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Silicone Baby Food Range

FDA Approved Silicone Baby Food Range & Cutlery 


Silicone Full Coverage Placemats
An upgrade from our original silicone placemats, we introduce to you the Full Coverage Silicone Placemats. This newly improved placemat is every... Full details

Silicone Full Coverage Placemats

Regular price $31.95

Cartoon Silicone Sippy Cups
Most Cutest Designs You Will Not Find Anywhere Else ! Just arrived and designed specifically by our co-founder Natali, our Cartoon Silicone... Full details

Cartoon Silicone Sippy Cups

Regular price $22.95

silicone highchair placemat
Save $11
$37.95 $26.95
Our soft and easy IKEA High Chair placemats have finally arrived !!  The IKEA Antilop highchair is loved by many parents all over Australia, ,... Full details

High Chair Silicone Insert Placemat

Regular price $37.95 Sale price $26.95

silicone giraffe spoon and fork
Save $8
$19.95 $11.95
Now these are just brilliant! Our silicone giraffe 2 in 1 spoon & fork duo is perfect from the start of your little one’s... Full details

'Two in One' Silicone Giraffe Spoon & Fork

Regular price $19.95 Sale price $11.95

Kaia the Koala Silicone Suction Plate
Introducing Kaia the Koala Suction Plate, the plate that will make meal times super fun ! Wanting a plate that will stay... Full details

Kaia the Koala Silicone Suction Plate

Regular price $29.95

No Mess Silicone Baby Bib
Starting Solids? Or maybe you’re tired of washing mushie food stains from clothes ?Mealtime is now made easier with our gorgeous range... Full details

No Mess Silicone Baby Bib

Regular price $20.90

Silicone Kiddie Sippy Cup
The Cutest Sippy Cups You Can Find ! Our silicone sippy cups are by far the cutest thing you will find on... Full details

Silicone Kiddie Sippy Cup

Regular price $17.95

Baby Silicone Bowl Set (Anti-Slip Suction)
Sold Out
Shockingly chic, non-slip suction baby bowls & matching spoon. Let your baby discover and enjoy their meal in their colourful bowl set,  while keeping... Full details

Baby Silicone Bowl Set (Anti-Slip Suction)

Regular price $34.99

Silicone Baby Food Range

Time to start eating solid foods? What an exciting milestone! Self-feeding is crucial to your little one's motor skills. But it's also the time things get funny in the high chair — all splashy and splattery! Most of their lunch ends up on the floor or on the walls, rather than the tummy.

Getting yourself prepared with the appropriate baby cutlery is essential. Mealtime can be exciting both for you and for your little paws, without making things messy.

We've prepared a range of safe and colorful baby food cutlery to make life easier for mommy and daddy, and fun for the baby. Start with our full-coverage silicone placemat, for easier post-mealtime cleaning. Then check out our wide range of silicone feeding sets, cups and ergonomic plates your baby will love.

Our entire baby food range is produced using FDA-approved silicone, and designed to help develop your child's self-eating ability. We recommend starting with the No-Mess Bib or the Baby Silicone Bowl Set, with a special suction to keep their food in place. Need toys to make mealtime even more fun? Little Baby Paws has your back! Make your life easier today, and get prepared for new challenges with your little one.

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