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Top 10 Parenting Hacks For Making Life Easier With A Newborn

 Parenting Hacks

Becoming a parent, especially if it’s for the first time can be quite overwhelming. The feelings of happiness, anxiety, fear, excitement, etc. are sure to keep you surrounded until the baby arrives.

Newborns just weigh a few pounds, but those tiny chunks can swallow most of the time of your day. Having a newborn in the house means unscheduled crying sessions, stinking diapers, tons of laundry to be done, etc.

Not one parent of a newborn or a toddler has ever said that ‘we have free time.’ Taking out time after having a baby is without the speck of doubt quite challenging. Parents have to keep up their professional commitments, do all the house chores, and provide their undivided attention to the baby who has just arrived.

Parents often juggle between their jobs, responsibilities, and making themselves available for their babies. By the end of the day, most of the parents are surprised to see where their time went by. They feel as if they haven’t done much for the baby or taken out a few minutes for themselves.

This feeling is natural to come. However, don’t forget, No one is a perfect parent. Neither do the kids want perfect parents, instead, they want happy parents. Therefore, if you are worried about not being a perfect parent then relax! And remember that nobody is perfect. Just as every child is different, similar is the case with parents.

You don’t have to be a perfect parent to nurture your child. Rather, you have to be a smart parent. A parent who does a lot in less time. Being a millennial you must have heard the mantra that is chanted frequently ‘work smart not hard’. Apply the same mantra in parenting too.

Below we have made a list of a few baby hacks to make life easier. The list doesn’t only contain parenting tips for newborns but also a few parenting hacks for a toddler.

Keep scrolling and find out the hacks of smart parenting:

1. Get Organized

 Get Organized

If a guest is coming over to stay with you, will you make preparations after his arrival? Silly questions, right? You’ll spend days making the necessary arrangements for your guest. Then, why do you forget to do the same with your baby?

Thinking to get organized after the baby is a hilarious idea. The little one will keep you occupied for long hours. You will hardly get time to enjoy a long hot shower, watching a movie, etc. let alone getting organized.

Therefore, to avoid the hassle and mess, make sure you organize yourself and your house before the arrival of the baby. Clean out all the extra stuff that you haven’t used in the past few years. Purchase the necessary furniture for your baby such as a high chair, cot, car seat, etc.

If your things and house are organized before the arrival of the baby, you will get more to spend with the baby without having to worry about getting yourself organized.

2. Ask Questions To The Doctors

Expecting your first child and the floods of advice and suggestions, wherever you go are sure to follow.

Do not believe everything that you hear from your friends or family members. What works for one baby doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll work for yours too. The right person to ask all the questions about your pregnancy and the baby's health is a doctor.

If you have any questions regarding your health or any concerns related to the health of the baby your doctor is the right person to ask all questions. Don’t be shy to sound annoying for asking too many questions.

Ask your doctor each and everything that you may feel will help you in taking care of your baby. Taking suggestions from friends and family may confuse and not to mention that it might affect the baby adversely.

Consult a pediatrician for all the problems of the baby.

3. Make A Diaper Changing Kit

Diaper changing is not something anybody would enjoy. Unfortunately, we don’t have any hack to make it enjoyable, but we do have a trick to make the process quick and easy.

A newborn needs loads of diapers and sometimes it needs to change after every few minutes. Make a diaper basket. Yes, you read it right. Make one portable diaper basket where you can keep all the things that are needed during a diaper change in one place.

You can easily move this basket wherever you want to change the diaper, be it the baby’s room or yours.  Keep the following items in your basket:

  • Diapers (Of course…lots of it)
  • Rash Cream 
  • Baby wipes 
  • Dignity Sheet
  • Paper bags to discard the soiled diapers

4. Prepare An Emergency Bag

With a newborn, you can never be sure of what might happen the next minute. Newborns can be unpredictable. There is no way parents can predict what their little one wants the very next minute. 

Hence, the only solution to this problem is to be always prepared. For this purpose, make sure you prepare a baby emergency bag. You can keep this bag whenever you go outside with the baby. Unlike adults, a baby cannot wait to poop until he is back home. Parents always have to be prepared to change the diaper in case the baby soils the diaper.

Put diapers, rash creams, baby wipes, dignity sheets, baby clothes, hand sanitizer, and a unisex shirt for you and your partner (in case if things get messier). Place this bag near your entrance, so that you can carry it along with you every time you go outside.

5. Make Use Of The Golden Hours

On average a newborn sleeps for 16 hours a day in small stretches, and they love to wake up their moms in the middle of the night. It is understandable that you might not get enough rest to keep you active throughout the day.

