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Top 13 Baby Sleep Tips That'll Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Top 13 Baby Sleep Tips That'll Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

A baby sleeping peacefully is a beautiful sight to behold. The sleeping time of babies means a golden time for the parents. It allows the tired parents to take a nap or to finish their incomplete chores.

Getting a night of good sleep is not only healthy for adults, but also the babies. You may be wondering that babies don’t have to do much except for lying, feeding, and soiling their diapers. However, baby need better and more sleep than an adult.

Every baby has a different sleep pattern. Some babies sleep more than they stay awake, while other babies love to stay awake to observe what is happening around them. Either way is completely normal.

How Much Sleep Does A Baby Need?

How much sleep does baby need

As stated earlier that every baby has a different routine and requirement which affects their sleeping pattern. Infants need the most amount of sleep and as they grow up it gradually decreases.

The infra paragraphs describe the number of sleep babies and toddlers need throughout the day.

0-4 Months

A baby may sleep for up to 18 hours a day. They can easily sleep for 3-4 at a time. During this period, it is normal for babies to sleep during the day and wake up in the middle of the night to feed. As he grows older, he will eventually stay awake during the day and will sleep at night.

4-12 Months

Babies of this age group may sleep for 14 hours a day. During this phase, babies need more short naps than longer naps. 

The duration of the short nap can be around 20 minutes and longer ones can be for 3 hours.

1-2 Years

Toddlers sleep for 11-14 hours a day. During this time, they don’t need to take several naps throughout the day. Napping once or twice a day is enough for them.

3-5 Years

During this phase sleeping for 10-12 hours, a day will be enough for your child. He can even stay active throughout the day if he naps just once. By this time, children sleep longer at night.

Importance Of Sleep For Babies

Just like an adult, a baby too needs to have proper sleep to stay fresh and healthy. Disturbed sleep or insufficient duration of sleep can not only impede the growth of the baby but can also make him cranky. 

A fussy baby will not let you complete your chores or take a rest!

1. Promotes Growth

A baby that gets adequate sleep stays healthy as his body gets ample rest to secrete growth hormones.

Furthermore, getting good periods of sleep strengthens one's immune system. During sleep, our body produces a special type of protein known as cytokines. This protein fights infections, illness, and stress.

So, if you want keep your child away from viruses and bacteria then you must make sure they are getting quality sleep

2. Maintains A Healthy Weight

A baby who doesn’t get enough sleep might struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. When babies are not well-rested they often throw a tantrum and it becomes difficult for parents to soothe them.

Generally, when the babies cry, parents feed them to soothe them. This leads the baby to seek comfort in feeding even when he is not hungry. Feeding the child or giving him the bottle, when he is not hungry might overfeed him and make him gain unhealthy weight.

3. Keeps The Baby Active 

How does your day go if you only sleep for 3-4 hours at night? You stay lazy and feel lethargic throughout the day. The same thing happens with the babies.

Not getting enough sleep makes them lazy and clumsy during the day. They are unable to focus on anything and constantly try to take a nap.

The importance of sleep is not only limited to the ones mentioned above. There are many other benefits that you and your baby can reap if you improve the quality and duration of your child’s sleep.

If you want to help your baby to sleep through the night and are looking for newborn baby sleep tips, then you are at the right place.

We have gathered 13 tips that will teach you how to get a baby to sleep faster and longer. Keep reading to have more peaceful nights.

Top 13 Baby Sleep Tips That'll Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

1. Swaddling The Baby

The arrival of the baby is not only a new experience for parents but also the newborn himself. Before coming into this world, the only place he was familiar with was his mother’s comforting womb.

A baby feels unsafe in his new environment for the first few weeks. They also possess a startle reflex in which they feel as if they are falling. These reflexes often result in jerking movements that wake the baby up.

By swaddling your baby you can prevent him from waking up in the middle of the night. Swaddling also mimics the environment of a womb. It helps the baby to feel safe and relaxed in his new environment. 

2. Dream Feed

To avoid the baby from waking up in the middle of the night to feed, here is a tip: Dream Feed them.

Dream Feed refers to feeding the baby while they are in the state of sleep. This prevents the baby from getting up in the middle of the night because they get hungry.

The best time to dream feed a baby is when the parents are retiring to bed. A baby who is fed well enough will not wake up when the parents are sound asleep. This will be a win-win situation for both parents and the babies.

3. Limit The Naps During The Day

This is one of the most effective newborn baby sleep tips. When a baby will have limited hours of sleep during the day, his body will be exhausted and he will sleep longer at night to catch up on the missed hours of sleep during the day.

