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Things To Consider Before Buying Baby Nursery Furniture

Things To Consider Before Buying Baby Nursery Furniture

Your baby is about to arrive. You’re worried about changing the layout of the room and clearing some space to set up its nursery.

All you want is the best baby nursery furniture in your house. You want to rush to the baby store to buy all nursery essentials at the most reasonable price.

 After all, you want a layout that is elegant, beautiful for a nursery, and luxuriously comfortable for your baby, don’t you?

However, before you buy any nursery furniture, you might want to consider a lot of things like safety, usefulness, the long-term orientation of the item, the comfort of your baby, and most importantly, whether it will fit in your budget or not.

So, to help you buy nursery essentials that cater to all your needs, we have gathered all the tips you need before going to the furniture store.   

Carefully Observe The Available Space

Carefully Observe The Available Space

Before you do any shopping, it is important that you have a good idea of the available space. If you’re planning to turn an old room into the baby’s nursery then you must have spacious accommodation. However, if you’ve to accommodate nursery furniture within your own room, then you might want to look for smart, portable choices.

Having an idea of available space before you go shopping with your hard-earned money is preferred. And, the fact that you're newborn will grow fast, a congested room layout is not what you want. 

You want to have enough space to sleep the baby peacefully and help it play as it grows a few months older. So, careful examination of available space is the first step in building a baby nursery. Everything you buy will depend upon the available space.

Research And Prepare A Budget

Before you buy anything for your baby’s nursery, we want you to conduct some research. This research has to be done during the pregnancy months. 

The arrival of the baby would automatically push you into a busy and exhausting routine. So, you need to find time for this nursery shopping before the delivery.

Doing research will give you an idea of where you can save and what you should buy. Research is also essential to understand the safety issues that are common with the quality of nursery furniture. You might want to sort the items that are easy to handle and suit your budget.

After thorough research in buying baby furniture sets, you would want to prepare a budget. Budgeting will help you to keep expenses within your grasp.

You won’t feel any stress about buying anything if you prepare a suitable budget. Budgeting and research will also guide your decision on whether you should buy new or used furniture.

So, save yourself the hurdle from doing sudden shopping and losing the grip on money. Research and prepare a budget for baby nursery essentials during pregnancy.

Plan Long-term

You might want to think long-term if you don’t want to waste a good amount of cash. Long-term planning will also allow you to consider the needs of the growing baby.

Thinking long-term will not only help you plan better for your baby when it grows into a toddler, but it will also help you save a lot.

Instead of going for a crib of a small size that will only serve your use for a newborn, you can go for a large cot that adjusts in size. It will also allow you to sleep a toddler after several months. 

Long-term planning is recommended to help you avoid wasting money and buying nursing essentials of good, durable quality. 

Prefer Baby’s Comfort Over Style

When you’re out to buy baby nursery furniture, you find fashionable colors and designs attractive. However, don’t allow yourself to fall for the beautiful designs and colors. Rather, prioritize your baby’s comfort over everything. 

What good is the furniture; a cot or a crib, if your baby cannot find it comfortable and sleep peacefully for the most part of the day? Compromising on your baby’s comfort in exchange for style is not recommended at all. Therefore, make sure whenever you go to purchase your furniture, you must look for the utmost comfort.

Pick A Convenient Choice

When looking for nursing essentials such as sleeping furniture, you could go with convenient options. Your convenience matters the most here as you would be involved tirelessly with the baby. Sleepless nights are common, so anything that fits with your bedside will do the trick.

You can go for a crib. But, since it consumes a lot of space, we would recommend you to try a bassinet. It’s light, safe, and takes much less space than a crib. If you’re interested in exploring more alternatives, then we would recommend you go for a bedside sleeper.

This is common nursery furniture for newborns as it fits easily with the adult bed. You can check on your little angel late at night. However, you certainly need to consider the safety issues of a bedside sleeper.

Risks that come with the use of bedside sleepers are lack of safety, instability, and breathiness. Plus, the grilled sides can also be risky as the head and limbs could be trapped with little movement. 

Also, the limbs may be trapped between the bedside sleeper and your sleeping bed. Therefore, whatever is convenient to you must be your choice for baby essentials. Remember, the safety of your baby is the priority.

Invest In Cots For A Safer Choice

If you’re looking for a safer option in comparison to sleeper and bassinets, you might want to invest in cots. Also, make sure to consider the following prior to making a purchase of a baby cot:

  • The grilled sides must be narrow with not more than a distance of two fingers between the rails
  • The cot must be strong to sustain the baby’s weight.
  •  Locks and other safety features must be suitable as well.
  • A cot is not what you need if your baby has learned to climb.  

