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Tips For New Moms: 5 Life-Changing Tips Every New Mom Should Know

Tips For New Moms

Becoming a mother for the first time is a life-altering moment that will completely change you from the inside. It is one of those moments when the parents, especially the mother, are on the 7th Sky and cannot wait to welcome their tiny bundles of joy.

As delightful as it is to become a mother, the life after having a baby doesn’t remain the same. Your appetite, mood, sleep, social life, etc. will be affected. No wonder that mothers will always prioritize their babies before anything else, but there are certain days when she’d feel low.

It will not be easy to take care of your little one while you manage your house chores, professional commitments, or entertaining your guests, etc. Your baby will keep you on your toes and will expect you to give him your undivided attention around the clock. Things are sure to get tough for you.

But, you need not worry because in today’s article we have compiled 5 life-changing tips and tricks for new moms that will help you to play your new role effectively without compromising on your wellbeing.

Here Are The 5 Life-Changing Tips Every New Mom Should Know

1. Prepare Before The Arrival Of The Baby

Prepare Before The Arrival Of The Baby

The popular belief ‘go with the flow,’ is not going to work when it comes to welcoming a new family member. If you are hosting a party at your place, will you make the arrangements after the arrival of your guests? Your answer would be no.

Just as you prepare yourself and your house for welcoming the guests, then you must do the same for your baby too. Because, unlike guests, he is going to make a permanent place in the house.

All your preparations should be done at least 2 months before your due date. The following tips will help you to prepare yourself before the arrival of the baby.

i. Purchase Necessary Baby Items

Do not wait for the baby to come to shop for him. Keep all the things ready for him. Purchase soft and comfortable clothes for him. Do not go overboard as your baby will outgrow them quickly and your money would go to waste. Invest in a few pieces for the first few weeks and then purchase the clothes as he grows.

Clothes aren’t the only things that your baby would need. He’ll also need a swaddling blanket, bibs, burp cloths, and how can we forget? Tons of diapers. Keep everything ready in the nursery.

You will also need to invest in some baby accessories & gears such as an infant car seat, a high chair, bouncers, etc. Baby gears are quite expensive but luckily they are not mandatory to be purchased. If you are on a tight budget then you can skip buying these gears. Your baby won’t even need it for the first few months. Therefore, if you want to wait before investing in these gears, it is perfectly fine.

However, before buying the baby furniture and gears, ensure that you do your research and select the appropriate thing for your baby.

ii. Stock Up Your Freezer

Standing in the kitchen and preparing the meals would be the last thing that you’ll want when you are physically and mentally drained. Sure you can order the food or grab takeaways, but for how many days? Moreover, it is not going to be a substitute for homemade food.

To solve this problem stock your freezer. This will help you immensely on the days when you are feeling low and tired. You’ll just have to microwave the food and it can be even done by your partner.

A simple way to do this is to double the recipe when you cook. Freeze half of it to be used after the arrival of the baby.

iii. Clean And Organize Your Home 

After having a baby, taking a bath will also become a luxury. You will miss your pre-baby days where you could pamper yourself during bath time. Cleaning and organizing your house after your baby has arrived in the house is a preposterous idea. Do it when the baby is inside you.

Clean and organize your home. Prepare a nursery and stock important things for your baby. Also, declutter your house. Make a basket of the things that you do not need or haven’t used in the previous few months. Donate those things, or sell them to earn some extra cash for baby shopping. 

iv. Stock Extra Groceries

You wouldn’t want to run to the nearest store after a few days of delivering your baby because you ran out of toothpaste?

Keep one month’s stock of groceries before your due date. Order extra soaps, shampoos, detergents, etc. so you don’t have to leave your house after a few days of having a baby.

v. Prepare Your Hospital Bag

The most important item on your baby arrival checklist!

Prepare your bag as soon as your last month starts.  Keep all the important things inside your bag. Take the advice of your mother, or from a friend who has babies. They will guide you about the items that you’ll need in the hospital.

If they offer to help you with packing the bag, accept their help and thank them. 

2. Strive For Perfect Nutrition 

Your body will undergo a lot of changes after the birth of your baby. It will lose a lot of energy, calcium, and other necessary minerals. To keep yourself active and charged up for looking after your baby, you must take a proper diet rich in nutrients and minerals.

The best advice for new moms is not to worry about their weight and eat to restore their energy and recover from the process of giving birth.

i. Aim For Protein At Each Meal

You will feel hungry and crave to eat the food all day long, or at nighttime too. This is because when you will breastfeed your baby your body will use up a lot of energy. This could make you feel lethargic and hungry.

Do not munch crisps and crackers. They will make you feel full but are not dense in nutrients. Opt to include protein in every meal. It will help your tissues and muscles to heal and keep you full for a good number of hours.

Eat boiled eggs, fish, meat, chicken, Greek yogurt, etc. to fulfill your body’s daily requirement of protein.

ii. Snack On Fresh Fruits And Veggies

Vegetables and fruits are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals which your body will be in a dire need of after having a baby.

Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables to satiate your hunger at odd hours. You can also prepare fresh juices and shakes if you do not have time to eat the fruits.

iii. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

The importance of drinking an adequate amount of water cannot be emphasized enough. Lack of sleep, tired body, breastfeeding the baby, etc. will exhaust you. If your water intake is low then you may feel dizzy. Keep yourself hydrated and aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep yourself refreshed.

iv. Do Not Skip Meals 

New moms are often worried about their weight gain after having a baby. They get anxious about fitting into their pre-baby clothes and for this reason, they adopt crazy ways to lose weight.

Not only are these ways ineffective, but also harmful. Do not skip your meals to lose extra pounds of fat. Do not get anxious and compare your body to others. Love your body as it was the first home of your baby before he met you.

Skipping meals will make your body go into starvation mode that is going to contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Eat your meals properly to stay active and healthy for your little one.

3. Aim For Quality Sleep

Sleepless nights are part of your parenting journey. Sleep deprivation can make you feel lethargic, lazy, or even irritated. This can impede you to take proper care of your baby.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you do not compromise on your sleep. Use the following tips and tricks to catch up on your sleep and recharge your body to look after your little angel.

i. Sleep When The Baby Sleep

Parents might see it as a golden opportunity to finish up their pending tasks when the baby is sound asleep. You may want to watch a movie, do the dishes, or a few rounds of laundry when your baby is sleeping. But, we would strongly suggest you take a nap when your baby sleeps.

Wake up before your baby and then do your unfinished tasks. It will take a few days to adjust your sleep timings with your little one, but you will get a hang of it.

ii. Set The Environment 

If you find it hard to sleep when the sun is shining brightly and the whole world is awake, then keep your room dark and cozy to help you fall asleep.

Use dark curtains to block the light from entering your room.

iii. Keep The Baby Close To You 

A lot of new mothers are afraid that if they sleep they won’t be able to hear the wails of their babies. If you are one of those mothers, then let us assure you that it’s not going to happen. Infants have the superpower to wake their parents up from their deep sleep by crying their eyes out.

If you are worried that you won’t hear your baby and stay awake for this reason, then make your babies sleep with you. Use a bassinet to keep your baby near you while you sleep.

iv. Use A Baby Monitor

Another tip to make you sleep without worrying about your baby is to install a baby monitor in the nursery. You can easily check on your baby and run to them if they need you.

4. Don’t Forget Your Partners

The majority of new mamas forget about their partners when they welcome their tiny bundles of joy. They might not realize it, but their partners miss their presence and the time they used to spend together.

After having a baby, do not make our partner go into the background. Try to spend time with him and stay close to him just like pre-baby days. 

Use the following tips to spend time with your partners and involve them in the parenting journey.

i. Let Your Partner Help You

Let Your Partner Help You

Generally, the babies find it hard to bond with their daddies. Because the babies don’t get to see their daddies much and it’s the mommies who look after their every need.

To involve your partner and help him to form a strong bond with the baby, ask him to help you. The new mothers want to do all the tasks by themselves and keep the baby happy. The fathers usually just sit back and observe the things.

Instead of keeping your partners in the background, let them give you a helping hand to bring up the baby. Teach them how to prepare formula milk, how to swaddle the baby, and even how to change a dirty diaper. 

ii. Go On Dates

There is no harm in going on dates with your husband and asking someone reliable to babysit. We understand that it will be difficult for you to leave your baby and have fun with your partner, but you don’t have to be away for months or days. Just take out a few hours and spend them with your partners.

You don’t have to go fancy with your dates, a stroll in the park, a long drive, or even a movie night at home will do the same wonders for your relationship.

5. Ask For, And Accept Help

You might feel uncomfortable asking for help. Instead of taking extra responsibilities and burden yourself, it is always a good idea to ask for help. Your friends and family members would love to extend their helping hands when you are busy with your little one.

Everybody understands that new mothers need time to adapt to their new lives and look after themselves and their babies. Asking for help doesn’t make you incompetent or a bad mother. If you have someone to help you, it will allow you to spend more time with your baby without getting anxious about your house chores, picking up groceries, looking after your family, etc.

If a friend or family member offers you their help, then do not turn it down. Let them help you with the baby or your other chores. You can ask for their help in setting up the nursery, organizing your house, preparing meals, etc. Asking for, and accepting help will make your life easier. You would be able to finish up your tasks and spend extra time with your baby, or with yourself.

Wrapping It Up

Welcoming your baby can be an exciting experience for you. A little preparation can help you do your best for yourself and your baby.

But remember, do not feel low if you make mistakes or if things don’t go according to your plan. Sometimes your baby might have some other plans and you have no choice but to surrender.

Therefore mamas, do not worry if the beautiful journey of parenting becomes bumpy. You don’t have to be the perfect mama according to the standards set by society. You are perfect in every possible way for your baby and that’s what matters the most!

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