is easily openable then your toddler won’t need much time to figure out how to open it.

d. Teething Rails

Babies love to put everything in their mouths when they are teething. Without a speck of doubt, they will dive their tiny teeth in the rails to soothe their irritation. If a splinter or paint of the crib goes on in your baby’s mouth, it can be harmful to his gums. Keep this situation in mind and select a crib that offers teething rails.

Teething rails are transparent protective covers. It prevents your baby from hurting his gums or teeth.

6. Convenience

Once you have checked all the above-listed features, look for something that will help you too. There are many cribs available in the market that offer a few benefits for parents too.

a. Adjustable Mattress Height

Bending over to pick up your baby or to place him down can put stress on your back. The feature of adjusting the height of the baby can save you from the difficulty of bending over now and then. Once your baby grows up, you can lower the height of the mattress.

b. Drawers

Even if you have an entire house to store your baby’s items, it won’t be enough. To put it simply, the more space you get to store your baby’s things, the better.

Some cribs have drawers attached at their bottom. It becomes very convenient for the parents to store the baby’s blankets or other bedding items. You can also keep the items that you need frequently like your baby’s diapers and clothes.

c. Wheels 

Cribs that have wheels make it easier to move the crib around like a breeze. However, don’t forget to lock the wheels. If your baby moves a lot the crib might move.

7. Complements Your Furniture 

 Complements Your Furniture

This is probably the last thing to consider. When you are satisfied with all the above-listed things, then check if the crib complements the theme of your nursery and the other furniture placed therein.

Try to get the same color of the crib as the rest of the furniture.

In A Nutshell

Parents must invest in a crib that keeps their babies safe and comfortable. If the crib is uncomfortable or unsafe, then your babies won’t sleep comfortably, and as a result, they will be fussy and lazy throughout the day.

Make sure you consider the above crib buying guide to get the perfect little crib for your munchkin.

We sincerely hope that this article answered your question of ‘How to choose a crib for a newborn?’

What other things do you think are necessary to look for when buying a baby crib? Share it with us in the comments below.

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