Don’t Compromise On The Firmness Of The Mattress

It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft as your baby needs a mattress that is ideally firm and comfortable. A soft mattress is a compromise on the baby’s safety. 

A firm mattress should top your list of nursing essentials to shop for. The mattress should also fit perfectly in the crib leaving not even a finger space on the sides. Plus, your baby’s mattress must meet the breathability criteria.

 The fabric must be breathable. This, in turn, will help you sleep your baby through the night in royal comfort. So, remember to not compromise on the firmness of the mattress.

Get A Changing Table With Sufficient Space

An important baby essential is a changing table. Changing tables are excellent to put your baby down, and change the diaper and clothes of your baby. However, you need to be careful when you buy this nursing essential. 

Go for a nursing table that has enough space to help your baby lie on their back comfortably. Anything with congested space will irritate your baby. Plus, you don’t want to wrestle with your baby while changing their clothes.

Besides, looking for a safe, spacious changing table, you can also explore baby furniture sets that provide a dresser with changing tables. The base of the dresser also adds more stability to the changing table. It becomes safer with the added dresser.

Therefore, it is preferable that you choose a changing table that is spacious, safe and one that comes with a dresser.

Look for Combos

Buying baby furniture could be hard on your pocket. It is expensive and the fact that your baby grows instantly, looking for the best nursing essentials is also challenging.

As a result, we recommend you to look beyond one-piece essentials. Rather, you need to be smarter and ask the salesperson of baby essential stores to show you combos.

Try getting a crib that expands into a larger size so you can also sleep a toddler in the future. Combos will save money and also solve your problem of not enough space. 

So, look for combos to get the best value for your money.

Invest In High Baby Chair

A baby chair could be easily found in the most colorful area of the store selling baby nursery furniture. Chairs come in exciting colors and also serve the essential nursing purpose of feeding.

 As mentioned several times, your baby grows fast; you will need a chair after a few months. We recommend you invest in a high baby chair as it will fulfill your need for nursing essentials for a longer time than usual.  

Minimize The Mobility Risks With Barriers

Babies are joyful creatures to watch when they crawl. Crawling for them is fun. You can enjoy it too. However, you can’t give the little brain of an explorer too much freedom. It’s important to place safety barriers. 

Babies are fast in learning to move and they wouldn’t think before crawling up the staircase. Their increased mobility though has to be encouraged; it comes with safety risks too. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you take immediate action to minimize their movement as much as possible. Place barriers on the side of the bed and around the staircase, so that your baby does not risk hurting them when they crawl.

Travel and Special Moments

People love to make memories when their newborn starts growing. Surely, there can’t be a more beautiful occasion for making memories. You may want to go on a trip or walk with your baby. 

Why should you not travel when all essential nursing gear is readily available for you to purchase. To make sure you happily travel, we have included a few essentials that are ideal for travel with your baby.

Check The Safety Of Portable Cots

If you’re planning a cool vacation with your newborn, then a portable cot is what will help you save energy. You won’t get exhausted with nursing your baby in the first place. Plus, it will be a lot easier for you to sleep with your baby during travel. 

Portable and foldable cots are also suitable when you have little room space. However, you should also check the safety of these portable cots. They may be adjustable in size but should have the strength to bear the baby’s weight and movements without a scratch.

Pick A Fashionable And Safe Pram

Pick A Fashionable And Safe Pram

If you would love to walk your baby, then a fashionable pram that also ideally meets the safety criteria is all you need. The pram may sound like an extravagant expense.

 However, it is nursing essential and may prove its usefulness when you walk your baby on the streets. So, when you go shopping for baby nursing furniture, you might want to look for a safe pram that is equally fashionable.

Accommodate A Baby Rocker For Special Moments

No matter how much-limited space you have in your room or in your house, you wouldn’t want to compromise on buying a baby rocker. We would not advise you against it either. You should go for it. 

However, make sure that the baby rocker you buy is made with quality material. Plus, you should be able to hang toys on the side and feed your baby on it as they grow older.

 Also, a baby rocker is also what parents want for celebrating special moments with their babies. So, you would surely not want to miss out on this one. Make sure that the one you get is safe and offers the most features at affordable prices.


In conclusion, it is essential that you have a long-term orientation toward buying nursery furniture. Baby furniture sets are not cheap and therefore, require proper research and budgeting. 

You also might want to look for combos and portable furniture that solves your space issues. It is essential to plan, prioritize cost-saving, but not at the expense of the comfort and safety of your baby. Not even at the least.

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