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Stroller Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know - 10 Tips To Follow

Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

A baby stroller, also known as a pram or a pushchair, is a must-have newborn essential that helps encourage a strong bond between you and your baby. 

Simply put, a baby stroller is a hand-pushed vehicle that is used to carry a newborn from one place to the other.

Whether you’re heading to Rome or a restaurant, the right stroller can make all the difference. But just like any other type of transport, there are many risk factors involved with buying a stroller.

In this stroller safety guide, we’re going to highlight everything you need to know about this wonderful newborn baby essential. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Types Of Strollers

All-Purpose Strollers

As its name suggests, all-purpose strollers are designed for everyday activities. For instance, you can use all-purpose strollers to take your little one to the park or mall.

Full-Size Stroller

Full-size strollers are a long-term investment. Bigger and sturdier, these strollers will wheel your little one through the toddler years. 

These strollers come with a well-cushioned wide seat with a reclining feature. The super functional convertible design grows with your baby. 

The only downside is that these strollers are very heavy and bulky. You have to dedicate a spot for their storage. Needless to say, they’re expensive too. 

Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are also known as portable or travel strollers. These pushchairs are great for parents who are always on the go or have less space in their homes.

Convertible Strollers

Convertible strollers can transform from a single stroller to a double. If you’re planning to have two kids with a little gap, then these strollers can be your safest bid.

Double Strollers

Double strollers can accommodate two babies at a time. It’s an excellent choice for parents with twins or babies with a close age difference. Double strollers are available in two types - front to back and side-by-side.

Jogging Strollers

Next on our list are jogging strollers. These strollers are designed to move smoothly on rough surfaces. 

Benefits Of Buying A Baby Stroller

Benefits Of Buying A Baby Stroller

It’s Convenient

With your newborn in a stroller, you can handle your routine activities without any difficulty. If you already have a busy routine, a baby stroller enables you to focus on other activities while your little one stays happily and comfortably in a stroller.

Just ensure you choose a stroller that is handy and movable so that you can take that along wherever you go.

It Offers Comfort

Using a stroller doesn’t require any sort of specialized training. How to use the stroller for newborns and everything you need to know will be available in a product manual. Make sure you go through the instruction manual carefully before you start using a stroller. 

In addition, baby strollers provide incomparable comfort to your little one. There’s a soft padded seat with a strap that ensures the utmost comfort without compromising the safety of your child. 

There Are Many Safety Features

Present-day strollers come with a range of safety features. There is a safety belt or a harness that will keep your newborn in place. Also, almost all types of strollers also come with suspension that prevents your baby from falling when the road is bumpy or uneven. 

Ample Storage

Baby strollers also have adequate storage where you can place your baby’s essentials. There’s no need to carry separate bags and organizers either. 

Some baby strollers include a mesh or plastic tray underneath that you can use for storage. In addition, you can also use a mesh pouch given on the back to keep pacifiers, bottles, and other necessary yet small-sized essentials.

UV Rays Protection

Modern strollers include a canopy or umbrella to provide protection against harmful UV rays. These umbrellas are adjustable and their fabric is mostly water-resistant.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Strollers as mentioned above are a long-term investment. They’re generally available in steel and aluminum variants. The aluminum strollers are light-weight and handy, while the ones crafted from steel are heavier, sturdy, and bulky.

All in all, strollers are durable and long-lasting. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Baby Stroller

Strollers are expensive. That’s why it’s important that you pay attention to each and everything before you throw your hard-earned money on any product. 

Here are a few things you should consider before buying a baby stroller. 

Your Needs

First and most importantly, you should look for a stroller that is suitable for your individual needs. Do not fall for anything that is useful for your friend or colleague. A stroller that is good for them may not be a good option for you.

Your Location

Another important thing you must pay attention to is your location. If you live somewhere with rough surfaces and narrow lanes, you should look for options that are light-weight and handy. 

You must also look for options that come with suspension so that the stroller can move smoothly on rough terrains.

Suitability For Infants

Look for the stroller that comes with a deep recline mode so that you can put your newborn in a stroller from day one.

Some strollers even come with a neck support feature. If investing in a feature-rich expensive stroller isn’t currently an option, you can consider attaching a car seat to make your basic stroller infant-ready.


Strollers that can grow with your child are the options that are worthy of your trust and money. You can also consider investing in a double stroller that you can use for a long period of time.

Ease Of Use

The stroller you purchase must come with easy-to-handle features. Go for a test drive first and see how well you’re able to steer that on hilly terrains and uneven surfaces. 

Easy To Store

While big and bulky strollers look beautiful, they aren’t as practical and feature-rich as present-day portable stroller options.

If you don’t have a huge space in your home and vehicle, you may want to invest in light-weight and foldable options. 