Try to engage your baby in different activities throughout the day. Have a reading time, take your baby for stroll, have playtime, etc. However, don’t force your baby to stay awake when he is really tired or needs to sleep. Just try to make sure that the lengths of those naps are no longer otherwise your little munchkin will stay active at night.

4. Use White Noises

White noises are miraculous to soothe a baby to sleep. White noises are the ones with the same level of amplitude and frequency throughout the frequency range.

White noises mimic the environment of the mother’s womb and it soothes the baby. To create the white noise, you can either place a fan in the same room where the baby is sleeping or you can simply produce the ‘shhh’ sound from your mouth. 

White noises help a baby to sleep faster and longer.

5. Develop A Routine

Making the life of the baby disciplined helps him to stay prepared for the next thing. For instance, if you have developed a routine of reading before bedtime, your baby will expect you to do it and he will adapt to it quickly.

Don’t wait for the baby to grow up to set his routine. Start early so that he can adjust to it more quickly. Try to feed him and wake him at the same time so that he knows what he is supposed to be doing next.

Having a routine also keeps the baby relaxed and doesn’t mess up with his needs.

6. Set The Environment

Setting up the environment for sleeping peacefully is essential for babies. If you want your babies to sleep longer and deeper, then try to make some extra efforts for it.

Make sure to dim the lights of the room. Draw dark curtains to block the light from outside. Set his crib and then place him inside it.

Make sure that the environment is not noisy. Switch the TV, lower the volume of your cell phone, and request the family members to lower their voices to let the baby sleep.

7. Don’t Rush To Calm The Baby

This might sound absurd but, in the long run, it is very helpful for both the parents and the babies. 

When the babies wake up in the middle of the night and start crying, even after they’ve been fed, changed, and taken care of, then don’t rush to pick them up or soothe them immediately.

Let the baby learn how to drift back to sleep by themselves if they wake up in the middle of the night. The majority of the parents make the mistake of picking up the baby as soon as they cry. By doing so, they aren’t letting the baby learn how to drift back to sleep on their own without being comforted by the caregivers.

7. Don’t Force The Babies

Unlike adults, babies don’t like to be forced to sleep. If you try to make them sleep when they are not sleepy it’ll make them frustrated and they will unleash their wrath upon you. Instead of getting them to sleep, they become more active and will stay active for the next few hours.

8. Keep Them Active

The more time the baby stays awake during the day, the longer he will sleep during the night.

Try to keep him active throughout the day. Stay involved with them. Play with them, have a little dance party, schedule a massage session, look for ways to keep them happy and active throughout the day.

An active baby throughout the day means a sleeping baby throughout the night.

9. Give Your Baby A Relaxing Bath

A nice warm bath will not only de-stress your baby but will also help him to sleep fast.

After a nice warm bath, a newborn’s body temperature starts to lower and he feels sleepy. Give him a bath, change his diapers, swaddle him, and he is ready for his beauty sleep.

To make this tip more effective, try adding a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential drops. Both lavender and chamomile have soothing properties that will soothe a baby to sleep fast.

10. Stay Close To Them

It can be difficult for newborns to fall asleep if their caregivers are not around. They rely on their parents, especially the mother for their every tiny need.

If the babies sense their caregiver close to them they fall asleep quickly. Try to sit with your baby until he falls soundly asleep. You can also lie down on the bed when they are sleeping. It will feel good to straighten up your back and relax your tired body.

11. Give Them A Gentle Massage

Give baby a gentle massage

A long session of gentle massage is sure to do wonders for adults. Why not give the same pleasure to babies as well?

Grab a baby oil or lotion and gently massage your baby. Don’t exert too much pressure on his hands and legs. Just stroke the shoulders, arms, and thighs. Once they are relaxed they will surely doze off.

12. Stay Cool

An entire day catering to a baby’s needs can be exhausting for the parents. Most of the parents look forward to the nighttime so that their baby can sleep and they can get some time for themselves.

Make sure to stay calm while you’re making your baby asleep. Getting angry at them or forcing them to shut their eyes and sleep isn’t going to bring any good. Rather, it will make your baby wail and he won’t go to sleep anytime soon.

Stay relaxed and let them sleep when they are sleepy.


A healthy sleep pattern is mandatory for the growth and health of the baby. If you are having a hard time learning how to soothe a baby to sleep fast, then try using the above-mentioned tips to make your baby sleep longer at night.

Don’t adopt every single tip. Select a few and then adjust your newborn to it. Keep trying to know which tip works best for your baby.

And remember, making your baby sleep longer is not an overnight process. Keep trying and set a routine. This will help your baby to sleep longer and not wake up in the middle of the night.

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