The simple solution to this problem is to manage your sleep time with your baby. I am sure you are wondering how we can doze off when we have a long to-do list. You don’t have to sleep every time the baby sleeps. Observe when your baby sleeps the longest, and try to sleep at that time.

Being well-rested will enable you to stay active for your baby. Inadequate sleep will make you feel lethargic and frustrated. Remember, a baby can sense your frustration, and you don’t want that, right?

Catch up on your sleep to stay active and focused throughout the day.

6. Become A Superstar At Swaddling

A newborn loves it when you swaddle him. He loves being warm and firmly wrapped in swaddle blankets. Swaddling the baby mimics the environment of a womb, warm and cozy. If you haven’t paid much attention to swaddling, then without wasting another second, read the following benefits to start doing it right away.

  • It maintains the optimum temperature for the baby’s body.
  • Swaddling puts light pressure on the baby’s belly which in turn helps to soothe the colic and makes the baby comfortable.
  • It helps the baby to sleep longer and peacefully.
  • It prevents the baby from scratching their delicate faces.
  • Babies who are swaddled experience less anxiety and fear.
  • Swaddling reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). When babies sleep on their stomachs, they are at a higher risk of SIDS. Making the baby sleep in a swaddle allows him to sleep on his back.
  • Swaddling can benefit the parents too, while the baby is sleeping parents can take naps too.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those swaddle blankets and become a superstar in swaddling.

7. Establish A Routine

Unlike adults, newborns and toddlers do not like spontaneous activities. They prefer to have a routine as it makes them feel familiar and comfortable in their environment.

Try to establish a routine as early as possible. Make a schedule of their daily activities and try to follow it religiously.  Put them to sleep at the same time, feed them at the proper time, and even take the babies for strolls at a fixed time.

Having a routine helps the baby to feel relaxed, protected, and familiar with his environment. A relaxed baby is a happier baby and he is least likely to throw a tantrum.

Observe when and what your baby requires and try to adjust their routine accordingly.

8. Save Your Time

We all get 24 hours in a day. However, for the parents of the newborns, these hours are nowhere near to what they need in an entire day.’

Unfortunately, you will only get 24 hours a day no matter how many tasks you have. However, you can manage your time effectively and finish up all your work of the day. Sometimes, getting time is not an issue but rather its management becomes an issue.

A few simple tips below will help you to save your time so that you can complete all your chores without compromising on looking after the baby.

9. Become A Multitasker 

Look for ways where you can multitask. Plug on your Bluetooth device for a call, put your baby in a carrier, this way your hands will be free and you can easily do your work.

10. Online Shopping

Leaving your house, getting into the car, reaching the grocery store, collecting the items, and then waiting in the queue for billing can consume a lot of your time. Take your smartphone and order all the groceries online.

When the stores are kind enough to deliver their goods at your doorsteps, then why not avail this service and save your time?

11. Prioritize Your Tasks 

Before going to bed every night, make a list of the tasks that you have to do the next day. Prioritize your tasks that are important and urgent. This will help you to stay focused and spend your time only on the important task. The less important tasks can wait.

12. Spend Time With Your Partner 

 Spend Time With Your Partner

Often when the couple becomes a parent they are completely absorbed in their new roles and forget about their partner and relationship. While you and your partners may be at ease about it but the baby senses the relationship his parents have with each other.

Take out time for your partners. Go on dates. Laugh and flirt just like pre-baby days. Ask your friend or a family member to look after your baby for a few hours while you and your partner enjoy a romantic evening with your partner

Spending quality time with your partners has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and makes the person feel more happy and relaxed.

Happy and relaxed parents can keep the baby happy. It also helps to strengthen the bond with the baby.

13. Subscribe To Newsletters

Just as the doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. stay updated with all the latest news, studies, and research to ace in their fields, then why should a parent be left behind? After all, parents have a huge responsibility to bring up a citizen for a better society.

So, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates, news, discounts, and much more.

Wrapping It Up!

Parenting is a bumpy ride with numerous jolts and shakes, but it is the most exciting and rewarding one.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to parenting. Everyone has their way to do the best for their tiny humans. The only reason why we shared a few hacks with you is to help you to make your life and this beautiful journey of parenting easy.

Don’t feel upset or low if you make mistakes or if things don’t go your way. All these things simply mean that you are constantly trying to provide the best to your child. Therefore, keep trying and keep learning.

And remember, you are enough for your child. You are all that he needs!

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