Your Family

If you have two children with a little age gap, you can consider purchasing a double stroller. If you’re using a separate attachment, make sure you carefully go through the manufacturer’s instructions/weight guidelines.


When you’re purchasing a high-ticket item like a stroller it is critical to carefully examine what you’re getting in exchange for your money. 

Carefully check the list of features to see whether your preferred product is worth the price tag. Today, you can find a stroller in a price range of $50-$1,200. 

No, it’s not essential that you choose the one that is exorbitantly pricey, but it is wise to go beyond your budget if you’re getting a better product in a comparatively higher price range.

Your Budget

As discussed earlier, you don’t have to choose a product that is too expensive. There are many products available on the market that come with good features and a reasonable price range. Just ensure you keep your budget in mind before you choose any product for your little one’s use.

Stroller Safety Tips

Did you know more than 10,000 stroller-related injuries were reported back in 2016?

Unfortunately, not everyone’s aware of the potential risks a newborn could face while using strollers.

One of the best ways you can avert the risk of preventable stroller-related injuries is to be well-informed about stroller safety tips. 

Safety features


The brakes on your stroller should not be too difficult to apply. For added safety, you must look for a model that comes with disc brakes. 

Always stop your pram using brakes, and don’t forget to check them for performance from time to time.

Safety Harness

A safety harness or a strap belt is another crucial feature to have in your pushchair. There’s an increased risk of your baby slipping out of a pram when they’re not restrained properly.

It is best to invest in a stroller that comes with a five points harness. Generally, all prams come inherently with a safety harness, but if yours doesn’t, you have to buy it separately.


If you’re planning to buy a double stroller, make sure you select a stroller that has a single footrest instead of two.

The gap between twin footrests can trap your baby’s feet and can cause an injury.

Locking Mechanism

Look for the strollers that come with a double locking system. There should be no gaps where your baby’s fingers or feet could get caught in case the stroller collapses.

Always go through the product manual and manufacturer’s instructions ahead of using any product for your newborn. 

The Angle Of The Backrest

If you’re using your stroller for a newborn, double-check if it has a reclining feature. Remember, if the angle of the backrest isn’t flat, the stroller wouldn’t provide complete neck support to your infant. 


Stability is another factor you must pay attention to before you buy a stroller for your little one. Generally, strollers that include a wide base are more stable than prams with a narrow base. 

It’s also crucial to understand that you should not put more weight than recommended on your stroller. 

Weight Limit

It is best to know the weight limit of the pram you’re investing in. Do not keep shopping bags, boxes, and other heavy stuff in a pram.

Similarly, if your stroller is designed for a single child, do not try to accommodate two kids at a time as it may disturb the balance of the pram and may result in an injury.


It’s definitely a good idea to choose a stroller that comes with multiple add-ons. Some products come with an extra netting that you can use to protect your infant from insects and mosquitoes. Some prams include a canopy or a water-resistant umbrella. Choose something that best fits your needs.

Safety Tips

Always Use A Safety Belt

You cannot predict what your child’s next move will be. Many children, especially toddlers stand up in their prams and move around. 

Always use a safety belt or a harness to keep your little one safe from slips and falls. 

Never Leave Your Pram Out In The Sunshine

During hot weather, never leave your stroller out in the sunshine.  Always park your pram in a shaded area and keep an eye on the temperature when you put the newborn in a stroller.

Use Brakes

Always use brakes when you want to stop your stroller. Also, never leave pram on a slope without applying brakes. 

Never Cover Your Stroller With A Blanket

Do not cover your stroller with a blanket or a cloth to keep your baby cool in sweltering weather. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is to cover their newborns with a cloth assuming it will keep their baby cool. But it generally results in more temperature that could be risky for your newborn.

Don’t Leave Your Baby Unattended

No matter how advanced and feature-rich your pram is, never leave your infant unattended in the stroller.

Don’t Put More Weight Than Suggested

As mentioned earlier, you must never put more weight than suggested in a stroller. Items run the risk of falling into the pram, and this practice can severely injure your little one.

Choose A Stroller That Suits Your Lifestyle

Choose A Stroller That Suits Your Lifestyle

With so many options available on the market, it could be overwhelming for you to choose a product that is both comfortable and safe. 

Instead of following others' footsteps, make sure you buy something that suits your lifestyle. 

Keep Hold Of A Warranty Card

Make sure you safely store your stroller’s warranty card. Do not purchase a product that has already been recalled before. 

Be Careful With Toys

It’s perfectly okay if you want to hang some toys on your pram. Just ensure they’re fastened properly.

Key Takeaway

Knowing about stroller’s safety is one of the most critical steps of purchasing a pram. Choose a product that is durable, sturdy, and comfortable. 

Don’t forget to check the available safety features, including a harness, brakes, and footrest.

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